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domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

Wigwam - Being (1973)

Finland's WIGWAM were truly one of the pioneers of early progressive rock. The history of WIGWAM can be subdivided into two separate eras: the original or "old" WIGWAM of 1969-1974 and the "new" WIGWAM of 1974-1977. The two were dramatically different, in terms personel and overall sound. The music of this unique band is dominated by the piano and organ sounds, all of those wrapped up in a sometimes dark music filled with typical Scandinavian influences. There is some great interplay between all the musicians. It gives you the feeling they were doing this to stay warm!

Though not a classic album, "Tombstone Valentine" was the first WIGWAM album that seems to show the band members getting to grips with each ones individual musical desires. In many ways, "Fairyport" was a continuation of "Tombstone Valentine", but I would say it is a bit more experimental and progressive. Nowadays, this album is considered a classic within progressive rock circles and it has a number of features that make it stand out as one of the great progressive albums of the seventies. "Being" (1973) was the last album by the legendary Pembroke/Gustavson/Pohjola/Österberg lineup. This album is a concept album, with most of the music and lyrics written by Jukka GUSTAVSON. This is an essential album for any fan of progressive rock. In early 1975, the new lineup was up and released the album that became an instant classic, "Nuclear Nightclub". When the new titled "Dark Album" was released in late 1977, WIGWAM had ceased to exit. In the nineties PEMBROKE, REDCHARDT and GOUNDSTROEM suprised many by coming back with a third edition of WIGWAM, but that's a whole new story, to be continued... (ProgArchive)

Disco excelente!! Altamente Recomendado!!

Track Listings
1. Proletarian (2:10)
2. Inspired Machine (1:25)
3. Petty-Bourgeois (2:58)
4. Pride Of The Biosphere (3:15)
5. Pedagogue (9:11)
6. Crisader (4:47)
7. Planetist (3:08)
8. Maestro Mercy (2:32)
9. Prophet (6:11)
10. Marvelry Skimmer (2:32)

Total Time: 38:20

- Jukka Gustavson / vocals, pianos, organs, Mini-Moog & VCS-3 synths
- Ronnie Österberg / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Jim Pembroke / vocals, sermon, piano
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, violin, piano, Mini-Moog
+ Juhani Aaltonen / solo flute
- Erik Danholm / flute
- Unto Haapa-aho / bass clarinet
- Paavo Honkanen / clarinet
- Pentti Lahti / flute
- Pentti Lasanen / clarinet, flute
- Erkki Kurenniemi / VCS-3 assistance
- Aale Lingren / oboe
- Seppo Paakkunainen / flute
- Pekka Pöyry / soprano sax, flute
- Jukka Ruohomäki / VCS-3 assistance
- Juhani Tapaninen / bassoon
- Ilmari Varila / oboe
- Kai Veisterä / flute
- Taisto Wesslin / acoustic guitar

The download link is: http://sharebee.com/66289c72

Filename: Wigwam - being (1973) (Finland).rar Size: 51.53 MB

Senha/Password: contramao

sábado, 21 de junho de 2008

Uno - same (1974)

UNO includes members from OSANNA for a sophisticated Italian rock with aerial flute and rageous saxophone evoking VAN DER GRAAF or OSANNA and keyboards flights ala KING CRIMSON, and other masters of this quiet and lyrical work.
All in all, there is about 10-15 minutes of interesting music here. A sub-standard album for these musicians. The conclusion is that something like half of this album is really good and classic italian prog. (ProgArchive)

Banda italiana, sensacional! Mas uma excelente banda de um único álbum! Altamente recomendada!

