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domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

Wishbone Ash - There's the Rub (1974)


There's the Rub is the fifth studio album by rock band Wishbone Ash. It is the first album to feature guitarist/vocalist Laurie Wisefield, who would be a major part of the band's creative direction for the next 11 years.
The title is taken from Shakespeare's Hamlet; "To sleep--perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub."
The track "F.U.B.B." caused controversy because of the acronym's meaning ("Fucked Up Beyond Belief") upon the album's release. Moreover, the haunting ballad "Persephone" would go on to become one of the band's most popular live songs. The lyrics of "Lady Jay" are based on the Dartmoor folk legend about Kitty Jay.
The cover shows a cricketer rubbing (in effect, polishing) a cricket ball on his trousers - a common practice by fast bowlers who do so in order to make one side of the leather ball shinier than the other. This helps the ball to 'swing' as it travels through the air after being bowled, so making it harder for the batsman to play it.

Martin Turner - bass, vocal
Andy Powell - acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, vocal
Laurie Wisefield - acoustic, electric & steel guitars, banjo, vocal
Steve Upton - drums, percussion
Additional Personnel
Albhy Galuten - organ, synthesizers
Nelson Flaco Padron - congas and additional percussion

"Silver Shoes" - 6:36
"Don't Come Back" - 5:12
"Persephone" - 7:02
"Hometown" - 4:48
"Lady Jay" - 6:00
"F.U.B.B." - 9:33

Wishbone Ash - Four (1973)


Wishbone Four is the fourth studio album by British rock band Wishbone Ash. It was a radical departure from their previous album, Argus, containing almost none of the twin-lead guitar harmonies and folk elements that featured in the previous album. Though Wishbone Four was popular among fans upon its release, sales paled in comparison to Argus, and founding member Ted Turner would leave the band after the subsequent tour.

Ted Turner - lap-steel, 12 string, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Andy Powell - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Martin Turner - bass guitar, vocals
Steve Upton - drums and percussion
Additional musicians
George Nash - keyboards on "Everybody Needs a Friend"
Graham Maitland - piano on "No Easy Road"
Phil Kenzie, Dave Coxhill and Bud Parks - horn section on "No Easy Road"

"So Many Things to Say" - 5:06
"Ballad of the Beacon" - 5:04
"No Easy Road" - 3:48
"Everybody Needs a Friend" - 8:24
"Doctor" - 5:53
"Sorrel" - 5:03
"Sing Out the Song" - 4:24
"Rock 'n Roll Widow" - 5:50

Wishbone Ash - Live dates (1973)

Live Dates is the first live album by the British rock band Wishbone Ash.
Following the release of the album, founding member Ted Turner left the band, resulting in a shift of the band's musical approach.
The album was recorded in June 1973 at Croydon Fairfield Halls,[A] Reading University,[B] Newcastle City Hall,[C] and Portsmouth Guildhall.[D] The version of "Phoenix" on disc one was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1972, and was also included on the Live from Memphis album. However, the MCA double-album set (MCA2-8006) also issued in June 1973, contains only the seventeen minute, thirteen second version. It follows "Lady Whiskey" on side four.

Martin Turner - bass, vocals
Andy Powell - guitar, vocals
Ted Turner - guitar, vocals
Steve Upton - drums

Disc one
"The King Will Come"[A] - 7:44
"Warrior"[C] - 5:57
"Throw Down the Sword"[C] - 6:08
"Rock 'n Roll Widow"[B] - 6:08
"Ballad of the Beacon"[B] - 5:22
"Baby What You Want Me to Do"[D] - 7:48
Phoenix - 17:10

Disc two
"The Pilgrim"[B] - 9:14
"Blowin' Free"[A] - 5:31
"Jail Bait"[A] - 4:37
"Lady Whiskey"[B] - 5:57
"Phoenix"[A] - 17:23

sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Bo Hansson and Janne Carlsson - Monument (1969)


O primeiro disco do Bo Hansson que comprei foi o Lord of the Rings, vinil importado, maravilhoso, comprei na Modern Sound (Copacabana) sem conhecer, adorei a capinha, adorei e comprei pra confirir e não me arrependi nem um pouco!

Mas em Monument ele esta com outro sueco fabuloso e podem ser considerados os ancestrais de tudo que aconteceu no cenário jazzistico sueco.

Janne Carlsson baterista, que mais tarde se tornou um ator famoso aqui na Suécia.
Bo Hansson órganista, é um dos musicos mais famosos da Suécia.

Seu álbum "Sagan om ringen" ou "Senhor dos anéis" de 1970 é um dos álbuns mais vendidos na Suécia.

Janne Carlsson Drums, Percussion
Bo Hansson Organ

Richard Lionheart
Tax Free
H.K Theme

sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2012

Moving Gelatine Plates - The world of genius hans (1972) (Prog Rock)


Moving Gelatine Plates é uma jóia obscura do progressivo francês com forte influência das bandas Soft Machine, Caravan e a Cena de Canterbury Inglesa além de encontrarmos pitadas do Avant-Garde de Frank Zappa. Disquinho excelente! Altamente recomendado!

Maurice Hemlinger - organ, trumpet, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
Gerard Bertram - electric guitar, vocals acoustic guitar
Didier Thibault - bass, vocals, 12-string guitar
Gerard Pons - drums, percussion

1. The World of Genius Hans (14:00)
2. Funny Doll (4:25)
3. Astromonster (6:15)
4. Moving Theme (3:46)
5. Cauchemar (3:46)
6. We Were Loving Her (3:28)
7. Un Jour... (1:25)
8. Synthème (Bonus-Track CD) (3:28)
9. L'Alchimiste (Bonus-Track CD) (3:20)
10. Les êtres d'or (Bonus-Track CD) (5:50)
11. Ombres (Bonus-Track CD) (3:30)
12. Rire de peine (Bonus-Track CD) (7:07)

quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Space Farm - Same (1972) (Pychedelic Rock) New Zeland


1. Space Farm - 3:14
2. Homeward Bound - 3:54
3. Infinity Way - 3:22
4. Waking Dream - 3:36
5. On The Loose - 3:09
6. Flying - 4:21
7. Gypsy Queen - 6:19
8. Wheel - 4:11
9. Lover Not A Dancer - 3:33

- Glen Absolum - Drums
- Harvey Mann - Guitar
- Billy Williams - Bass
- Bob Gillette - Saxophone

domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Woody Kern - The Awful Disclosures Of M. Monk (1969)


Álbum importante de uma banda que durou pouquissimo, o disco transita entre o psicodélico, progressivo e blues britanico bem legal. Recomendo!

