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quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

Days - Days (1971) (Denmark) Psychedelic Rock, Proto-Prog

- Lars Reinau - lead guitar, vocals
- Jørn Anker - Hammond organ, vocals
- Ole Fester - bass
- Peter Lindhe - drums
- Carsten Meinert - producer
- Jørgen Bornefeldt - producer, engineer

01. Preambulum (Jørn Anker) /Discovery In Blue (Lars Reinau) - 6:22
02. Believe Me (Ole Fester) - 4:30
03. Fell The Joy (John Kjærgård/Peter Lindhe) - 6:53
04. What Can I Do (Lars Reinau) - 6:41
05. The Lonely Shepherd Boy (Jørn Anker) - 4:28
06. Globe Without A Soul (Jørn Anker, Steen Christiansen) - 6:00


terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2014

Respostas aos comentários, o motivo de não responder!

Bem, não tenho respondido aos comentários por não estar conseguindo faze-lo.
Minhas sinceras desculpas a todos que me tem enviado mensagens de apoio e condolências, mas estou no momento sem internet em casa. Usando a web apenas no trabalho, local que além de não ser o ideal para fazer estas coisas tem um sistema louco de bloqueios, por exemplo:consigo entrar
no painel de controles do blogger, mas não consigo ver o blog e nem consigo responder as mensagens. Consigo fazer ups no Yandex, mas não consigo fazer downloads nem dele nem de nenhum outro disco virtual. Enfim.... uma porcaria!

Obrigada a todos! Continuem enviando seus comentários, pedidos e tal. Leio todos!

Ruphus - Ranshart 1974 (Norway, Symphonic Prog)

- Rune Østdahl - vocals
- Kjell Larsen - guitar
- Håkon Graf - keyboards
- Asle Nilsen - bass, flute
- Thor Bendiksen - drums
- Ruphus - arrangers, producers

01. Love Is My Light (Håkon Graf, Freddy Dahl/Saastad) - 6:11
02. Easy Lovers, Heavy Moaners (Kjell Larsen/Bull Hansen) - 4:36
03. Fallen Wonders (Håkon Graf/Nordlie) - 5:50
04. Pictures Of A Day (Håkon Graf, Asle Nilsen) - 8:30
05. Back Side (Kjell Larsen, Håkon Graf/Rune Sundby) - 8:08


sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2014

Gerry Lockran - Wun (1972) (India/UK) (Blues Rock, Folk-Rock)

Gerry Lockran (19 July 1942 - 17 November 1987) was a blues singer, songwriter, poet and guitarist.

- Gerry Lockran - vocals, guitar
- Bruce Rowland - drums (01,05), piano (01), producer
- Bryn Haworth - guitar (01)
- Israel Zacota - guitar (01)
- Rod Dawes - harmonica (01,07), guitar (07)
- Chris Stewart - bass (01)
- Junior Kerr - guitar (02)
- Mick Ralphs - guiar (02)
- John Large - keyboards (02)
- Chris Mercer - saxophone (02)
- Andy Pyle - bass (02-04)
- Ron Berg - drums (02,03)
- Nick Pearson - guitar (03)
- Alan Spenner - bass (05)
- Neil Hubbard - guitar (05)
- Ron Wood - slide guitar (05)
- Cliff Aungier - guitar (08,09), vocals (08,09)

All tracks written by Gerry Lockran except where noted.
01. Father To Your Children - 4:18
02. Maybe Not Up - 2:54
03. Tired Neal Groans - 2:42
04. She Was A Very Good Friend Of Mine - 4:32
05. Stop On The Red - 3:55
06. Summertime (George Gershwin, DuBose Heyward) - 6:27
07. That's Alright Mama (Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup) - 3:03
08. Twice Are - 1:58
09. Sooner Or Later - 2:43
10. Woman Lover Blues (Walter "Brownie" McGhee) - 2:10


quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2014

Tempo e Modo - Um Mundo A Construir (1980) Portugal

Um dos discos mais raros do rock progressivo português, prensagem privada de 300 cópias.

Banda oriunda de Riachos (Concelho de Torres Novas, distrito de Santarém)
- Pedro Ferreira (bateria e coros)
- Pedro Clara (guitarra eléctrica, guitarra acústica de 12 cordas e voz)
- João Lopes (guitarra baixo) - Júlio Silva (sintetizadores, piano eléctrico, piano acústico e strings) Convidado:
- Pedro Rocha (piano acústico, strings e sintetizadores).

Gravado nos estúdios JORSOM - RCS, Lda - Lisboa - Portugal
Produção: Tempo e Modo e D. C. Rios Capa - "OMEGA" Óleo de Antero Guerra Inácio

1 Um mundo a construir
2 Águas sem margens
3 Instrumental I
4 À procura
5 Castelos no ar
6 Putos vadios
7 Voando no tempo
8 Imaginação (Instrumental II)


segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2014

Motivo do meu afastamento

O motivo do meu afastamento dos blogs é que estou ainda tentando administrar a morte de minha mãe!

segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2014

Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations (1974)

O link foi retirado pelo blogger, sorry pessoal.
Mas um pequena pesquisa na web você acha outro link, pesquise!