Studio Album, released in 1974

Track Listings
1. Right Place (5:40)
2. Popular Girl (4:34)
3. I Cani E La Volpe (4:01)
4. Stay With Me (4:11)
5. Uomo Come Gli Altri (1:28)
6. Uno Nel Tutto (10:12)
7. Goodbye Friend (5:55)

Total Time: 36:01

- Danilo Rustici / vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, bass pedal, strings pedal, moog, piano
- Elio D'Anna / tenor & baritone & alto & soprano saxophone, flute, strings pedal
- Enzo Vallicelli / drums, bell, musical box


senha: contramao

Steve Hillage - Fish Rising (1975)

Once Steve HILLAGE was a member of URIEL/ARZACHEL, KHAN and the seminal space fusion band GONG. In ’75 he made his first solo album "Fish Rising", soon after he left GONG and released a serie of studio LP’s between ’76 ("L") and ’83 ("And Or Not") and two live-albums entitled "Live Herald" (’78) and "BBC Radio 1" (’92). Steve HILLAGE, ‘the hippie from outer space’, will be remembered as one of the main inventors of the space rock, his unique guitarplay inspired later progrock bands like OZRIC TENTACLES and PORCUPINE TREE.

The first solo-album "Fish rising" is the HILLAGE’s most acclaimed record but my favorite is "Live Herald". This is a great and stunning live-recording with different line-ups, including drummer Clive Bunker (ex-JETHRO TULL) and bass player Colin Bass (later joining CAMEL). The music shows HILLAGE’s spectacular, often distorted and spacey effects and spectacular flights with the synthesizers (often the Minimoog). The climates shifts from dreamy of mellow to up-tempo and bombastic but it remains melodic and harmonic, not as complex and adventurous as GONG. (ProgArchive)

Studio Album, released in 1975

Track Listings
1. Solar Musick Suite: (16:55)
a) Sun Song (I Love its Holy Mystery (6:15)
b) Canterbury Sunrise (3:25)
c) Hiram Afterglid Meets the Dervish (4:05)
d) Sun Song (reprise) (3:10)
2. Fish (1:23)
3. Meditation of the Snake (3:10)
4. The Salmon Song: (8:45)
a) Salmon Pool (1:17)
b) Solomon's Atlantis Salmon (2:08)
c) Swimming with the Salmon (1:37)
d) King of the Fishes (3:43)
5. Aftaglid: (14:46)
a) Sun Moon Surfing (1:36)
b) The Great Wave and the Boat of Hermes (1:51)
c) The Silver Ladder (0:40)
d) Astral Meadows (2:01)
e) The Lafta Yoga Song (2:42)
f) Glidding (2:23)
g) The Golden Vibe/Outglib (3:33)

Total Time: 44:59

- Steve Hillage (aka Steve Hillfish) / lead vocals, electric guitar
- Tim Blake (aka Moonweed) / synthesizers, tamboura
- Christian Boule / electric guitar
- Lindsay Cooper / bassoon
- Miquette Giraudy / keyboards, synths
- Mike Howlett / bass
- Didier Malherbe (aka Bloomdido Glid de Breeze) / sax, flute
- Pierre Moerlen / drums, marimba, darbuka
- Gilli Smyth (aka Bombaloni Yomi) / vocals, bells
- Dave Stewart / organ, piano

The download link is: http://sharebee.com/c9a69727
Filename: fish rising.rar Size: 72.57 MB

Senha: contramao

Camel - Live (1978) NEW LINK



Já que postei um álbum ao vivo do Renaissance, farei o mesmo com outra banda que gosto muitissimo, estou me referindo ao Camel.

Falar o quê do Camel, banda magistral com uma carreira brilhante, álbuns sofisticados,
musica estonteante, blá, blá, blá!! Discaço!! Altamente recomendado!!