John Sanderson - tenor sax, violin, flute
Rick Kenton - guitar, vocals
Mike Wheat - bass
Steve Harris - drums

1 Biography Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 4:25
2 Blues Keep Falling Dorsey, Traditional 6:03
3 That's Wrong Little Mama King 3:00
4 Tell You When I'm Gone Kenton, Sanderson, Wheat 4:10
5 Xoanan Bay Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 4:32
6 Uncle John Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 6:23
7 Gramophone Man Andes, California, Cassidy ... 4:00
8 Fair Maiden Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 4:47
9 Vile Lynn Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 5:49
10 Mean Old World Jacobs 2:41 11 Vegtable Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 9:54
12 Biography [Mono Single Version] Harris, Kenton, Sanderson ... 4:21
13 Tell You When I'm Gone [Mono Single Version]

sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

Emergency - Entrance (1972) (Germany) (Krautrock/Jazz Rock/Fusion/Progressive Rock))


-Hanus Berka/saxophone, flute, keyboards, mellotron
-Frank Diez/Guitar
-Otto Bezloja/bass
-Jiøí Matousek/keyboards
-John Redpath/drums, vocals,
-Curt Cress/ drums

1. Why Am I Doin' It (7:50)
2. Happiness (7:00)
3. Journey (7:30)
4. Emergency Entrance (11:20)
5. Killin' Time (10:20)

Emergency - Emergency (1971) (Germany) (Krautrock)


Eu tento me afastar da Alemanhã, mas não consigo! rsrsr!!! Upei este álbum
em fevereiro de 2011 e não sei porque não fiz esta postagem antes, enfim...Com um certo atraso aqui vai mais uma grande banda de Kraut para deleite de nossos ouvidinhos.

01. Springtime (5:55)
02. Jump into your grave (4:58)
03. Times passed by (9:22)
04. Love is here to stay (6:10)
05. My woman's gone now (9:45)
06. Gimme some lovin' (6:07)

Formed 1970, München, Bayern, Germany

Members Hanuš Berka (saxophone, flute, keyboards, Mellotron), Otto Bezloja (bass, 1970-73), Udo Lindenberg (drums, 1970-71), Jirí Matoušek (keyboards, 1970-73), Barrie Newby (guitar), Miloš Vokurka aka. Reddy Kirken (vocals, percussion, 1970-73), Dusko Goykovich (trumpet, 1970-71), Frank Diez (guitar, 1971-72, 1974-?), John Redpath (drums, vocals, 1971-73), Bernd Knaak (drums, percussion, 1973-74), Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass, 1973-74), Richard Palmer-James (guitar, vocals, 1973), Veit Marvos (keyboards, 1973-74), Peter Bischof (vocals, 1973-74), Todd Canedy (drums, percussion, 1974)

A Triggering Myth - Same (Jazz Rock/Fusion • United States)


The band was formed in 1989 by Rick Eddy and Tim Drumheller, an American duo of multi-instrumentalists who handle keyboards, guitars, percussions, flute and trumpet, although they regularly enlist the contribution of talented guest musicians on drums and percussion. Heavily keyboard based (especially the piano), their style is a curious mixture of jazz, rock and classical (symphonic) music with dark, mysterious overtones without being sinister - more like suspenseful. Even when the guys kick into high gear the atmosphere remains tension-filled. As far as comparisons go, names such as GENTLE GIANT, VDGG or ELP have surfaced but none truly convey the originality of this twosome, whose sublime interplay and strong emphasis on counterpoint cleverly blends all of these bands' styles and more, resulting in a unique contemporary sound of its own.

Their music seems to become more unusual and complex with every new output. Their second album, 'Twice Bitten", already shows much maturity over their self-titled debut, both in playing and in composition. Their second and third releases, "Between Cages" and "The Sins of our Saviours", continue somewhat in the same vein whereas their fifth, "Forgiving Eden", is a single 43:32-minute suite divided into several movements. A superb work of art where the addition of guitarist Scott McGill and drummer Vic Stevens infuse the music with still more fusion elements.

If you like music that is particularly unconventional, even unpredictable, you'll be in Canterbury heaven with this band's material: a rich production of music that boldly dares to diverge from the conventional rock formulas.

- Rick Eddy / keyboards, guitars, words, percussion, composition, arrangements
- Tim Drumheller / keyboards, percussion, production, composition, arrangements

- Steve Williams / guitar on 2, bass on 3 and 4
- James Newton / keyboard on 1 and 4

1. Living Out loud (5:57)
2. The Delicate Balance Of Coincidence (6:27)
3. Swimming With Sharks (8:45)
4. The Biology Of Doubt (6:02)
5. When Suddenly I Am Old And Start To Wear Purple (1:43)
6. The Thin Edge (5:54)
7. The Eye In The Looking (4:40)
8. We Think About Our Thinking (1:59)

sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Los Tres - Same (1991)


Los Tres é uma banda de rock chilena, fundada em 1982.

All tracks written (lyrics and music) by Álvaro Henríquez, except "Amores Incompletos": music Álvaro Henríquez, Roberto Lindl, Ángel Parra and Flores Secas, La Primera Vez, Sudapara: music Álvaro Henríquez, Roberto Lindl.

