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sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2015

Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band (2007) Symphonic Prog, Prog Folk (Sweden)

- Patrik Lundström - lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
- Jon Gamble - clavinet, harmonium, Grand piano, Rhodes, backing vocals
- Fredrik Lindqvist - bass, Irish bouzouki, Hammer dulcimer, recorders, whistles, backing vocals
- Johan Nordgren - percussion, nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), backing vocals
- Lovisa Hallstedt - violin (06)
- Ritual, Hans Fredriksson - producers

01. The Hemulic Voluntary Band - 4:52
02. In The Wild - 5:62
03. Late In November - 4:55
04. The Groke - 6:04
05. Waiting By The Bridge - 4:35
06. A Dangerous Journey - 26:29

Dragon - Universal Radio (1974) Symphonic Prog New Zealand

- Marc Hunter - lead vocals, percussion
- Ray Goodwin - lead guitar, vocals
- Ivan Thompson - organ, piano, Moog synthesizer
- Todd Hunter - bass, flute (09), vocals
- Neil Storey - drums
- Graeme Collins - piano (08)
- Herb Mann - lead guitar (09)
- Rick Shadwell - producer
01. Universal Radio (Ray Goodwin, Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter) - 8:33
02. Going Slow (Todd Hunter, Marc Hunter, Ray Goodwin, Robert Taylor) - 6:14
03. Patina (Ray Goodwin, Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter) - 11:45
04. Weetbix (Ray Goodwin, Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter) - 2:55
05. Graves (Ray Goodwin, Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter) - 6:56
06. Avalanche (Ray Goodwin, Marc Hunter, Todd Hunter, Ivan Thompson) - 11:08
07. Black Magic Woman (unreleased live) (Peter Green) - 6:37
08. X-Ray Creature (single A-side of Marc Hunter,1973) (Graeme Collins, Baysting) - 3:05
09. Dinghy Days (single B-side of Marc Hunter,1973) (Todd Hunter) - 3:30

Earth And Fire - Atlantis (1973) Symphonic Prog (Netherlands)


- Jerney Kaagman - female lead vocals
- Chris Koerts - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, arranger
- Gerard Koerts - organ, mellotron, piano, synthesizer, virginal, flute, vocals, arranger
- Hans Ziech - bass guitar
- Ton van der Kleij - drums, percussion
- Jaap Eggermont - arranger, producer

01. Atlantis (Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts/Hans Ziech, Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts) - 16:20 including:
a). Prelude
b). Prologue (Don't Know)
c). Rise And Fall (Under A Cloudy Sky)
d). Theme Of Atlantis
e). The Threat (Suddenly)
f). Destructions (Rumbling From Inside The Earth)
g). Epilogue (Don't Know)
02. Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight (Gerard Koerts/Hans Ziech, Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts) - 3:10
03. Interlude (Gerard Koerts, Chris Koerts) - 2:00
04. Fanfare (Ton van der Kleij/Hans Ziech, Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts) - 6:03
05. Theme From Atlantis (Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts) - 1:49
06. Love, Please Close The Door (Chris Koerts/Hans Ziech, Chris Koerts, Gerard Koerts) - 4:10


segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2015

The Glass Orchestra - Same / Human (2 álbuns)

Faz um tempinho um rapaz me pediu uns discos, entre eles um do grupo The Glass Orchestra, atendendo ao pedido aqui estão dois álbuns do grupo. Enjoy!

The Glass Orchestra, founded in 1977, is the only ensemble in the world whose musicians create and perform contemporary compositions entirely with glass instruments. Drawing on a wide range of musical influences and performance techniques, the musicians explore the unique sonic properties of glass, creating an ethereal, percussive soundscape with a vast array of glass instruments, both "found" and custom made. The skill of the members of the Orchestra in designing and making glass instruments has earned them a place in the New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.

The Glass Orchestra has appeared in major cities across Canada and has toured the United States from New York to Honolulu, and Europe from London to Berlin. In 1989, the ensemble completed an important seven-week tour of Asia, which took them to Taiwan, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Japan and the Shenzeng and Zuhai International Arts Festivals in China.

Because of the extremes of its dynamic and frequency ranges, glass music has always proved a challenge to record. The Glass Orchestra has released four commercial recordings, the most recent titled "HUMAN". Through the use of the most sophisticated equipment, listeners are provided with a faithful reproduction of the delicacy and transparency of the timbre of glass musical instruments. Distribution, on CD or cassette, is through the Canadian Music Centre.

To contact us send email to :erca@total.net (Eric Cadesky)

ERIC CADESKY (Artistic Director and curator of the Glass Orchestra FAQ) is the inventor of many of the handmade glass instruments played by the ensemble. Dedicated to extending the boundaries of traditional glass music, he is also a composer and percussionist with experience in African, Latin, Jazz and New Music ensemble performance. In addition Eric enjoys composing music for ballet and modern dance, feature films, theatre, video and television. His compositions have been performed around the world.

The performance experience of guitarist BILL PARSONS encompasses jazz, improvised, concert, popular, and world music. As a composer and arranger, he has worked within a wide range of musical settings from jazz and concert music to interdisciplinary works with filmmakers, photographers, theatre directors, and choreographers. Bill Parsons also writes poetry, lyrics, and has just finished co-writing a screenplay. Bill performs internationally with the Evergreen Club, John Wyre's Heartbeat Orchestra, Pirate Jennyand Sunda Duo, on Indonesian kacapi (20 string zither) with suling (bamboo flute)

PAUL HODGE is the Technical Director of the Music Gallery, Toronto, the Centre for Contemporary Music in Canada. Active in all aspects of music and sound production his numerous recordings have been broadcast on City-TV, CBC, BBC Great Britain and NHK Japan and released on LP, cassette and CD. Non-curricular interests include astronomy, parenting and surfing (in alphabetical order).

RICHARD SACKS received his Masters in music at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he studied with Raymond Desroches, Arthur Weisberg and Charles Rosen. He was a member of the Bennington College faculty from 1977-79 and maintained a freelance career in New York until moving to Toronto in 1981. Richard continues to perform with the Glass Orchestra, Arraymusic, The Evergreen Club, New Music Concerts and the Esprit Orchestra, as well as writing for dance and multi-media. He appears on many recordings with these and other groups.


quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

Aaron Space - Aaron Space 1972 (Hard Blues Rock) Canada

 - Jake Thomas - lead guitar, vocals
- Dave Moulaison - rhythm guitar, lead vocals (01-03,05,06,08-10)
- Gene Falbo - bass, lead vocals (07)
- Bob DiSalle - drums, percussion, lead vocals (04,05)
- Lisa Garber - backing vocals (01)
- John Stewart - producer
01. Keep On Moving (Jake Thomas) - 3:16
02. Silly Ceilings (Jake Thomas) - 5:02
03. When She Smiles (Jake Thomas) - 3:02
04. Man In Yellow Car (Dave Moulaison/Jake Thomas) - 4:22
05. Marsha (Bob DiSalle) - 1:59
06. North Country Rock & Roll (Jake Thomas) - 3:41
07. It Might Be You (Dave Moulaison/Gene Falbo/Bob DiSalle/Jake Thomas) - 3:06
08. The Loser (Dave Moulaison/Gene Falbo/Bob DiSalle/Jake Thomas) - 2:44
09. Fair Child (Dave Moulaison/Gene Falbo/Bob DiSalle/Jake Thomas) - 3:24
10. Rainbow Ride (Dave Moulaison/Gene Falbo/Bob DiSalle/Jake Thomas) - 5:05