Pro meu amigo Eloy, enjoy!

Alvin Lee - guitar, vocals
Leo Lyons - bass
Ric Lee - drums
Chick Churchill - organ

"Nowhere to Run" – 4:02
"Positive Vibrations" – 4:20
"Stone Me" – 4:57
"Without You" – 4:00
"Going Back to Birmingham" (Little Richard) – 2:39
Side two[edit]
"It's Getting Harder" – 4:24
"You're Driving Me Crazy" – 2:26
"Look into My Life" – 4:18
"Look Me Straight into the Eyes" – 6:20
"I Wanted to Boogie" – 3:36

sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

RPWL - Wanted (2014) Neo-Prog

Some albums are challenging to review. RPWL's new album "Wanted" is certainly one of these. It actually sparked a discussion on my Facebook page "The PROG Mind" about the ultimate meaning of lyrics and about how a reviewer should consider them. More on that later.   RPWL have so much personality. Their music definitely leans on Pink Floyd stylistically, but I don't feel that they are derivative or a clone. Their music, while built on a specific foundation, is lively, varied, and extremely interesting. The music gets your attention so well through layers and layers of different sounds. In fact, on first listen to "Wanted", I was immediately gripped.   The band mixes a Gilmour-esque guitar structure with awesome bass lines and equally awesome keys. Kalle Wallner on guitar is magical with his excellent solos and his driving, distorted licks. Werner Taus on bass is perfect with his funky and truly inventive bass grooves. His rhythms work their way in and out of the music with wonderful results. Yogi and Markus on keys are probably my favorite, though. The keys range from awesome synth and organ to piano and electronic passages. The keys not only provide atmosphere and solos, but they are also a method of transition between sections. There are loads of sound effects present, too, that I personally like. I'm not sure what others think of sound effects in the music, but I find they create a unique and memorable experience. The rest of the band are excellent, as well. Marc Turiaux on drums may be the unsung hero here, though. His excellent rhythms and fills complete and drive the music well. Yogi on vocals has a mellow voice, delicate and rather emotional, too. His message that he is pushing is definitely felt from his heart.  The music, in a nutshell, is like Pink Floyd on steroids and with a funky pop twist. It's rather upbeat at points, dark in others, and definitely features a progression from dark to almost atmospherically light. It's as if the end of the album represents an epiphany musically. I really like the thought put into this structure and into the personal touches and subtleties that stand out throughout the album.  Lyrics are important to me, though. I can't rate an album without first understanding and considering the lyrics and their content. However, I also realize that lyrics represent their writers' thoughts and ideas, and I have respect for differing views. Again, however, as a critic, it's my job to provide information. "Wanted" is basically about the paradise and unity that would result if religion were to be eradicated. Religion is seen an illusion, and those that adhere to it as blind, intolerant sheep. Now, I'm not going to go into this, even though I could. But, I will say that the lyrics are very well written. They are challenging and written in a mature manner. I respect that. But, in my opinion, they are ultimately uninformed about history and reality.   Overall, though, this album is excellent. No, it's more than excellent. It's stunning. The musical personality on display here is top tier, as are the composition skills and execution. The band is certainly playing like a well-oiled machine, full of ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. This album is the the first must-hear of 2014. ProgArchive

- Yogi Lang / vocals, keyboard
- Kalle Wallner / guitar
- Marc Turiaux / drums
- Markus Jehle / keyboard, piano
- Werner Taus / bass

Revelation 5:19   
Swords And Guns 8:51 
A Clear Cut Line 2:55   
Wanted 4:45  
Hide And Seek 5:16   
Disbelief 6:12   
Midguided Thought 6:08   
Perfect Day 5:31  
Still Asleep (Bonus Track) 6:48  
The Attack 11:05   
A New Dawn 5:34  
Swords And Guns (Single Version) 3:47   
Wanted (Single Version) 3:35   
Perfect Day (Single Version) 4:10   

sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2014

Stallion - The Hard Life (1976) UK

Steve Demetri (drums)
Tony Bridger (guitar)
Tich Turner (vocals)
Steve Kinch (bass)
Roger Carey (bass)
Phil Gill (bass)
Jon Wilde (vocals)
John Petri (guitar)
Julian Carter (guitar)
Phil Thornton (keyboards)
Andy Qunta (keyboards)