"Somos Tontos, No Pesados" – 4:23
"El Haz Sensor" – 2:32
"Sudapara" – 2:58
"Flores Secas" – 5:31
"Pájaros de Fuego" – 4:35
"La Primera Vez" – 3:46
"En Jamaica" – 3:20
"Un Amor Violento" – 4:36
"Amores Incompletos" – 5:50
"He Barrido el Sol" – 3:45

Álvaro Henríquez (guitarra e voz)
Ángel Parra (guitarra, lapsteel e vocais)
Roberto Lindl (baixo, contrabaixo e acordeão)
Manuel Basualto (bateria)

Socrates Drank The Conium - Same (1971) (Greece)

Socrates Drank the Conium was the 1972 debut album of the Greek rock band of the same name. It has more psychedelic- and blues-influenced tracks than their following albums. The work on this album is similar to that of musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

All songs credited to Spathas and Tourkogiorgis; other collaborators are noted.

"Live In The Country" — 3:43
"Something In The Air" (D. Wood) — 3:21
"Bad Conditions" — 3:59
"It's A Disgusting World" (Boukouvalas) — 6:52
"Close The Door And Lay Down" — 3:12
"Blind Illusion" — 3:33
"Hoo Yeah!" — 3:36
"Underground" (D. Wood) — 4:40
"Starvation" — 3:45

quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Socrates Drank The Conium - On The Wings (1973) (Greece)


On The Wings was a 1973 album released by Socrates Drank The Conium. It features a heavier sound than the previous records, reminiscent of that of 70s bands such as Led Zeppelin and progressive Black Sabbath. They did not lose their blues roots, however, as evidenced by such tracks as "This Is The Rats".

For the recording of this album, Socrates Drank The Conium recruited a second guitarist in addition to Yannis Spathas. His name was Gus Doukakis.

  1. "Who Is To Blame" — 3:47
  2. "Distruction"[sic] — 4:32
  3. "Naked Trees" — 5:00
  4. "Death Is Gonna Die" — 3:33
  5. "This Is The Rats" — 2:49
  6. "Lovesick Kid's Blues" — 2:50
  7. "On The Wings Of Death" — 3:25
  8. "Breakdown" — 3:04
  9. "Triping In A Crystal Forest"[sic] — 1:49
  10. "Regulations ( If I Were A President )" - 2:40

quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

Varis - Same (1979) (Jazz Rock) (Germany)


Adoro a cena Alemã dos anos 70, isso todo mundo que vem aqui e me conhece sabe, enjoy!

01 - Flink
02 - Ophelia
03 - Ostinato
04 - Moonlight Voice
05 - Superpono
06 - Anno 77
07 - Locus Solus
08 - Ralfi Rock Einmal

- Ralf Pallmann, b, e-b
- Bjorn Gogolf dr
- Karl-Heinz Engelhardt, ta as, fl voc
- Andrey Hiebarolf, g
- Marlin Shaclow e-p

terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012

Dave Cousins & Rick Wakeman - Hummingbird (2003)


- Rick Wakeman / keyboards
- Chas Cronk / bass
- Dave Cousins / vocals, guitar, dulcimer, banjo
- Tony Fernandez / drums
- Ric Sanders / violins
- Mac McGann / tipple

1. The Young Pretender (5:50)
2. Hummingbird (3:41)
3. So Shall Our Love Die (3:36)
4. Steppes (1:23)
5. October to May (3:36)
6. Ice Maiden (0:41)
7. Higher Germanie (4:35)
8. Stone Cold is the Woman's Heart (4:32)
9. Crie du Coeur (1:26)
10. All In Vain (3:49)
11. Can You Believe (4:44)
12. Via Bencini (2:12)
13. Forever Ocean Blue (3:38)

Chick Churchill - You & Me (feat. Bernie Marsden & Cozy Powell ) (1973)


Album solo do tecladista do Ten Years After , com uma super banda de apoio, um bom disco!

Chick Churchill - piano,organ,moog,mellotron; vocals on 7,10
Gary Pickford-Hopkins - vocals
Martin Barre - guitar on 1,2,5,9
Rodger Hodgson - guitar on 3; bass on 3,4,6,7
Bernie Marsden - guitar on 4,6,7
Leo Lyons - bass on 1,2,5,8,9
Cozy Powell - drums on 1,5,8,9
Ric Lee - drums on 2
Rick Davies - drums on 3,4,6,7
Bill Jackman - sax on 1,3

01 Come And Join Me 5:10
02 Broken Engagement 3:09
03 You And Me 4:41
04 Reality In Arrears 7:02
05 Dream Of Our Maker Man 2:58
06 Ode To An Angel 4:06
07 You're Not Listening 2:39
08 Chiswick Flyover 2:54
09 The Youth I Dreamt In Slipped Away 4:31
10 Falling Down An Endless Day 3:06


Esta publicação foi feita originalmente no blog Contramão Brasil que também é administrado por mim, porém pretendo trazer todas as postagens de lá pra cá, administrar dois blogs é muito complicado.

Do site da gravadora: "O Sleepwalker Sun conta com forte influência do rock progressivo setentista e contemporâneo, demonstrando em seu auto-intitulado cd grande maturidade. Os talentosos músicos possuem larga experiência no cenário progressivo, e contam com uma versátil vocalista, que alterna passagens mais agressivas com outras suaves e angelicais. Neste lançamento temos o mais puro rock progressivo com participações especiais de Marcus Viana (Sagrado/Shaaman), André Mello (Tempus Fugit), Alex Martinho, entre outros grandes músicos do cenário. Outro destque vai para a embalagem de luxo com slipcase e belíssima arte do designer Gustavo Sazes (que tem em seu currículo bandas como TRIBUZY, ASHTAR, IMAGO MORTIS, FATES PROPHECY, VER´S OVER, etc etc)."