Live, 1978

Track Listings
CD 1: (49:45)
1. Never Let Go (7:21)
2. Song Within A Song (7:01)
3. Lunar Sea (8:56)
4. Skylines (5:38)
5. Ligging At Louis' (6:34)
6. Lady Fantasy (14:15)

CD 2 (46:01)
1. The Great March (1:45)
2. Rhayader (3:07)
3. Rhayader Goes To Town (5:13)
4. Sanctuary (1:09)
5. Fritha (1:23)
6. The Snow Goose (3:02)
7. Friendship (1:35)
8. Migration (3:52)
9. Rhatader Alone (1:47)
10. Flight Of The Snow Goose (2:59)
11. Preparation (4:10)
12. Dunkirk (5:26)
13. Epitaph (2:35)
14. Fritha Alone (1:22)
15. La Princesse Perdue (4:46)
16. The Great March (1:50)

- Peter Bardens / keyboards
- Andrew Latimer / guitar, flute, vocal
- Andy Ward / drums, percussion
- Mel Collins / saxophones, flute
- Richard Sinclair / bass, vocal
- Doug Ferguson / bass


domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

Renaissance - live at Carnegie Hall (1976)

Não sei porque demorei tanto pra postar um álbum do Renaissance, sendo esta uma de minhas bandas preferidas, não sei mesmo! Enfim...

Este álbum gravado ao vivo em 76 reuni em versões espetaculares o que de melhor (ou quase) a banda produziu em seus primeiros discos.

Não há nada de novo a ser dito desta grande banda, Annie Haslam é genial, uma das melhores vozes do prog mundial.

Falando um pouco do álbum, pra quem ainda não teve a oportunidade de ouvir, vou falar apenas do disco 2 com suas duas faixas, apenas duas faixas, uau! Duas maravilhosas canções interpretadas de forma magistral, com solos gigantescos em Ashes are Burning, Scheherazade é uma musica espetacular retira do, pra mim, melhor disco da carreira do grupo.

Um álbum pra ser ouvido muitas vezes, sem parar! Altamente recomendado!

Disc 1: 50:36
1. Prologue (7:35)
2. Ocean gypsy (7:55)
3. Can you understand (10:20)
4. Carpet of the sun (4:15)
5. Running hard (9:43)
6. Mother Russia (10:48)

Disc 2: 52:50
1. Scheherazade (28:50)
2.Ashes Are Burning (23:50)

Total Time: 103:16

- Jon Camp / bass, pedals, vocals
- Michael Dunford / acoustic guitar, vocals
- Annie Haslam / lead vocals
- Terrence Sullivan / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- John Tout / keyboard, backing vocals

+ The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Tony Cox


Senha: contramao


Crucis - Kronologia (Boxset/Compilation) (1995)

Banda Argentina de Buenos Aires formada por Gustavo Montesano (baixo / vocais), Anibel Kerpel (teclados), Pino Marrone (guitarra / vocais) e um baterista do Uruguai Gonzalo Farrugia (Psiglo).

O grupo durou de 74 à 77 e foram gravados dois álbuns "Crusis" de 76 e "Los Delirios Del Mariscal" de 77.

A música tem um som característico dos anos setenta lembrando o som feito pela banda anteriormente postada aqui The Nice e Focus.

Dos dois álbuns foi editada uma "coletânea" que traz os álbuns na integra, "Kronologia", que faz deste um disco indispensavél.

A música instrumental é forte com ênfase nos teclados (organ, string-ensemble, synthesizers, Steinway - and Fender Rhodes piano), num ritmo poderoso e aventureiro, com vocais em espanhol.

As composições são dinâmicas com surpreendentes pausas e com muita guitarra léctrica (muitas vezes espectaculares wah-wah) e o teclado é cativante.

Em seu segundo álbum as faixas já estão com mais solos e uma forte influência jazzrock do mestre holandês FOCUS.

Altamente Recomendado!!

Track Listings
1. Todo tiempo posible (4:33)
2. Mes (4:54)
3. Corto Amanecer (2:55)
4. La triste Vision del Entierro Proprio (5:00)
5. Ironico Ser (4:06)
6. Determinados Espejos (6:54)
7. Recluso Artista (6:45)
8. No mi separen de mi (6:06)
9. Los Delirios del Mariscal (10:10)
10. Pollo Frito (5:45)
11. Abismo Terrenal (12:30)

Total Time: 69:00

- Gustavo Montesano / bass, vocals
- Anibal Kerpel / keyboards, organ, Moog
- Pino Marrone / guitars
- Gonzalo Farrugia / drums


senha: contramao

sábado, 14 de junho de 2008

Nice - Five Bridges (1970) New Link


The NICE banda Inglesa, que combina clássico, blues, rock e jazz.