01 If Life Were Death 7:00
02 Arsony in the UK 3:53
03 Fresh Out of Borstal 4:52
04 The Hard Life 4:00
05 Open Door 6:12
06 Creamed Genes 5:39
07 The Way 4:05
08 The Hard Life (Live) 6:12
09 You Make Me Happy 3:05
10 Cobra 4:50
11 Skinny Kid 4:43

terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

Hudson-Ford - Worlds Collide (1975) (UK) Pop-Rock, Progressive Rock

Hudson Ford were a UK rock band-style duo, formed when John Ford and Richard Hudson left Strawbs in 1973. The original lineup featured Hudson (now playing guitar instead of drums) and Ford along with Chris Parren on keyboards, Mickey Keen on guitars, and Gerry Conway on drums. Conway left in May 1974 prior to the recording of "Free Spirit" and was replaced by Ken Laws. Mickey Keen left the band in December 1974 and was not replaced. The lineup remained stable from that point until the group dissolved in late 1977. The first album Nickelodeon also featured session musicians including Rick Wakeman. In 1979 they re-surfaced billed as The Monks. Hudson and Ford had been in Elmer's Gantry's Velvet Opera in the mid 1960s and they both left the group and joined Strawbs, where they stayed until forming "Hudson Ford".


All tracks written by Richard Hudson and John Ford.
01. Did Worlds Collide? - 5:52
02. Mechanics - 3:30
03. When Love Has Overgrown - 3:49
04. As Hours Go By - 3:02
05. Bootleg - 3:11
06. Jesus Said - 3:42
07. Day Without Love - 4:47
08. Petro Rock - 3:20
09. Mile High City - 3:37
10. Keep Me Rolling - 4:07

- Richard Hudson - vocals, lead & acoustic guitars, percussion, producer
- John Ford - vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, producer
- Chris Parren - ARP syntgesizer, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Lowrey organ, piano, Wurlitzer organ
- Ken Laws - drums, percussion
- Tom Allom - Lowrey organ (04), producer
- Dick Morrissey - saxophone (08,10)
- Johnny Mealing - string & brass arrangements

segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

Rock Raro - o maravilhoso e desconhecido mundo do rock - volume 2

Segundo volume do projeto Rock Raro, traz uma analise de colecionador de 343 discos raros de grupos diferentes, sendo um disco por banda de diversos países, entre o final da década de
1960 e começo dos anos 1980. Escrito por Wagner Xavier com colaboração do amigo João Carlos Roberto, o livro é um trabalho consagrado desde o lançamento do primeiro volume em 2011.

Incluindo discos de hard rock, progressivo, blues rock, psicodelismo sendo que cada página traz um texto descontraído sobre o disco, fotos diversas do álbum, ficha técnica além de uma cotação baseada no gosto dos autores e que varia entre 3 estrelas (discos bons) até diamantes (preferidos dos autores).

Impresso em papel de alta qualidade, totalmente colorido, o livro é recomendado para colecionadores, amantes de boa música, fãs de leitura musical, principalmente do rock e de arte já que se trata de um trabalho de alto padrão.

Trabalho inédito em todo o mundo, o livro rememora grupos com alta qualidade musical mas que de alguma forma não fizeram o sucesso esperado na época do lançamento de seus discos e viveram a margem dos grandes grupos da época como Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Deep Purple,
Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Doors, entre tantos outros que estouravam na época áurea dos grandes grupos.

Não deixe de conferir, adquira antes que se torne um livro raro.

Como, onde adquirir o livro confira no site: www.rockraro.com.br
Contatos pelo e-mail: contato@rockraro.com.br

sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

Van der Graaf Generator - Still Life 1976 (UK) Symphonic Prog, Heavy Prog


- Peter Hammill - vocals, guitar, piano
- David Jackson - saxophones, flute
- Hugh Banton - organ, bass pedals, mellotron, piano
- Guy Evans - drums, percussion

All tracks written by Peter Hammill except where noted.
01. Pilgrims (Peter Hammill, David Jackson) – 7:06
02. Still Life – 7:21
03. La Rossa – 9:48
04. My Room (Waiting For Wonderland) – 7:59
05. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End – 12:23
06. Gog (live at Theatr Gwynedd, Bangor, Wales on May 10th 1975) - 10:28

quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2014

Curved Air - Phantasmagoria (1972) (UK) Symphonic Prog


- Sonja Kristina Linwood - female vocals, acoustic guitar (02)
- Francis Monkman - guitar, electric piano, harpsischord, synthesizer, organ, tubular bells, gong
- Florian Pilkington-Miksa - drums, percussion
- Darryl Way - violin, piano, tubular bells, synthesizer
- Mike Wedgwood - bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals
- Annie Stewart - flute (02)
- Crispian Steele-Perkins, George Parnaby, Jim Watson, Paul Cosh - trumpet (03,09)
- Alan Gout, Chris Pyne, David Purser, Steve Saunders - trombone (03)
- Frank Ricotti - congas (09), vibes (09)
- Colin Caldwell, Jean Akers, Mal Linwood-Ross - percussion (09)
- Colin Caldwell - percussion (09), producer

01. Marie Antoinette (Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina Linwood) – 6:19
02. Melinda (More Or Less) (Linwood) – 3:24
03. Not Quite The Same (Way, Linwood) – 3:42
04. Cheetah (Way) – 3:31
05. Ultra-Vivaldi (Way, Francis Monkman) – 1:22
06. Phantasmagoria (Monkman) – 3:14
07. Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway? (Monkman) – 3:24
08. Over And Above (Monkman) – 8:33
09. Once A Ghost, Always A Ghost (Monkman, Linwood) – 4:21

domingo, 13 de julho de 2014

Irmandade Dos Blogs - Postagem Especial do Dia Mundial do Rock.