O que a RPB tem a complementar? Egressos da banda Revealing Web, Luiz e Giana juntaram-se a Francisco, Rodrigo e a uma penca de convidados de peso (Andre Mello, Marcus Viana, Ricardo Aguiar etc) e, de fato, lançaram este BELO trabalho, sem sombra de dúvida. O grupo segue uma tendência mundial no estilo: colocar o peso do Heavy Metal entre as músicas sinfônicas. A entrada de Marcus Viana nas músicas 1 e 6 (esta última, com piano, voz e violino, é de chorar de tão bonita e já entrou para a história do rock progressivo brasileiro) engrandece o trabalho do grupo. a vocalista é maravilhosa, idem o guitarrista, idem o baixista (ouçam a primeira música), bem como todo o grupo, que segue a linha do Ayreon, Ashtar (sem a veia celta e também bem menos pesado). Disparado entre os melhores nacionais do ano de 2005.

O grupo fica devendo um trabalho sem os apelos comerciais que assolaram o mercado em 2005. Experimentem também apenas a veia sinfônica (que timbres de mellotron maravilhosos, hein?) para ver o resultado! Se pretendem continuar nesta linha, parabéns da mesma forma pois estão no caminho certo! Belo trabalho gráfico, igualmente!

Minha opinião: Vale a pena conferir o disco que é bem legal.

Giana Araújo - voz
Luiz Alvim - teclados, voz e guitarra
Francisco Falcon - baixo e violão
Rodrigo Martinho - bateria

Músicos convidados:
Leandro Leg Furtado - guitarra,
Fabio Montserrat - guitarra,
Alex Martinho - guitarra,
Ricardo Marins - guitarra,
Marcus Viana - violino,
André Mello - teclados,
Fabio Guerrero - voz,
Ricardo Aguiar - coro

1. Blindfold 14:24
2. Bring’em 07:12
3. Sleepwalker Sun 07:51
4. Dead Flowers 08:12
5. Russian Roulette 08:02
6. Jalen’s Eyes 04:40
7. Nocturnal 09:57

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

Arakontis - Live at the Quasimodo (1981) (Germany) Fusion


Fusion da melhor qualidade, este é um daqueles discos que não se acha nenhuma referencia na web, nada que eu já não soubesse foi encontrado, queria fotos da banda e mais informações, mas não encontrei nada. Nem no youtube tinha nada, vou publicar uma canção no youtube amanhã e depois coloco aqui como palinha do álbum.

Apenas no New Gilbratar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock e no RYM achei pouquissimas informações. Abaixo a resenha do Gilbratar:

Arakontis is a Berlin-based, rather nondescript, funky fusion band with rock leanings led by guitarist Michael "Willy" Wilke. Others on Live at the Quasimodo include 2nd guitarist Dieter Anker, Gerard Batyra (bass), Andreas Hommelsheim (piano, keyboards), Lutz Hafler (drums) and percussionists Tommy Goldschmidt and Michael Tybus. The only familiar name to me is Goldschmidt, who also percussed in the last edition of the Release Music Orchestra, and in Supersession (a jazz-rock big band active during the early 1980s). On Live at the Quasimodo, Arakontis is captured live on New Year's Day, 1981. The first track here is a dedication to Geroge Benson, and sounds like something off of his Breezin' LP. Fortunately, the rest of Live at the Quasimodo isn't nearly so lame - in fact most of it is OK, albeit somewhat inferior to similar German fusion bands of the time, such as Virgo, Aera, and the Release Music Orchestra. Actually, one of the pieces reminded me a bit of Pekka Pohjola's later, less complicated stuff (e.g. Urban Tango), and another 2 had me thinking of those Janne Schaffer LPs that got released in the US during the late 1970s. Bassist Batyra reinforces the Pohjola comparison with his excellent playing - he's possibly the band's strongest improvisor. Wilke is a pretty good jazz guitarist with heavy blues and rock leanings and a trebly, rough-hewn sound (Carlos Santana is a big favorite of his, evidently). Keyboardist Hommelsheim is an OK soloist in a pastoral, bluesy Bruce Hornsby-like mode, except when he hops on the mini-Moog for a few choruses. I like the fact that he eschews string synths entirely. This one's for fusion nuts only. -- Dave Wayne

Michael "Willy" Wilke (guitar)
Dieter Anker (guitar)
Gérard Batrya (bass)
Andreas Hommelsheim (keyboards)
Lutz Halfter (drums)
Tommy Goldschmidt (percussion)
Michael Tybus (percussion)

A1 Mr. G.B. 4:37
A2 Brasilia 7:12
A3 Dream On 6:43
B1 I Don't Know 5:38
B2 Piano Solo 3:49
B3 Dear John 4:57
B4 Short Cut 5:09

domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

La Quarta Via - Viaggio Fuori Dal Corpo


La Quarta Via decidiu assumir o risco de fazer uma fusão de atmosferas sombrias que nos levam do Tibet ao México. Há uma abordagem musical um pouco retro. O disco tem uma atmosera psicodélica. Uma agradavel viagem!

1. Fuori Dal Corpo 5:46
2. Il Mare Di Ortiche 3:51
3. Il Seme Di Agharti 6:28
4. Il Primo Peccato 4:44
5. Lo Spirito Di Erba Dolce 5:27
6. L' Esilio 6:34
7. Quasar 5:15
8. Il Volo Maya 7:24
9. Il Richiamo dei Rumori 6:50
10. Paure 5:58
11. La Corrida De Toros 4:35

Syncrisis - Reflections In Musical Power (1981) Germany


Este é o álbum de estréia deste grupo de Jazz Rock Alemão, lançado com tiragem limitada e de forma independente. Um excelente disco!