Podemos dizer que esta seja a precursora do ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer).

Álbum gravado ao vivo.

Altamente recomendado!

The Nice:
Brian Davidson / drums, percussion
Keith Emerson / keyboards
Lee Jackson / vocals, guitar, bass

Conta com a participação dos musicos:Joe Harriot, Pete King, Chris Pine, Alan Skidmore, John Warren, Kenny Wheeler

Track Listings
1. Fantasia 1st Bridge / 2nd Bridge (2:42)
2. Chorale 3rd Bridge (3:27)
3. High Level Fugue 4th Bridge (4:01)
4. Finale 5th Bridge (7:59)
5. Intermezzo, 'Karelia Suite' (9:01)
6. Pathetique Symphony No.6. 3rd Movement (9:20)
7. Country Pie/Brandenburg Concerto No.6 (5:40)
8. One Of Those People (3:09)

Bonus tracks on CD-release
9. The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack (4:12)
10. Flower King Of Flies (3:36)
11. Bonnie K (3:19)
12. Diary Of An Empty Day (3:58)
13. America (6:06)

Total Time: 62:20

New Link

Aunt Mary - Whispering Farewell (1974)

Como explicar este post?! Bem vejamos...Este é o álbum Aunt Mary de 1970 e também o Whispering Farewell de 1974, como vocês mesmos poderam conferir no set list de ambos, as mesmas canções, a mesma ordem e tal, o motivo disso acontecer não sei...Resumindo o disco é bom! Pode baixar sem nenhum receio de perder seu tempo!

Um dos primeiros e por muitos considerado um dos melhores grupos de prog da Noruega. Sua música é uma mistura de hard, combinado com claras influências do gênero sinfônico. O som mais sinfônico porém, não apareceram até seu terceiro e último álbum de estúdio, "Janus".

One of the early and by many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands. Their music is a mix of heavy hard-rocking tunes, combined with clear influences from the symphonic genre. The more symphonic sound however didn't appeared until their third, and last studio album, "Janus".

1970 - Aunt Mary (Polydor LP)
1972 - Loaded (Philips LP)
1973 - Janus (Vertigo LP)
1974 - Whispering Farewell (Karussell RE AV 1.LP)
1974 - Best Of Vol. 1 (comp.) (Philips LP)
1975 - Best Of Vol. 2 (comp.) (Philips LP)
1977 - Janus (Philips RE - LP)
1981 - Live Reunion (Philips LP)
1992 - Bluesprints (Sonet CD)

Studio Album, released in 1970

Track Listings
1. Whispering farewell (4:00)
2. Did you notice (3:18)
3. Theres a lot of fish in the sea (3:51)
4. I do and I did (4:52)
5. 47 steps (4:39)
6. Rome wasn't built in one day (2:59)
7. Come in (3:29)
8. Why don't you try yourself (2:28)
9. The ball (3:33)
10. All my sympathy for Lily (3:21)
11. Yes, by now Ive reached the end (2:51)

Total Time: 39:21

- Bjoern Christiansen / guitar, vocal
- Per Ivar Fure / flute, harmonica, saxophone, mouth-organ and vocal
- Jan Leonard Groth / keyboards, guitar and vocals
- Svein Gundersen / bass, piano and vocal
- Kjetil Stensvik / drums, vocal

Studio Album, released in 1974

Track Listings
1. Whispering farewell
2. Did you notice
3. There's a lot of fish in the sea
4. I do and I did
5. 47 steps
6. Rome wasn't built in one day
7. Come in
8. Why don't you try yourself
9. The ball
10. All my sympathy for Lily
11. Yes, but now I've reached the end

Filesize: 80.75MB


Senha: contramao

Garden Wall - Principium (1993)

Conceptual heavy prog band with a strong, intricate music, with a wide spectrum of feels and textures. The keyboards give the final touch, and the guitars are extremely heavy and crunchy. As a matter of fact, these Italians are, in my opinion, the most innovative and original contemporary progressive band.

"Principium" and their fourth album "Chimica" can be called stylistically as being somewhere in the middle between classic prog-rock and prog metal, with the former nearer to the classic prog-rock genre. An interesting and original way. Worth a shot!

Metal Progressivo Italiano, muito bom!

Track Listings
1. The Garden
2. Silent Waves in a Raging Ocean
3. The Giant and the Wise Man
4. Wehwalt
5. Ekpyrosis
6. In the Dark
7. Onde Radio

- Alessandro Seravalle / solist vocals, guitar
- Camillo Colleluori / drums
- Raffaello Indri / solist guitar
- Pino McKenna / bass


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sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2008

Jonesy - No alternative (1972)

JONESY were an early 70's band in the style of KING CRIMSON but with the unusual element of electric trumpet from Alan Bown. Other band members were John Evan-Jones - guitar & backing vocals, Jamie Kaleth - lead vocals & keyboards (including some excellent Mellotron), Gypsy Jones - lead vocals, bass guitar & recorders and Plug Thomas - percussion and backing vocals.

They recorded three albums on the Dawn Label "No Alternative", "Keeping Up" and "Growing". All are strong with the aforementioned KING CRIMSON influences. All can be approached with a degree of assurity but "Keeping Up" is probably the strongest of the three. All were reissued on CD by Korean label S-Wan.

Strongly recommended..!

No Alternative, released in 1972 Size: 121MB

Track Listings
1. No Alternative (8:14)
2. Heaven (8:14)
3. Mind of the Century (4:12)
4. 1958 (7:53)
5. Pollution (9:43)
6. Ricochet (4:59)

Total Time: 43:15

- John Jones / lead guitar, vcs3, vocals
- Jimmy Kaleth / mellotron, electric piano, grand piano, vocals
- David Paull / bass, vocals
- Jim Payne / drums, percussiom


Senha: contramao

domingo, 8 de junho de 2008

Gazpacho - Firebird (2005)

As their name suggests, GAZPACHO are an eclectic mix of ingredients: a bit more accessible than RADIOHEAD, more diversified than MARILLION and more proggy than COLDPLAY. Their original line-up consisted of Jan H. Ohme on vocals, Jon A. Vilbo on guitars, Thomas Andersen on keyboards and Roy Funner on bass. Since their first album in 2002, the band has managed, promoted and produced all of their albums (total of 3).

All are very accessible, made up of tracks averaging 5 minutes, and their commercial potential is undeniable. What strikes the listener on all of them are Ohme’s vocals whose soothing, melancholic (almost slurred) voice dominates all tracks; it rises cleanly and clearly above the keyboards and lush (at times roaring) guitars. The drum machine takes some getting used to but gives the music a laid-back, almost trip-hoppy feel. Don’t expect any fiery solos or displays of technical skills here: this style falls in that grey area between prog and alternative rock and doesn’t claim to be anything more. Altogether moving, intriguing and well produced.

Fans of RADIOHEAD, latter-day TALK TALK and Hogarth-era MARILLION should check these guys out.

Fonte das informações acima (ProgArchives)

O primeiro álbum que ouvi do Gazpacho foi o Bravo de 2003, e ele é realmente muito bom, recomendo a todos procurar por outros álbuns do grupo, vou postar alguns num futuro próximo, uma visita ao site oficial do grupo também é recomendavel.