Hoje dia mundial do rock está sendo feita a primeira postagem da ''Irmandade dos Blogs''. A irmandade dos blogs é uma página criada no facebook que tem o objetivo de fazer a união de donos de blogs brasileiros, com os objetivos de haver uma maior divulgação desses blogs, de fazer postagens especiais em conjunto em épocas distintas, além de fazer com que os donos das páginas façam o intercâmbio entre si, se conhecendo, realizando parcerias entre os blogs e fazendo amizades. Até o momento 23 blogs estão fazendo parte desta associação que foi criada recentemente, e que encontra-se em fase de estruturação funcional. O grupo também foi aberto para os membros e visitantes de cada blog participante, que terão a oportunidade de interagir com os blogueiros, fazendo pedidos, dando sugestões, ou simplesmente fazendo amizade com os mesmos. Abaixo está a lista de blogs que estão participando dessa postagem inicial de estréia, com cada blog fazendo a abordagem em cima de um disco ou banda diferente. Visitem!!!

A Máquina de Fazer Sonhos
Armazém do Rock Nacional
Bárbaro do Sul
Baú do Mairon
Blog Neanderthal
Contramão Brasil
Contramão Prog Rock
Discos Fundamentais
Macrocefalia Musical
- Metal Truth
Nas Ondas da Net
Pérolas do Rock'n'Roll
Por Trás da Vitrola
Roxx 2 Download
Som Mutante
Som Trimado
Som Valvulado
Toca do Shark
World Progressive & Classic Rock

Eu vou fazer várias postagens nos quatro blogs que administro de forma que esta é a introdução a postagem especial

sábado, 12 de julho de 2014

Rigoni & Schoenherz

Escolhi este disco para abrir a postagem especial do dia do mundial do rock pois acho que ele é simplesmente maravilhoso!


- Richard Schönherz - keyboards, lead vocals
- Manuel Rigoni - drums, percussion
- Harry Stojka - guitar
- Johan Daansen - guitar  
- Kurt Hauenstein - bass, lead vocals (04c)
- Achim Buchstab - lead vocals (02a,03b)
- Peter Wolf - Arp synthesizer (01a)
- The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestra
- Wiener Akademie Kammerchor - choir
- Peter Hauke - producer

All tracks written by Manuel Rigoni and Richard Schönherz.
01. Victor (Part 1) - 18:40 including:
a). The Invitation
b). The Head Of The Circus Sings For His Beloved Audience  
02. Victor (Part 2) - 15:51 including:
a). Who Is Victor
b). Victor's Song For Himself
03. Victor (Part 3) - 17:32 including:
a). Victor's Song For His Father
b). Where Is Victor
04. Victor (Part 4) - 22:28 including:
a). Victor's Dream
b). Victor's Song For The White Man
c). The Song Of Life

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974) (UK) Symphonic Prog

Adoro este disco!

Yandex Cd1
Yandex Cd2

- Peter Gabriel - vocals, flute
- Steve Hackett - guitars
- Tony Banks – keyboards
- Mike Rutherford – bass, 12-string guitar
- Phil Collins – drums, percussion, vibraphone, backing vocals
- John Burns, Genesis - producers

All tracks written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford.
01. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - 4:47
02. Fly On A Windshield - 4:22
03. Broadway Melody Of 1974 - 0:32
04. Cuckoo Cocoon - 2:10
05. In The Cage - 8:12
06. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging - 2:43
07. Back In N.Y.C. - 5:44
08. Hairless Heart - 2:09
09. Counting Out Time - 3:40
10. Carpet Crawl - 5:14
11. The Chamber Of 32 Doors - 5:37
01. Lilywhite Lilith - 2:45
02. The Waiting Room - 5:19
03. Anyway - 3:07
04. Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist - 2:58
05. The Lamia - 6:55
06. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats - 3:06
07. The Colony Of Slippermen - 8:13 including:
a). Arrival
b). A Visit To The Doktor
c). Raven
08. Ravine - 2:01
09. The Light Dies Down On Broadway - 3:32
10. Riding The Scree - 3:55
11. In The Rapids - 2:29
12. It - 4:11

Van der Graaf Generator - Godbluff (1975) (UK) Symphonic Prog, Heavy Prog


- Peter Hammill - voice, piano, clavinet, electric guitar
- David Jackson - saxophones, flute
- Hugh Banton - organs (including bass pedals), bass guitar
- Guy Evans - drums, percussion

