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domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

Wigwam - Being (1973)

Finland's WIGWAM were truly one of the pioneers of early progressive rock. The history of WIGWAM can be subdivided into two separate eras: the original or "old" WIGWAM of 1969-1974 and the "new" WIGWAM of 1974-1977. The two were dramatically different, in terms personel and overall sound. The music of this unique band is dominated by the piano and organ sounds, all of those wrapped up in a sometimes dark music filled with typical Scandinavian influences. There is some great interplay between all the musicians. It gives you the feeling they were doing this to stay warm!

Though not a classic album, "Tombstone Valentine" was the first WIGWAM album that seems to show the band members getting to grips with each ones individual musical desires. In many ways, "Fairyport" was a continuation of "Tombstone Valentine", but I would say it is a bit more experimental and progressive. Nowadays, this album is considered a classic within progressive rock circles and it has a number of features that make it stand out as one of the great progressive albums of the seventies. "Being" (1973) was the last album by the legendary Pembroke/Gustavson/Pohjola/Österberg lineup. This album is a concept album, with most of the music and lyrics written by Jukka GUSTAVSON. This is an essential album for any fan of progressive rock. In early 1975, the new lineup was up and released the album that became an instant classic, "Nuclear Nightclub". When the new titled "Dark Album" was released in late 1977, WIGWAM had ceased to exit. In the nineties PEMBROKE, REDCHARDT and GOUNDSTROEM suprised many by coming back with a third edition of WIGWAM, but that's a whole new story, to be continued... (ProgArchive)

Disco excelente!! Altamente Recomendado!!

Track Listings
1. Proletarian (2:10)
2. Inspired Machine (1:25)
3. Petty-Bourgeois (2:58)
4. Pride Of The Biosphere (3:15)
5. Pedagogue (9:11)
6. Crisader (4:47)
7. Planetist (3:08)
8. Maestro Mercy (2:32)
9. Prophet (6:11)
10. Marvelry Skimmer (2:32)

Total Time: 38:20

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, pianos, organs, Mini-Moog & VCS-3 synths
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, sermon, piano
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violin, piano, Mini-Moog
+ Juhani Aaltonen / solo flute
- Erik Danholm / flute
- Unto Haapa-aho / bass clarinet
- Paavo Honkanen / clarinet
- Pentti Lahti / flute
- Pentti Lasanen / clarinet, flute
- Erkki Kurenniemi / VCS-3 assistance
- Aale Lingren / oboe
- Seppo Paakkunainen / flute
- Pekka Pöyry / soprano sax, flute
- Jukka Ruohomäki / VCS-3 assistance
- Juhani Tapaninen / bassoon
- Ilmari Varila / oboe
- Kai Veisterä / flute
- Taisto Wesslin / acoustic guitar

The download link is: http://sharebee.com/66289c72

Filename: Wigwam - being (1973) (Finland).rar Size: 51.53 MB

Senha/Password: contramao

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Belas Postagens Márcia,como sempre o bom gosto ipera neste blog e em tudo o que voc~e faz, de uma passada no Rocksession coloquei um apoio ao seu belo trabalho na Rádio.

Marcus disse...

great blog! i was wondering if you would like to switch blog links and advertise each other? I have a link on my blog list leading here, perhaps you could do the same?


Marcus | www.sometimeworld.blogspot.com

Anônimo disse...

Bem melhor que o "novo" Wigwam, que eu conhecia. O "novo" Wigwam é legalzinho, mas bem mais pop que o "velho".

Anônimo disse...

Olá fascinante este espaço está bem estruturado.........bom trabalho :)
Gostei muito Continua deste modo !!