A1 Just a happy time
A2 Kamala
A3 Reflections
a) Wait a minute - a drum solo
b) Katharsis
A4 Daydreams
B1 Bata Mata Moone Taboo
B2 Mata Dalam, for the inside looking man
B3 One Hope
B4 Sweet nights

- Titus Köstler - Guitar
- Edgar Müller - Electric piano and mini-moog synthetizer
- Peter Frodi - Bass
- Uwe Holzwarth - Drums
Special guest:
- Armin Keller - Congas and timbales (A1 and B4)

Maneige - Libre Service - Self Service (1978) Canadá • Jazz Rock/Fusion


- Alain Bergeron / flute, saxes, keyboards
- Denis LaPierre / guitars
- Yves Leonard / bass
- Vincent Langlois / piano, keyboards, percussion
- Gilles Schetagne / drums, percussion
- Paul Picard / vibes, xylophone, marimba, percussion

01. Troizix (2:36)
02. L'Envol des Singes Latins (4:30)
03. Les Péntocles (4:58)
04. La Belle et la Bête (3:29)
05. Bagdad (1:26)
06. Noémi (0:49)
07. Célébration (2:47)
08. La Noce (7:25)
09. Toujours Trop Tard (5:08)
10. Miro Vibro (5:47)

sábado, 9 de junho de 2012

Nine Days' Wonder - Same (1971) Germany Krautrock


A banda foi formada em 1966 na Alemanha, mas só lançaram um álbum em 1971. Um discaço, adoro! Altamente recomendado!

- Walter Seyffer / vocals, drums, percussion, effects
- John Earle / vocals, tenor/soprano sax, flute, guitar
- Rolf Henning / guitar, piano
- Karl Mutschlechner / bass
- Martin Roscoe / drums

1. Fermillion (15:48)
2. Moss Had Come (3:27)
3. Apple Tree (6:45)
4. Drag Dilemma (12:47)

Skin Alley - To Pagham and Beyond (1970) UK (Jazz Rock/Fusion / Progressive Rock)

Download NOVO LINK

- Thomas Crimble / bass, keyboards, vocals
- Nick Graham / bass, flute, keyboards, vocals
- Bob James / guitar, saxophone, flute
- Krzysztof Henryk Justkiewicz / keyboards, trumpet, vocals
- Alvin Pope / drums

1. Big Brother Is Watching You (6:52)
2. Take Me to Your Leaders (8:55)
3. Walking in the Park (6:51)
4. Queen of Bad Intentions (6:54)
5. Sweaty Betty (8:11)
6. Easy to Lie (5:22)

Skin Alley - same (1969) UK (Jazz Rock/Fusion / Progressive Rock)


Formed in the fall of 68, Skin Alley turned professional when they signed to Clearwater Productions as managers (whom also handled High Tide, The Trees and a bit later Hawkwind), on word from an ex-member that was now in the firm. Gigging around regularly for free (concerts organized by their management firm) in order to find a following, this West-London quartet developed a different kind of rock that drew much from jazz and blues. Built around keyboardist Juskiewicz and part-time guitarist, but sax and flute player Bob James, Skin Alley had a distinctive sound, which made them stand out at the many free concerts they played. Having been spotted by the legendary John Peel, they recorded a BBC session for the Top Gear programme, which in the short term landed them a recording contract with the English branch of CBS. Recorded in November of that year, it was released in March 70 coupled with a non-album single. The critical acclaim and encouraging sales lead CBS to allow Skin Alley (who suffered the departure of Crimble during the recording and was partly replaced by ex-Atomic Rooster bassist Nick Graham) to release a second album, From Pagham And Beyond, later that same year.

For some reasons (the album was not as successful as the debut), CBS decided not to invest further in the band, and Skin Alley had to find another label, which took a while. It wasn't until early 72 that their third album was released on the small folk Transatlantic label (and amazingly enough, the soul Stax label in the US), but by that time Skin alley was a different band, drummer Pope had left the group, replaced by Tony Knight, and the SA had a much rockier approach aimed at the US, even enjoying some success with the track Skin Valley Serenade. Their third album Two Quid Deal offers much prog while they recorded the last album Skintight in Memphis, Tennessee (home of Stax Record), maybe a hint that they had axed everything towards America, because of its country rock flavours. They disbanded the following year and outside Graham, none were to make much waves in the music industry.

- Thomas Crimble / bass, keyboards, vocals
- Bob James / guitar, saxophone
- Krzysztof Henryk Justkiewicz / keyboards
- Alvin Pope / drums

1. Living In Sin (4:39)
2. Tell Me (4:37)
3. Mother Please Help Your Child (4:13)
4. Marsha (7:18)
5. Country Aire (2:15)
6. All Alone (8:11)
7. Night Time (5:32)
8. Concerto Grosso (Take Heed) (0:29)
9. (Going Down This) Highway (4:14)

sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

System - Sensory System (1974) (Denmark) Ultra Rare Prog Heavy


É realmente incrivel como alguns grupos permanecem na obscuridade por anos, aqui um exemplo disto. Banda Dinamarquesa de prog heavy, muito legal, boas musicas, bons musicos. System ou Sensory System tanta faz o resultado é excelente.

Brian Burr-Philipp - vocals, harmonica
Jørgen Werner - guitars
Flemming Bjergby - bass
Rene Wulff - drums

1 Red Man
2 Never Knowing
3 Experience, My Teacher
4 While Nixon Plays the Piano
5 Come On
6 Biggan, Be Gone
7 I'll Take You
8 Winter's Over

Pornosonic - Unleased 70's Porno Music NEW LINK


Pornosonic nasceu em 1971 de um encontro casual entre Ron Jeremy e Argott Don.

Ao longo de 20 anos o grupo fez algumas das músicas mais criativas e atraentes para o cinema adulto. Além de muitas faixas não créditadas em filmes bem conhecidos.

Pornosonic started in 1971 when Ron Jeremy met Don Argott, an L.A. session musician. Pornosonic wrote and performed some of the most well-received music for the adult film world over the next 20 years. They produced many credited and uncredited tracks for well known (and less known) films. Recently a "lost" cache of songs was located and two compilations of those songs were released in 2004 & 2005 under the band’s name. According to rumor, many of the band members went on to other musical endeavors, but non-disclosure agreements were signed about their work in Pornosonic, and, while several of the original members went on to become (in)famous names, the management of Pornosonic and the subsequent title holders to their catalogue are not allowed to mention these members by name.