All tracks written by Peter Hammill except where noted.
01. The Undercover Man – 7:32
02. Scorched Earth (Peter Hammill, David Jackson) – 9:38
03. Arrow – 9:42
04. The Sleepwalkers – 10:31
05. Forsaken Gardens (live 9 August 1975) – 7:54
06. A Louse Is Not A Home (live 9 August 1975) – 12:47

Carmen - Dancing On A Cold Wind (1975) (USA/UK) Symphonic Prog, Flamenco Rock


- David Allen - vocals, guitars, flamenco guitar
- Angela Allen - female vocals, mellotron, synthesizer, footwork
- Robert Amaral - vocals, vibraphone, footwork, castanets
- Paul Fenton - drums
- John Glascock - bass, vocals
- David Katz and the Pop Arts String Quintet - strings
- Chris Karan - tabla, timbalas
- Mary Visconti (Mary Hopkin) - backing vocals
- Tony Visconti - woodwind and string arrangements, recorders, producer

01. Viva Mi Sevilla (David Allen, Angela Allen, Robert Amaral, John Glascock, Paul Fenton) - 5:59
02. I've Been Crying (David Allen) - 5:08
03. Drifting Along (Robert Amaral) - 3:19
04. She Flew Across The Room (David Allen) - 3:52
05. Purple Flowers (Robert Amaral, John Glascock) - 6:44
Remembrances (Recuerdos de Espana) (David Allen, Angela Allen, Robert Amaral, John Glascock, Paul Fenton) - including:
06. Table Two For One (Zambra) - 2:15
07. She's Changed - 2:57
08. Gypsy Girl (Caravan) - 3:15
09. The City - 1:36
10. Time (She's No Lady) - 1:24
11. People Dressed In Black - 4:05
12. Dancing On A Cold Wind - 2:10
13. The Horseman - 4:01
14. Conclusion (She Changed) - 1:50

quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2014

Honeyelk - En quête d'un Monde meilleur... (1979) France (Zeuhl, Jazz-Rock/Fusion)


- Gérard Blanc - bass, guitar, synthesizer, Fender Rhodes electric piano, lead vocals, producer
- Christian Blanc - drums, percussion, backing vocals, producer
- Pierre Yves Maury - clarinet, saxophone (01-03)
- William Grandordy - Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP70 acoustic piano (01-03)
- Frank Lovisolo - guitar (01-03)
- Fabien Giacchi - bass (04)
- Eric Rieuvernet - synthesizer (04)
- Jean Cortes - violin (04)

Album Stoyz vi Dozévéloy (1979):
01. Duel a la vie - 11:33
02. Terres de sagesse - 14:16
03. Osmose (live,1979) - 4:50
04. Recontre d'un soir (impro,1982) - 7:34
05. Message en breaks (1982) - 1:41
06. Qu'une meme lumiere guide nos pas (1982) - 1:20

segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

National Health - National Health (1978) (UK) Canterbury Scene, Jazz-Rock/Fusion


- Phil Miller - guitar
- Dave Stewart - acoustic & electric piano, organ, clavinet (03,04)
- Neil Murray - bass
- Pip Pyle - drums, gong (01), cowbell (01), tambourine (01), glockenspiel (02,05), finger cymbals (02), shaker (02), bells (02), pixiephone (05)
- Alan Gowen - Moog synthesizer (01,03,04,05), electric piano (01-05), acoustic piano (02,05)
- Jimmy Hastings - flute (01-05), bass clarinet (01), clarinet (03,04)
- John Mitchell - percussion (01), guava (02), temple block (02), congas (03,04)
- Amanda Parsons - vocals

01. Tenemos Roads (Dave Stewart) – 14:30
02. Brujo (Alan Gowen) – 10:13
03. Borogoves (Excerpt from Part Two) (Dave Stewart) - 4:12
04. Borogoves (Part One) (Dave Stewart) - 6:29
05. Elephants (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart) - 14:24

quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

National Health - Of Queues And Cures (1978) UK) Canterbury Scene, Jazz-Rock/Fusion

NATIONAL HEALTH was one of the last of the great "Canterbury-style" progressive rock bands. This band performed the same shiny Canterbury Progressive with a touch of jazz-rock, following HATFIELD AND THE NORTH's philosophy, with complex keyboards parts, the saturated guitar of Phil MILLER. Their first eponymous opus is one of the most important albums of the Canterbury scene, containing a unique mixture of rock, jazz and classical music. This is a great find for Canterbury fans and a rare treat in the spirit of the likes of GENTLE GIANT, SPOCK'S BEARD and ECHOLYN.