Track Listings
1. Vulture (5:45)
2. Symbols (4:05)
3. Swallow (5:40)
3. Orion I (5:21)
4. Orion II (3:04)
5. Prisoner (4:15)
6. Jezebel (4:19)
7. Black Widow (4:28)
8. Firebird (5:22)
9. Do You Know What You Are Saying? (6:23)
10. Once In A Lifetime (5:22)

Total Time: 54:04

- Jan Henrik Ohme / vocals
- Jon-Arne Vilbo / guitars
- Thomas Anderson / keyboards
- Robert Johanssen / drums

Guest musicians:
- Kristian Torp / bass
- Mikael Krømer / violin
- Steve Rothery / guitar on 9


Senha/Password: contramao

Far East Family Band - Novos Links

Novo Link para Parallel World

Novo Link para The cave down to the earth

Link para Nippojin

Senha para todos/Password for all: contramao

sábado, 7 de junho de 2008

Triode - on n'a pas fini d'avoir tout vu (1971)

Aos primeiros acordes de magic flower a impressão é ..."Ué, um disco do Jethro Tull que nunca ouvi?!"... O famoso parece, mas não é! Embora remeta ao som do Jethro, não é uma cópia. Os musicos são bem competentes, guitarra marcante, flautista virtuoso, vale a pena conferir, além de ser um disco extremamente raro!

Altamente Recomendado!!!

Studio Album, released in 1971

Track Listings
1. Magic Flower
2. Misomaque
3. Moulos Grimpos
4. Blahsha
5. Lilie
6. Ibiza Flight
7. Adeubis
8. Come Together
9. Chimney suite

- Pierre Chereze / guitars
- Pierre Yves Sorin / bass
- Didier Hauck / drums
- Michel Edelin / flute


Senha: contramao

Anyone's Daughter - Piktors Verwandlungen

The band’s musical peak is arguably their third release Piktors Verwandlungen, a ranging experimental concept album based loosely on Herman Hesse’s novel “Pictor’s Metamorphosis”, a brooding lament of lost innocence and spiritual exploration. This was also the band’s first recording in their native German tongue.

Altamente Recomendado!!! Pra mim o melhor álbum do grupo!!

Track Listings
1. Piktor (2:12)
2. Erstes Vorspiel (0:41)
3. Erster Teil der Erzählung (2:22)
4. Purpur (2:56)
5. Zweites Vorspiel (0:55)
6. Zweiter Teil der Erzählung (2:19)
7. Der Baum (7:30)
8. Dritter Teil der Erzählung (2:38)
9. Sehnsucht (5:36)
10. Vierter Teil der Erzählung (4:25)
11. Piktoria, Viktoria (0:34)
12. Fünfter Teil der Erzählung (0:40)
13. Der Dopelstern (4:25)

Total Time: 37:13

- Harald Bareth / bass, lead vocals, voice
- Uwe Karpa / guitar
- Kono Konopik / drums
- Matthias Ulmer / keyboards, vocals



Anyone's Daughter - Adonis (1979)

Novo link para o álbum Adonis, primeiro disco do grupo alemão Anyone's Daughter.

Altamente Recomendado!!

Veja mais informações e links no post original

Track Listings
1. Adonis (24:09)
Part I: Come Away
Part II: The Disguise
Part III: Adonis
Part IV: The Epitaph
2. Blue House (7:20)
3. Sally (4:20)
4. Anyone´s Daughter (9:10)

Total Time: 45:19

- Harald Bareth / bass, lead vocals
- Uwe Karpa / acoustic & electric guitars
- Kono Konopik / drums
- Matthias Ulmer / keyboards, vocals



McDonald & Sherby - Catharsis (1969)

Não se deixe enganar pela capinha, este é um dos melhores álbuns de prog rock psicodélico que já ouvi, S-E-N-S-A-C-I-O-N-A-L!!!!!



01 - Addoranne
02 - Sharks Around Blood
03 - Run And Hide
04 - Space Beam
05 - Swim Free
06 - Drivin´ Me Crazy



domingo, 1 de junho de 2008

Links Inativos X Links Ativos

Pessoal andei fazendo uma investigação e só os links do 4shared estão inativos, e alguns do mediafire, os demais continuam funcionando! Então tem muita coisa pra baixar! Aproveitem!