01. Dick Dagger's Big Dick Dilema: Dick Dagger's Theme
02. Cramming For College
03. If It Ain't Easy It Ain't Sleazy: Nice N Sleazy Does It
04. Spiderpussy
05. A Happy Ass: Special Delivery
06. Takin' Dictation: Sex Starved Secretaries
07. Mile High Club: Prepare For Take Off
08. Donna Does Denise: Her Magic Carpet
09. Plumbers Delight: Laying Pipe
10. SpiderPussy 2: Caught In The Web: Spiderpussy (Slight Return)

quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Apocalypse - Same (1969) (Germany) (Krautrock-Psychedelic Rock)


Krautmaniaco? Então aqui esta mais uma boa raridade! Produção do álbum por conta do hoje renomado Giorgio Moroder. Dizem que este disco não é grande coisa, discordo! Excelente disco, recomendo!

Gerd Müller (vocals, guitar)
Enrico Lombardi (vocals, guitar)
Bernd Scheffler (vocals, percussion, drums)
Jürgen Drews (vocals, guitars)

01. Life Is Your Profession - 5:46
02. Let It Die - 6:08
03. Patricia - 9:23
04. Milkman - 4:49
05. Try To Please Me - 2:50
06. Pictures Of My Woman - 3:41
07. Linda Jones (Gerd Müller-Schwanke) - 3:37
08. Blowing In Blow (Gerd Müller-Schwanke) - 7:15
9. Reflections Of A Summer (Gerd Müller-Schwanke) - 4:33
All tracks written by Enrico Lombardi/Les Humphries except where noted

quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Ávora Di Carlla - O velho, a carne e a psicodélica árvore do imaculado ventre da terra (2010) (Brasil) (Rock Progressivo)

Download gratuito do álbum no site da banda, arquivo em wave com pouco mais de 400Mb, o 4shared agora só permite download estando logado, mas o processo é fácil, simples e gratuito. Crie uma conta gratuita e aproveite todo o material que o site disponibiliza, eu tenho 4 contas lá e todas tem inumeros arquivos pra download, mas você pode ter uma conta só pra fazer downloads. Pra quem não conseguiu baixar o arquivo no 4 shared segue um link para o disco em mp3 arquivo com 116 Mb.


Banda nacional (Espirito Santo) de rock progressivo lançou em 2010 seu primeiro álbum totalmente independente. No site além do álbum em brave informações sobre o grupo e novidades.

Teclados, num clima orchestral prog sinfônico mesclada a uma atmosfera jazz.... Prepare-se para ouvir um excelente disco de uma banda Brasileira com forte influência Europeia. Instrumentistas competentes, musicos com técnica e sentimento. O sagrado e o profando se fundem em meio as faixas deste álbum conceitual com climas densos, suaves, cheios de misterios. Adorei o álbum! Altamente recomendado!

Sobre o disco fala Gustavo Caverzan: Uma ponderação interessante sobre o nosso disco é que as sete faixas, na verdade, compõem uma única música. Se reparar o início de uma faixa se entrelaça com o término da faixa que a antecede. Um detalhe conceitual importante para a compreensão do todo da obra.

Ainda: comunico que, em seu conjunto, este nosso primeiro disco, terá um desdobramento temático a se permitir à continuidade na representação do nosso segundo disco. Informo que o segundo disco do Ávora Di Carlla está em fase de produção e gravação, tendo uma previsão para ser lançado no ano de 2013.

Ávora di Carlla:
o velho, a carne e a psicodélica árvore do imaculado ventre da terra

01 - no reino dos sinos de copas no reino dos sinos de copas
02 - convulsões de um único grito. Parte i o segundo mistério das imagens da escada de bronze
03 - convulsões de um único grito. Parte ii crepúsculo: 1976
04 - o mundo pelos quadros em Tábata. Parte i a casa de Tábata
05 - o mundo pelos quadros em Tábata. Parte ii à luz do reino
06 - o mundo pelos quadros em Tábata. Parte iii das púrpuras chamas
07 - o mundo pelos quadros em Tábata. Parte iv aurora: do fundo do raso do homem

terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Wisbone Ash - Argus (1972) (Progressive rock)

Este é um disco imperdivel, absolutamente fundamental!


"Time Was" – 9:42 (Lead vocals - Ted Turner, Martin Turner)
"Sometime World" – 6:55 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Blowin' Free" – 5:18 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Ted Turner)
"The King Will Come" – 7:06 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Leaf and Stream" – 3:55 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner)
"Warrior" – 5:53 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Throw Down the Sword" – 5:55 (Lead vocals - Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Jail Bait" - 4:57
"The Pilgrim" - 10:10
"Phoenix" - 17:05

Martin Turner – bass, vocals
Andy Powell – guitar, vocals
Ted Turner – guitar, vocals
Steve Upton – drums
John Tout - organ on "Throw Down The Sword"

Wisbone Ash - Same (1970) (Progressive rock)


Wishbone Ash is the first studio album by Wishbone Ash. The band's debut album became a reality when they were opening for Deep Purple in early 1970. Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore was jamming during the band's soundcheck when Wishbone guitarist Andy Powell boldly plugged in and began jamming with Blackmore.

After the show, Blackmore recommended that MCA Records sign the band. Deep Purple producer Derek Lawrence produced this album, which features elements of blues, progressive rock, and psychedelic improvisation. The album was a success and Wishbone Ash would soon become one of the most popular rock bands of the early 1970s.

All songs composed by Martin Turner, Steve Upton, Ted Turner and Andy Powell.