- Dave Stewart - acoustic & electric piano, organ, minimoog
- Phil Miller - guitar
- John Greaves - bass, piano innards, crooning
- Pip Pyle - drums, percussion, hand claps
- George Born - cello (1,3,7)
- Paul Nieman - trombone (1,5,7)
- Phil Minton - trumpet (1,5,7)
- Selwyn Baptiste - steel drums (2)
- Jimmy Hastings - clarinet (3-5), flute (5)
- Keith Thompson - oboe (3-5)
- Peter Blegvad - voice (3)
- Rick Biddulph - bass on organ solo (4)
- Mike Dunne, National Health - producers

01. The Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians), Pt.1 (Dave Stewart) - 8:51
02. The Collapso (Dave Stewart) - 6:15
03. Squarer For Maud (John Greaves) - 11:47
04. Dreams Wide Awake (Phil Miller) - 8:46
05. Binoculars (Pip Pyle) - 11:43
06. Phlâkatön (Pip Pyle) - 0:08
07. The Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians),Pt.2 (Dave Stewart) - 5:27
08. The Apocalypso (new version The Collapso, 1990) (Dave Stewart) - 6:46

quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2014

Skaldowie - Od wschodu do zachodu słońca (1970) (Poland) Folk-Rock, Jazz Rock


- Andrzej Zieliński - Hammond organ, piano, vocals
- Jacek Zieliński - vocals, trumpet, violin
- Jerzy Tarsiński - guitar
- Konrad Ratyński - bass, vocals
- Janek Budziaszek - drums
- Partita - backing vocals
- Orchestra and Choir under the direction of AndrzejZieliński

01. Sarabanda (Arcangelo Corelli, arr. by AndrzejZieliński) - 1:05
02. Od wschodu do zachodu słońca (AndrzejZieliński/Leszek Aleksander Moczulski) - 5:51
03. Katastrofa (AndrzejZieliński/Wojciech Młynarski) - 4:12
04. Czasem kochać chcesz (AndrzejZieliński/Leszek Aleksander Moczulski) - 5:04
05. Zawieja (AndrzejZieliński, Julian Tuwim) - 2:29
06. Mateusz IV (AndrzejZieliński/Leszek Aleksander Moczulski) - 5:18
07. Prawo Izaaka Newtona (AndrzejZieliński/Leszek Aleksander Moczulski) - 5:42
08. Nadejdziesz od strony mórz (AndrzejZieliński/Leszek Aleksander Moczulski) - 4:16
09. Cisza krzyczy (AndrzejZieliński, Andrzej Bianusz) - 3:00
10. Sarabanda (finał) (Arcangelo Corelli, arr. by AndrzejZieliński) - 1:06


terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

Polushon - Dépaysement (2014)

Polushon é o pseudônimo de Leopoldo Varela, geek, musicólogo e linguista de origem mexicana. Este álbum é a sua estreia como músico, resultado da combinação de teoria musical com algoritmos generativos e instrumentos digitais. A música como a linguagem pode ser dividida em palavras e regras pra usar essas palavras. Assim, com algumas premissas aleatórias (e emocionais), descobrir melodias como as de Dépaysement, que em francês significa "expatriação". Um álbum dedicado a os latino americanos migrantes que cruzam diariamente os trilhos do trem que estão em frente de sua casa.

Conheça o som do cara aqui, o download é completamente gratuito, você preciso apenas clicar em free download e cadastrar seu email então receberá uma mensagem com o link pra baixar o álbum, enjoy!

1.Krugovi 03:05
2.Terriley 04:12
3.La Soga del Muerto 03:33
4.Sísiphos 04:48
5.Flamingos 04:57
6.Jaws 03:55

Eclat - Eclat de Vers (1991) France - Symphonic Prog


- Alain Chiarazzo - guitar, voices
- Pascal Versini - keyboards
- Laurent Thomann - bass
- Fabrice Di Mondo - drums
- Denis Carnevali - narrator, lyrics

01. Barjavel - 4:28
02. Runes - 4:50
03. Courir - 8:19
04. Ether - 2:08
05. Interlude - 1:11
06. La Complainte Du Pouilleux - 2:44
07. Le Passant - 2:42
08. La Foire - 1:55

quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

Bland Bladen - I Grévens Tid (2003) Psychedelic/Space Rock • Sweden

Very interesting debut by this Swedish outfit, re-released now in 2008. The music here takes it's cue from the space rock of the 70's, at least in sound and style. A big, fat bass line is the foundation in most segments on the four tunes here, with psychedelic guitar licks and spacey synths improvising on top, spacey synth sounds adding texture and a very 70's electric piano adding melodic themes from time to time. Drums and percussion seems to be the pacesetters.

Sound and style reminds slightly of bands like Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles, and there's some obvious similarities to Öresund Space Collective too; which isn't a surprise as these two bands have some mutual members.

Recommended for fans of improvisational sounding space jams, in particular those who fancy this style of music with a 70's sound ( Review by Windhawk on progarchives)


- Kaufman / drums
- Sebbe / guitar 
- Ola / synth, rhodes
- Dave / bass, percussion

1. I grévens tid (12:03) 
2. Pε grφn kvist (6:09) 
3. I afton trans (13:32) 
4. Dimland (13:48) 

sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Saga - Homo Sapiens 1976 (Portugal) (Symphonic Prog)


- José Luis Tinoco - piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ, 6- & 12-string guitar, artwork, arranger, producer
- Zé da Ponte - bass, viola, 6- & 12-string guitar, vocals
- Fernando Fallé - drums
- Vasco Henriques - Moog synthesizer, flute
- Rão Kyao - tenor & soprano saxophones
- Fernando Girão - percussion, vocals
- Carlos Rodrigues, José Fardilha, José Themudo Barata - vocals
- Clara, Dulce Neves - female vocals
- Sinde Filipe - declamation
- Thilo Krasmann - producer

01. 6º Dia (José Luis Tinoco) - 5:49
02. Filius Domini, Filius Hominis (José Luis Tinoco) - 2:17
03. Hiroxima (José Luis Tinoco) - 2:35
04. Cantiga de Imigo (José Luis Tinoco/Bernardim Ribeiro, Sá de Miranda) - 3:50
05. Invasão (José Luis Tinoco) - 3:52
06. Guerra (José Luis Tinoco/Nicolau Tolentino) - 5:43
07. Carta (José Luis Tinoco) - 1:09
08. No 20º Aniversário da Morte do Poeta (José Luis Tinoco) - 3:22
09. Aprendiz de Feiticeiro (José Luis Tinoco/Pedro Tamen) - 4:35
10. Dunas (José Luis Tinoco/Carlos de Oliveira) - 4:13

quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

Urban Sax - Inside (2014)

Existem momentos em que a emoção supera os percalços do caminho, falo de manter um blog, no meu caso são alguns blogs, na tentativa unica e exclusiva de levar o pouco que sei sobre música a todos que busquem por novidades sejam elas novas ou não. Esta semana tive o enorme prazer de receber um email do grupo Francês Urban Sax, elogiando o trabalho do blog e sugerindo uma postagem sobre a banda, na verdade esta postagem já havia sido feita (confira aqui). Mas o grupo esta lançando um disco novo em selo próprio e vale a pena dar uma olhadinha no site, onde as músicas podem ser ouvidas.

A idéia por trás do selo era ser capaz de dar aos artistas exatamente o que querem, todo o caminho até a embalagem. O selo também nos permite promover a música que achamos que deve ser ouvida, e que os selos comuns pode não escolher para representar.

Urban Noisy is an independent and community-based label, oriented on the notions of meeting and sharing.
It aims to promote Discoveries, Research and Innovation, to encourage new musical expressions through Experimentation with the department Urban Lab and to stimulate Exchanges between Artists, their Public and Urban Noisy through the animation of a Web 2.0 community that goes under the name of Le Cabanon (The Shed).
Urban Noisy specializes in the production, manufacture and distribution of discs, limited and numbered prints (digital media, physics, vinyl, CD or DVD 5.1). It also offers the reissue of works.
It is based on a structure for recording and mixing in 5.1 – 3d terrain.
Urban Noisy and the recording studio Urban Record , are located in Paris (13th), on the site of the frigos, true artistic hive.
The experienced team which constitutes Urban Noisy dedicates its energy and passion in the discovery and support of new talents.
Proximity and craftsmanship are key words for us.

URBAN SAX is the fruit of a long acoustic and architectural research that began in 1973 when Gilbert Artman, the band’s Creator, Composer and Choreographer made the town of Menton, in the south of France, reverberate with strategically-placed 16 saxophonists. Over the years, from projects to projects, the band increased to its present form : 30 saxophonists, 10 chorus singers, 3 percussionists, 1 bass player and 2 dancers.
URBAN SAX can be augmented by local participants from Dance and Music Schools. This has no limit ; the band has sometimes numbered 200 !
Whenever it’s possible, Gilbert Artman likes the band to be joined by some musicians issued from different musical horizons. To give you a few examples, the band was joined in Jakarta by Balinese dancers and Gamelan musicians, in Vancouver by some Native American drummers and Scottish pipers, in Turkey by some sufis, in Tokyo by some traditional Japanese drummers…
URBAN SAX has been invited all over the world to perform in great events such as the inauguration of plazas, theatres, monuments…, opened and closed countless festivals, played in prestigious places (castles, caves, churches…), “redefined” truly urban environments like subways, factories, electric power stations…, and has been asked to participate in numerous Conventions.

URBAN SAX is known for its performances and concerts concepts albums …
On 15 January 2014, the group unveils its sixth album, “INSIDE”.
Subject disk with 1 disc vinyl, a CD and a DVD in 5.1 that allows you to follow Urban territories swept by wrapping breaths, designed in a spirit of inner spatialization. A mutant universe that you also find in 3D with bonus Urbansax virtual (hard object: Vinyl – CD – DVD 5.1 and Booklet)

quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Abel Ganz - The Dangers Of Strangers (1988) (Neo-Progressive Rock) UK


- Hew Montgomery - keyboards
- Hugh Carter - bass
- Malky McNiven - guitar
- Alan Reed - vocals
- Dennis Smith - drums
- Paul Kelly - lead guitar (01,02)
- Clark Sorley, Abel Ganz - producers

The Dangers Of Strangers (Hugh Carter) including:
01. Part I. City Park - 7:25
02. Part II. At Times Like These - 4:36
Rain Again (Hugh Carter) including:
03. Part I - 1:51
04. Part II - 3:27
05. Part III - 2:47
06. Hustler II (Hew Montgomery) - 5:51
07. Dreamtime (Hugh Carter - Alan Reed) - 7:53
08. Pick A Window (Hugh Carter - Hew Montgomery) - 4:36

Tenjo Sajiki - Shintokumaru (1978) Underground Japonês


Grupo underground de teatro Japonês fundada em 1967 por Shuji Terayama. O nome foi inspirado no título japonês do filme de Marcel Carné "Les Enfants du Paradis".  Com uma dinâmica peculiar o álbum é bem bacana.


terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Black Swan - Same (1971) Psychedelic Rock (França)


Incrível e insano pop psicodélico do francês Jean-Marc Bridge. Banda de um homem só que toca guitarras acústicas e elétricas, baixo, bateria, kazoo, sitar e tal. Algumas faixas são pura psicodelia.  Com vocais incrivelmente harmônicos ... Altamente recomendado!

01.Echoes And Rainbows
02.Walking My Monkey
03.Gotta Find Me A Woman
04.Life Goes On
05.River Girl
06.The Hourglass
07.Da Ga De Li Da
08.Sugar Hill Georgia
09.I Need You
11.Lady Love
12.Go Where The Rain Goes

domingo, 30 de março de 2014

Czerwone Gitary - Spokój serca (1971) (Pop-Rock, Rock Progressivo) Polónia


Quinto álbum do grupo e talvez o mais interessante.

- Seweryn Krajewski - guitar, piano, rubab (05), vocals
- Bernard Dornowski - bass, vocals
- Jerzy Skrzypczyk - drums, vocals
- Wojciech Piętowski - producer

01. Uwierz mi, Lili (Jerzy Skrzypczyk - Marek Gaszyński, Andrzej Jastrzębiec-Kozłowski) - 3:23
02. Nie jesteś ciszą (Seweryn Krajewski - Andrzej Jastrzębiec-Kozłowski) - 5:42
03. Nocne całowanie (Seweryn Krajewski - W. Pniewski) - 5:44
04. Gdy trudno zasnąć (Seweryn Krajewski - M. Gracz) - 5:29
05. Płoną góry, płoną lasy (Seweryn Krajewski - Janusz Kondratowicz) - 4:12
06. Jesteś, dziewczyno, tęsknotą (Seweryn Krajewski - Krzysztof Dzikowski) - 4:00
07. Uczę się żyć (Seweryn Krajewski - Janusz Kondratowicz) - 4:54
08. Pierwsza noc (Seweryn Krajewski - M. Gracz) - 4:26
09. Spokój serca (Seweryn Krajewski) - 2:08

sábado, 29 de março de 2014

Deep Feeling - Deep Feeling (1971) (Progressive Rock) UK


- John Swail - lead vocals
- Derek Elson - Hammond organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals
- Martin Jenner - electric, acoustic and pedal steel guitars, vocals
- David Green - electric 4- and 8-string basses, flute, vocals
- Graham Jarvis - drums, percussion, vocals
- Des Champ, Roger Easterby - producers

01. Welcome For A Soldier (Martin Jenner, David Green) - 5:54
02. Old Peoples' Home (Martin Jenner, David Green) - 3:46
03. Classical Gas (Mason Williams) - 8:12
04. Guillotine (Martin Jenner, David Green) - 8:55
05. Country Heir (Martin Jenner, David Green) - 5:38
06. Lucille (Richard Wayne Penniman, Al Collins) - 5:26
07. Sweet Dust And Red Wine (from Spanish LP version) (Martin Jenner, David Green, Derek Elson, John Swail, Graham Jarvis) - 3:10

sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Cyan - For King And Country (1993) (Neo-Progressive Rock) UK


- Robert Reed - guitars, vocals, Ensoniq SQ1, Korg M1, Emu MPS, Akai S1000, Alesis D4 and Cough, engineer, producer, artwork

01. The Sorceror (R.Reed/S.Reed) - 11:29
02. Call Me (R.Reed) - 4:23
03. I Defy The Sun (R.Reed, C.Smith/S.Jones) - 4:20
04. Don't Turn Away (R.Reed) - 6:36
05. Snowbound (R.Reed, C.Smith) - 4:39
06. Man Amongst Men (R.Reed) - 9:30
07. Nightflight (R.Reed) - 5:57
08. For King And Country (R.Reed/S.Reed) - 5:32