"Blind Eye" – 3:15
"Lady Whisky" – 6:13
"Errors of My Ways" – 6:56
"Queen of Torture" – 3:23
"Handy" – 11:37
"Phoenix" – 10:26

Andy Powell - lead guitar, vocals
Ted Turner - lead guitar, vocals
Martin Turner - bass, vocals
Steve Upton - drums

segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

Whiskey Howl - same (1972)


Whiskey Howl was a Toronto-based Canadian blues band, most popular between 1969 and 1972. The band is notable as being one of the early Canadian bands promoting and developing blues music in Canada

1 Caldonia Moore 2:15
2 Early In The Morning Hickman, Jordan, Bartley 3:59
3 Mother Earth Chatman, Simpkin) 5:39
4 Rock Island Line Ledbetter, Lomax 1:44
5 Down The Line Witmer) 2:30
6 Let The Good Times Roll Theard, Moore 3:08
7 One Hot Lady Pickett 3:07
8 Pullin' The Midnight Fruchtman, Morrison, Pickett, Wilson, Witmer 5:35
9 I'm Not Talking Allison 2:47
10 Jessie's Song Witmer 2:46

Michael Pickett Harp, Vocals
John Witmer Vocals
Wayne Wilson Drums
Richard Fruchtman Bass, Vocals
Dave Morrison Guitar, Vocals
Keith Jollimore* Baritone Sax
Dave Woodwar* Tenor Sax
Phil Alpertson* Alto Sax
Chuck Leavell* Piano

Blister Chap - Goin' in (1979) (Krautrock) (Germany)


Um disco que surpreende, ouçam!

01. Too White And Too Loud
02. It's Not Allowed To Stay In This Bar Without A Drink
03. Breathin' Dog
04. Journey Through The Backside Of Your Body
05. Blister Chap
06. Eighty Non Toxic Watercolours Paintbox

Wolfgang "Keili" Keilhofer (guitar, vocals)
Helmut Kestler (bass)
Clemens Meyer (keyboards)
Klaus Winkler (drums)

domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die(1970) (Psychedelic Rock)


John Barleycorn Must Die is the fourth album by the English rock band Traffic, released in 1970, on Island Records in the United Kingdom, and United Artists in the United States, catalogue UAS 5504. It peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200, their highest charting album in the US, and has been certified a gold record by the RIAA. In addition, the single "Empty Pages" spent eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 74. The album was marginally less successful in the UK, reaching number 11 on the UK Albums Chart.

"Glad" (Winwood) 6:59
Steve Winwood - Hammond organ, piano, bass, percussion; Chris Wood - saxophone, flute, percussion; Jim Capaldi - drums, percussion
"Freedom Rider" (Winwood/Capaldi) 6:20
Winwood - vocals, Hammond organ, piano, bass, percussion; Wood - saxophone, flute, percussion; Capaldi - drums, percussion
"Empty Pages" (Winwood/Capaldi) 4:47
Winwood - vocals, Hammond organ, electric piano, bass; Wood - Hammond organ; Capaldi - drums, percussion
"Stranger To Himself" (Winwood/Capaldi) 4:02
Winwood - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums; Capaldi - vocals
"John Barleycorn" (traditional-arr. Winwood) 6:20
Winwood - vocals, guitar, piano; Wood - flute, percussion; Capaldi - vocals, tambourine
"Every Mother's Son" (Winwood/Capaldi) 7:05
Winwood - vocals, Hammond organ, piano, bass, electric guitar; Capaldi - drums

Traffic - Mr. Fantasy (1967) (Psychedelic Rock)

Mr. Fantasy is the debut album by English rock band Traffic. It was released in 1967. For the recording, group members included Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Dave Mason, however Mason left the band before the album was released.

Jim Capaldi – drums, percussion, vocals
Dave Mason – guitar, mellotron, sitar, tambura, shakkai, bass guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood – organ, guitar, bass guitar, piano, harpsichord, percussion, vocals, arrangements
Chris Wood – flute, saxophone, organ, percussion, vocals, sleeve design
Jimmy Miller – producer, maracas on "Dear Mr. Fantasy"

Mr. Fantasy (first US pressing issued with title Heaven Is In Your Mind) – 1967
Traffic – 1968
Last Exit (side 2 live at The Fillmore West) – 1969
John Barleycorn Must Die – 1970
The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys – 1971
Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory – 1973
When the Eagle Flies – 1974
Far from Home – 1994

Live albums
Welcome to the Canteen – 1971
On the Road (live on tour in Germany) – 1973
The Last Great Traffic Jam – 2005

Mr. Fantasy:
"Paper Sun" (Capaldi, Winwood) – 3:26
"Dealer" (Capaldi, Winwood) – 3:13
"Coloured Rain" (Capaldi, Winwood, Wood) – 2:46
"Hole in My Shoe" (Mason) – 3:04
"No Face, No Name, No Number" (Capaldi, Winwood) – 3:38
"Heaven Is in Your Mind" (Capaldi, Winwood, Wood) – 4:22
"House for Everyone" (Mason) – 2:05
"Berkshire Poppies" (Capaldi, Winwood, Wood) – 2:59
"Giving to You" (Capaldi, Mason, Winwood, Wood) – 4:18
"Smiling Phases" (Capaldi, Winwood, Wood) – 2:44
"Dear Mr. Fantasy" (Capaldi, Winwood, Wood) – 5:33
"We're a Fade, You Missed This" (Capaldi, Winwood) – :53

Wolfmother - Sydney Australia FM Broadcast (Bootleg) (2005)


Wolfmother é uma banda australiana de hard rock formada em Erskineville, subúrbio de Sydney, em 2000. Formação, atual, Andrew Stockdale (Vocal e guitarra solo), Ian Peres (baixo, teclado e vocal de apoio), Aidan Nemeth (guitarra base) e Dave Atkins (bateria). Segundo Andrew Stockdale, a banda é fruto de vários anos de "jams" no anonimato. Sua música é descrita como um Hard Rock Clássico, inspirado em grandes bandas da década de 1970 como Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin e Deep Purple, incorporando elementos do rock psicodélico e até de folk. Vencedora de um Grammy em 2007 com a canção "Woman" na categoria Melhor Desempenho de Hard Rock, concorria com bandas como System of a Down, Tool e Nine Inch Nails. As vezes parece que você esta ouvindo mesmo uma banda dos anos 70, muito bom o som dos meninos. Recomendo!

FM Radio Broadcast
Original broadcast November 3, 2005
JJJ Live at the wireless, Studio 22, Sydney, Australia

Not sure if this is the day it was recorded.
This was also filmed for a tv broadcast.

Andrew Stockdale - vocal e guitarra
Chris Ross - baixo e teclado
Myles Heskett - bateria

01 - Intro
02 - Dimension
03 - Pyramid
04 - Woman
05 - White Unicorn
06 - Witchcraft
07 - Where Eagles Have Been
08 - Apple Tree
09 - Tales from the Forest of Gnomes
10 - Minds Eye

sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

Le Orme - Uomo Di Pezza/Felona e Sorona/In Concerto/Florian (4 Álbuns)

Excellent early-70's Italian progressive trio (still around today) with classical stylings, featuring keyboards to the fore and a unique dreamy/powerful style. Le ORME was one of the three major Italian groups, the other two being PFM and BANCO. This band is usually considered as the Italian EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER and even BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO by the Italian singing. Its music is based upon organ developments and soli reminding Seventies groups which works are essentially built upon keyboards parts.

The band's truly classic period begins with their third next releases. "Uomo Di Pezza" (1972) is one of Le Orme's definitive Italian progressive rock albums. Although there is definitely an significant EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER influence here, as in the bombastic Moog and Hammond workouts countered by mellow balladry. It's not quite as integrated a feel as would characterize their next two albums, "Felona E Sonora" and "Contrappunti", though its fantastic nonetheless, and one of Le ORME's three essential albums. "Collage" and especially "Florian" offer a music tinged with classical music. "Felona E Sonora" (1973) is probably one of my top favorite Italian progressive rock albums. "Contrappunti" (1974) is another fantastic Le ORME album, and really the close of their classic trilogy. This album would effectively close out the band's streak of success.

"In Concerto" is an excellent live album from 1974 with many unreleased tracks. "Piccola Rapsodia Dell' Ape" is more recent, an excellent mixing of Progressive and Italian baroque music. "Collage" and especially "Florian" offer a music tinged with classical music. In 1993 the Japanese progrock label Crime Records released the 2-CD Live ORME with live-material from '75-'77. An far more captivating document than "In Concerto" from '74.

Their story goes on. After PICCOLA RAPSODIA DELL'APE (1980), in 1982 the band decides to break up. In 1986 they rejoin only for concerts but in 1990 a further work is issued (ORME). In 1992 Tony Pagliuca leaves the band, replaced by Michele Bon. That year they obtain the title of best Live-Act band seen in Italy. They never give up symphonic prog and their further works show it clearly. In spite of the success obtained by their live performances, in 1996 they publish a suite (IL FIUME). After obtaining a great success at the Los Angeles PROG FEST and at the PROG EAST in Quebec, they commit themselves to the new work which will be finished in 2001 (ELEMENTI). This latter, together with IL FIUME, will be part of a trilogy completed, in 2004, by L'INFINITO. The trilogy, a mix of songs and instrumental pieces, tells about the mankind through the 4 elements of the universe. In 2005 they are invited at the NEARFEST concert in Pennsylvania. Their music may well be considered as a continuous commitment in PROG ROCK: over the last 42 years they never gave up their passion. They also tried to convey PROG Rock to the people by participating to song contests such as Festival di Sanremo, a very popular TV music happening in Italy. Le Orme is one of the few foreigner bands who have been produced by a British label. The Famous Charisma Label issued FELONA E SORONA in English, lyrics by Peter Hammil, after their tour in England in 1973.

Download Uomo di Pezza - 1972

1. Una dolcezza nuova (5:28)
2. Gioco di bimba (2:54)
3. La porta chiusa (7:28)
4. Breve immagine (2:42)
5. Figure di cartone (3:48)
6. Aspettando l'alba (4:43)
7. Alienazione (4:43)

- Toni Pagliuca / organ, synthesizer, piano, electric harpsichord, mellotron, celeste
- Aldo Tagliapietra / vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, 12 strings acoustic guitar
- Michi Dei Rossi / drums, bells, percussions

Download Felona e Sorona - 1973

1. Sospesi nell'incredibile (In Between) (8:43)
2. Felona (1:58)
3. La solitudine di chi protegge il mondo (The Maker) (1:57)
4. L'equilbrio (Web of Time) (3:47)
5. Sorona (2:28)
6. Attesa inerte (The Plan) (3:25)
7. Ritratto di un mattino (The Balance) (3:29)
8. All'infuori del tempo (Return to Naught) (4:08)
9.Ritorno al nulla (3:34)

- Aldo Tagliapietra / vocals, bass, guitar
- Toni Pagliuca / keyboards
- Michi Dei Rossi / drums

Download In Concerto - 1974

1. Truck of Fire (Part 1) (17:30)
2. Truck of Fire (Part 2) (4:45)
3. Sguardo verso il cielo (4:15)
4. Preludio a era inverno (5:15)
5. Era inverno (6:45)
6. Ritorno al nulla (4:25)
7. Collage (fragment) (1:00)
8. Collage (2:58)

- Aldo Tagliapietra / vocals, bass, guitar
- Toni Pagliuca / keyboards
- Michi Dei Rossi / drums

Download Florian - 1979

1. Florian (6:40)
2. Jaffa (3:05)
3. Il mago (3:00)
4. Pietro il pescatore (3:20)
5. Calipso (3:40)
6. Fine di un viaggio (4:40)
7. El gran senser (7:10)

- Aldo Tagliapietra / cello, classic guitar, vocals
- Antonio Pagliuca / piano, harpsichord, harmonium
- Giuseppe (Michi) Dei Rossi / vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, percussion
- Germano Serafin / violin, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandolin