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quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2008

Guia de Álbuns raros - repost

Atendendo a pedidos, estou postando novamente o guia de álbuns e bandas raras de rock de todo o mundo, do colecionador Hans Pokora, que traz as capas dos álbuns, os nomes das bandas e um ranking classificando o álbum quanto à raridade (e o valor que um original pode alcançar no mercado).

Para os colecionadores, trata-se de um material essencial, um guia para os que querem fazer download. Um dos álbuns não está está completo, mas foi o que consegui achar na net, e vale muito a pena dar uma conferida. Os Caçadores de raridades não devem perder essa oportunidade.

vol 1 - http://sharebee.com/76b75782
vol 2 - http://sharebee.com/0a6ade80
vol 3 - http://sharebee.com/17f0ef6b
vol 4 - http://sharebee.com/e5ad2011

O Volume que faltava foi disponibilizado pelo blog ProgNotFrog o 5001 Record Collector Dreams

fonte: http://forum.prognotfrog.com/index.php?topic=4041.0

link: http://rapidshare.com/files/124942129/Hans_Pakora_-_5001_Record_Collector_Dreams.rar.html

Mario Millo - Epic III (1979) NEW LINK

First solo outing by former frontman of Sebastian Hardie and Windchase.

Primarily a guitarist and singer, Millo plays in a style that to my ears is reminiscent of both Steve Howe and Andy Latimer. He sings in the same range as John Wetton, although his voice is much smoother and less affected. The music on this record is a mixture of Symphonic Prog, lite Fusion, Pop songs and a ballad or two.

In other words, it's not entirely a Prog record, but the other influences aren't unpleasant at all - he has a nice gift for hooks and all of the material is well-crafted and oozes professionalism.

The standout number is the 14 minute title track Epic III, which shows a clear Yes influence, and is a tour-de-force of Prog Rock stylings, featuring excellent guitar work, plenty of 70's keyboards goodness, twisting rhythms and beautiful harmonies.

This record won't blow anyone away, but it's a very worthwhile listening experience and a fine piece of work from one of Australia's top musicans.

Link by Léo, thanks a lot!!!

1. Epic III (14:18)
a) The journey
b) Valley of music
c) Musical passages
d) Spectrum of instruments
e) Wisdom teacher
f) Home coming
g) Captured Moments
h) Retrospect
2. Life in our Hands (4:30)
3. Mary's Theme (6:10)
4. Quest theme (6:09)
5. Harlequin and columbine (Waltz Theme)(5:29)
6. Castaway (2:40)
7. Sogno d'amore (Love in dream)(4:40)
8. Rebecca (4:23)


terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008

Zarathustra – Same (1972)

Ótima Banda Alemã dos anos 70. O som é um hard progressivo no melhor estilo Purple, Atomic Rooster e Vanilla Fudge. Muita criatividade e um elevado nível de qualidade musical. Essa banda merece toda a atenção dos amantes do bom e velho rock alemão.

Mais um excelente link do parceiro Léo, thanks!!

Altamente recomendado...

- Ernst Herzner / lead vocals
- Michael Just / bass, vocals
- Klaus Werner / organ
- Wolfgang Behrmann / drums, percussion

Track Listings:
1. Eternal Light
2. Mr. Joker
3. Past Time
4. Nightmare
5. Sad Woman
6. Ormuzd


Oaksenham - Conquest Of The Pacific (2006)

Oaksenham é uma banda da Armênia. Uma pérola que veio junto com a abertura dos países do oeste europeu. A 5ª e 6ª músicas são versões das músicas do Gentle Giant, o que já nos dá uma idéia do nível técnico-musical dessa banda. Formada em 2001, esse é o seu 2º CD.

By Mestre Jedy, thanks!!!

Mais informações


01- Anthem: The Unseen Land (0'47")
02- Water Spark (6'25")
03- Elfy (1'30")
04- The Way Back Home (9'28")
05- Talybont (by Gentle Giant) (2'47")
06- On Reflection (by Gentle Giant) (4'40")
07- Time Out (3'59")
08- Conquest Of The Pacific, Part I: Jester's Pipe (3'09")
09- Conquest Of The Pacific, Part II: Merlin's Jig (2'48")
10- Conquest Of The Pacific, Part III: Across The Atlantic (6'16")
11- Conquest Of The Pacific, Part IV: Ocean's Web (6'06")
12- Conquest Of The Pacific, Part V: Golden Hind (8'01")


_Vahagn Papayan – bass
_Anna Adamyan – keyboards
_Valery Tolstov – flute
_Koryun Bobikyan - violin
_Vardan Gasparyan – guitar
_Ashot Korganyan – drums





Aproveitem e compartilhem!

Amos Key - First Key (1973)

Ótima banda alemã dos anos 70. A classically influenced, and keyboard driven band from Germany. Their only release remains 1973's 'First Key." To show their dedication to the masters, the album was dedicated to Bach, Beethoven, and Shumann. They are mostly compared to Eskeption and The Nice. Unlike many of their contemporaries, they favored shorter songs over longer epics. Around 1975 Amos Key again entered the studio to record another album. Unfortunately it was not to be. The album was never finished, but a few demos have come to light. Since that time, little is known about the band members. O Blog agradece ao Léo pelo link.

Highly recommended

- Thomas Molin / keyboards, vocals
- Andreas Gross / guitar, bass, vocals
- Lutz Ludwig / drums

Track Listings:
3.Knecht Ruprecht
5.Got The Feelin
7.Important Matter
8.Dragon's Walk
9.First Key


domingo, 26 de outubro de 2008

Fantasia - same (1975)


Banda Finlandesa. Este é o único álbum da banda. Altamente recomendado, com uma sonoridade bem legal, um álbum bastante interessante, diria essencial, além de ser uma raridade...

Hannu Lindblom - guitar, vocals
Roul Helantie - fender piano, moog synthesizer, jen superstringer, hammond organ
Harri Piha - bass
Karl-Erik Rönngård - drums

01. Pilvien Takaa
02. Unikuva
03. Huutokauppa
04. Suihkuliidolla
05. Hautausmaani
06. Tulen Pisara
07. Agressio
08. Harma Jazz
09. Depressio

Elonkorjuu - Harvest Time (1972)


Banda da Filândia. Quem tiver esse LP, quarde com carinho, pois o brinquedinho custa de 500 a 1000 euros na mão de colecionadores, é uma raridade. A banda tem outros dois álbuns, em 1978 ela lançou com outro nome, Harvest, o "Flying High, Running Fast" e em 2004, voltou ao nome original e, lançou o "Scumbag".

Banda de Hard Prog.

Mais um link do Mestre Jediel, thanks!!!

01- Unfeeling (3'27")
02- Swords (4'03")
03- Captain (3'43")
04- Praise to Our Basement (4'48")
05- Future (3'58")
06- Hey Hunter (3'45")
07- The Ocean Song (3'21")
08- Old Man's Dream (4'48")
09- Me and My Friend (4'05")
10- A Little Rocket Song (4'07")
11- Where's The Rising Sun (Bonus Track) (7'57")

- Jukka "Jusu" Syrenius - guitar;
- Veli-Pekka "Hiippi" Pessi - bass;
- Eero Rantasila - drums;
- Ilkka "Ike" Poijavi - guitar, organ & flute; e
- Heikki "Lossi" Lajunen - vocals, guitar, bass & piano.

Ancient Grease - Women And Children First (1970)


O Ancient Grease foi formada a partir da banda Strawberry Dust, muitos consideram esse um projeto paralelo da banda, mas Strawberry Dust tem mais haver com blues e R&B, esta é uma banda mais psicodelia, hard rock, rock and roll e heavy blues. O álbum é dinamite purinha!!

Gareth "Morty" Mortimer - vocals
Jack Bass - baas
Dick "Ferndale" Owen - drums
Graham Williams - guitars

Track List:
1 Freedom Train
2 Don't Want
3 Odd Song
4 Eagle Song
5 Where the Snow Lies Forever
6 Mother Grease the Cat
7 Time to Die
8 Prelude to a Blind Man
9 Mystic Mountain
10 Women and Children First
11 Freedom Train [bonus track]

Ikarus - Ikarus (1971)


Realmente uma coisa rara, um rock classificado de eclético, vindo da Alemanha, quase Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Soft Machine e Van Der Graaf Generator. Eu disse "quase". Pelos instrumentos dá pra ter uma idéia melhor. Um som típico dos anos '70. O álbum tem de tudo um pouco, muito bonito. Agradecimentos ao Mestre Jediel.


1- Eclipse: (15'24")
___a) Skyscrapers
___b) Sooner Or Later
2- Mesentery (6'09")
3- The Raven (Including "Theme for James Marshall") (11'43")
4- Early Bell's Voice (7'43")

- Lorenz Köhler - lead vocals;
- Wolfgang Kracht - bass, back vocals;
- Jochen Petersen - acoustic & electric guitars, alto & tenor saxes, flute, clarinet, back vocals;
- Bernd Schroder - drums, percussion;
- Manfred Schulz - guitar, lead vocals (4), back vocals; e
- Wulf-Dieter Struntz - organ, piano.

Acqua Fragile - same (1973)

Formada em 71 o Acqua Fragile lançou somente 2 álbuns. O vocal é “à la Gabriel” e os discos são cantados em inglês. O som deixa bem claro as influências de Genesis e Giant.

Comentários e link Léo.

Mais uma ótima banda Italiana. ...

- Gino Campanini / guitar, vocals
- Piero Canavera / guitar, drums, vocals
- Franz Dondi / bass
- Bernardo Lanzetti / guitar, vocals
- Maurizio Mori / keyboards, vocals

Track Listings:
1.Morning Comes (7:22)
2. Comic Strips (3:56)
3. Science Fiction Suite (5:54)
4. Song From A Picture (4:09)
5. Education Story (4:12)
6. Going Out (2:56)
7. Three Hands Man (8:07)

Novo Link para download

quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008

Armonite - Inuit (1999)

Banda neo-prog italiana da boa, lançaram somente esse álbum em 99, O som é todo instrumental, muito violino e teclado bonito. Difícil destacar uma faixa, todas são boas e altamente melódicas. Mas gosto muito da faixa “agora” que é extremamente relaxante. Agradecimentos ao Léo que enviou o link


- Jacopo Bigi / electric violin
- Giovanni Lanfranchi / electric violin
- Paolo Fosso / flute & keyboards
- Andrea Bacchio / electric & fretless bass
- Gabriele Rossi / drums

Track Listings:
1. Inuit I (0:59)
2. Amebah (4:30)
3. Pensieri (6:28)
4. Mishram (4:22)
5. Eos aurora (6:51)
6. L'insetto (5:37)
7. Agorà (6:38)
8. Inuit II (0:57)


Procession – frontiera (1972)

Mais uma ótima banda Italiana.

Formada em 72, lançaram apenas dois discos, Frontiera (1972) e Fiaba (1974), esse que estou postando é o primeiro, e o meu preferido, o som é um hard progressivo c/ um pique dinâmico do começo ao fim, instrumental de primeira. Outra colaboração super especial do amigo Léo.

Recomendado p/ quem curte um bom rock Italiano...

- Gianfranco Gaza / vocals, mouth harp
- Roby Munciguerra / guitar
- Marcello Capra / guitar
- Angelo Girardi / bass, mandolin
- Giancarlo Capello / drums, percussion

Track Listings
1. Ancora una notte
2. Uomini e illusioni
3. Citta grande
4. Incontra
5. Anche io sono un uomo
6. Un mondo di liberta
7. Solo
8. Un'ombra chevaga
9. Solo 2


terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2008

La Torre dell'Alchimista - same (2001)

Pra quem quer novidade mas não abre mão de qualidade, uma excelente banda da nova safra do rock progressivo, com ótimos musicos, o álbum tem grande momentos de piano e flauta, sendo extremamente melódico. Neste primeiro álbum a banda nos remete ao que de melhor foi feito nos anos 70, espetacular o álbum!

Agradeço ao meu amigo Léo pela colaboração.

Essencial para os amantes do Progressivo Sinfônico...!

Altamente recomendado...!

- Ceraolo Silva / flute
- Donadoni Davide / bass, alto clarinet on 4
- Giardino Michele / lead vocals, chorus, acoustic guitar on 1,8
- Mosconi Noberto / drums, acoustic guitar on 4
- Mutti Michele / hammond organ, fender piano, piano, keyboards, mellotron, synthesizer

Track Listings:
1. Eclisse (6:02)
2. Delirio (In Do Minore) (4:00)
3. La Torre dell'Alchimista (6:48)
4. Il Volo (5:53)
5. L'Apprendista (6:50)
6. I Figli Della Mezzanotte (4:48)
7. La Persistenza Della Memoria (3:06)
8. Lo Gnomo (4:26)
9. Acquario (8:10)


domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Kravetz (1972)

O tecladista e saxofonista francês Jean-Jacques Kravetz tocou nas bandas Le Bain Didonc, Die City Preachers, Frumpy, Randy Pie, Eric Burdon's Fire Dept., Udo Lindenberg & das Panikorchester, Das Waldemar Wunderbar Syndikat, com este curriculum não é necessário dizer mais nada.

A discografia do cara é enorme, com álbuns que vão dos anos 60 a 2008. Este é seu único álbum solo, imperdivel! Este disco foi lançado anos depois com o nome de 8 days in april, que já postei aqui no blog, então se você baixou o 8 days in april é a mesma coisa, é só prestar atenção na moçada que toca e no set list do álbum pra saber, ok!

Mais um disco altamente recomendado!!!!

Site oficial

Participam do álbum:

Inga Rumpf - Vocals
Udo Lindenberg - Drums, Vocals
Steffi Stephan - Bass
Thomas Kretschmar - Guitars

I’d Like to Be a Child Again 9:35
Ann Toomuch 7:55
Routes 7:27
When the Dream Is Over 3:14
Master of Time 9:51


Para quem pediu o reup, publiquei no blog Discos Fundamentais, confere lá!

Atlantis - Top of the Bill (1976)


He's Got a Gun In His Hand 4:12
Hot Rocks 2:53
Out of Tune 3:24
Don't Put the Lady Down 3:46
Northern Bounty 3:59
Haven't You Heard 5:26
Just Blues (Session) 11:28

Atlantis - Rock Heavies (1975)


sábado, 18 de outubro de 2008

Atlantis - Live (1975)

Live at Fabrik (1975) (parte 1)

Live at Fabrik (1975) (parte 2)

Disco ao vivo que tras um pouco de cada um dos 4 álbuns até então gravados pelo grupo. Essencial para os fãs e não fãs da banda, rsrsrsrs! Muito bom!!

Friends 3:15
Ooh Baby 3:52
Somewhere 5:36
It's Getting Better 6:41
Waiting and Logging 3:31
Brother 5:29
Rock & Roll Preacher 3:53
New York City 3:48
Mr. Big Shot 5:43
Mainline Florida 6:16
Godfather 3:18
Going to the Country 4:55
Rock Me Baby 4:31
Leave It to the Devil 3:39

Atlantis - Get on Board (1975)


Mais um disquinho super bacana desta banda genial, eu avisei que postaria todos, hehehehe!!!

Promessa é divida, então...

Este é o quarto álbum da banda, demais!!!!

Get on Board 3:45
Change My Mind 4:32
The Man 3:45
Let Me Stay for a While 3:58
Keep the Music Going on 2:50
Chartbuster 3:10
The Captain and the Ship 3:44
If I Couldn't Sing 3:37
Tried to Climb a Mountain 4:33

Atlantis - Ooh Baby (1974)

Capa de disco é sempre uma coisa a parte, não acham?! Sempre que não lembro de um disco pelo nome preciso ver a capinha, então sei qual é rápido, associar capa ao som é automático, dai o fato de estar postando duas capinhas diferentes para o mesmo álbum, o meu por exemplo era a capinha abaixo edição americana. Acima a capinha original, edição alemã.
Ooh Baby é o terceiro álbum da banda, bem legal!

Brother 3:05
Son of a Bitch's Son 3:51
Waiting and Longing 3:14
Mr. Bigshot 5:34
The Way I Choose 3:53
Ooh, Baby 2:53
Smiling People 3:33
New York City 4:41
Godfather 3:43
Leave It to the Devil 3:13


Atlantis - It's getting better (1973) Atualizado em 28/10/2014

O meu álbum preferido do Atlantis é este, não sei se o melhor do grupo, mas com certeza o que mais gosto, Inga e seus companheiros dão um show, este é um daqueles albuns que a gente compra e não para de ouvir, esta sempre no prato da pick-up, comprei este disco em meados dos anos 70, sem conhecer a banda, gostei da capa (o meu lp que era edição americana tinha a capinha acima), do visual geral, na época não se podia ouvir os álbuns importados, que vinham lacrados e nenhum lojista abria o lacre só pra você poder saborear o lp, então era comum, pelo menos pra mim umas compras no escuro em certas ocasiões, acontece que não lembro de ter feito nenhuma escolha errada, minha intuição sempre funcionou a meu favor, enfim...ADORO este disco!!! Por esta razão considero Altamente Recomendado!!!

1. It's Getting Better
2. Drifting Winds
3. Days Of Giving
4. Changed It All
5. Fighter Of Truth
6. Woman's Sorrow
7. A Simple Song

Novo Link

sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2008

Atlantis - same (1972)

Aqui mais uma banda dos anos 70, formada na alemanha, simplesmente sensacional, a vocalista tem um timbre de voz único, inigualavel, e maravilhoso. Inga Rumpf canta até hoje e em seu site podemos conferir toda sua trajetória desde o tempo da City Preachers, sua primeira banda. Vou postar todos os álbuns da banda.

Atlantis was not only the name of the legendary island, the famous Greek author Plato mentioned, but also the name of a band formed by ex-Frumpy musicians Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Karl-Heinz Schott, in late Summer, 1972. The initial line-up included guitarist Frank Dietz and ex-Emergency drummer Curt Cress (later with Triumvirat, Passport).

The band played a few live gigs in Germany before they recorded their debut in London's Island Studios. The US magazine, Cash Box, compared Atlantis with the Doobie Brothers and praised Inga Rumpf's blues-tinged voice. Shortly before the group went on a four week tour of England with Procol Harum, Traffic, Vinegar Joe and the Sharks, Cress and Dietz left and were temporarily supplanted by Udo Lindenberg and George Meier. After the tour, Atlantis recruited Dieter Bornschlegel (ex-Traumtorte) on guitar and Ringo Funk (ex-Jeronimo) on drums as new permanent members.

Rumpf and Kravetz remained the artistical nucleus of the band. Said Kravetz: "Inga determines this band like Rod Stewart & the Faces, her voice makes our image." Atlantis' second album "It's Getting Better" was even more determined by Inga Rumpf's preference for black rhythms: "I always took a special liking in blues, jazz and soul music, and, since I'm writing most of the songs, this influence is decisive in our music." Melody Maker "recommended" the second album and Sounds attested the band to be "the most English of all German groups".

After the gig at the Paris' Olympia, Atlantis went, again, on a four week tour of England, which included a performance at the rock show, "Old Grey Whistle Test". During this tour, Kravetz left the band and had to be hastily replaced by Rainer Schnelle (ex-Family Tree).

At the end of 1973, Atlantis was among Germany's three most popular German rock groups, according to a Musikmarkt poll.

Half a year later, the line-up changed again. Schnelle and Bomschlegel were replaced by English keyboarder Adrian Askew and ex-Curly Curve guitarist Alex Conti.

Both were featured on the third LP "Ooh Baby". Seven of the ten songs were written by Askew/Conti, while Rumpf only had three of her compositions on the album. The result was a "spicy funk album" (Musik Express) with a "bunch of Germany's best soul" (Sounds).

Atlantis was at its best on stage, which was proved by a double album recorded live at the Hamburg Fabrik from 1973 - 1975.

In Summer 1975, Atlantis went on tour in the States, mostly as opener for Lynyrd Skynyrd. After the tour, guitarist Alex Conti was fired and went on to play with Lake. The new line-up was completed with former guitarist Frank Dietz and as second guitarist Rainer Marz.

The rockier American influence was noticable on Atlantis' fourth LP "Get On Board", but the LP and the following tour failed to have commercial success. Concequently, Inga Rumpf and Karl-Heinz Schott announced their departure in January 1976.

After the split, the album "Top Of The Bill" with unreleased studio recordings from December 1975 and March 1976 was released. On February 23, 1983, the original line-up reunited for a revival concert in the Hamburg Fabrik and received standing ovations.

After Frumpy played its last concert in July 1972, singer Inga Rumpf, keyboard player Jean-Jacques Kravetz and guitarist Karl-Heinz Schott got together with guitarist Frank Diez and ex-Emergency drummer Curt Cress to form Atlantis. They were instantly hailed by the UK music paper Sounds as "The most English of all German groups." This was intended as a compliment as the blues boom was raging in England at the time and Atlantis achieved an impressive mixture of blues, R&B and soul, thanks mainly to the blues roots of the highly talented Inga.

With Inga's voice and the band's highly proficient musical ability, Atlantis quickly achieved an international level of rock performance that promised a successful future. After a few gigs, the band cut their debut album 'Atlantis' at London's Island Studios. The US magazine Cashbox compared the band to the Doobie Brothers and praised Inga's 'blues-tinged voice.' However, shortly before Atlantis went on a four-week tour of England with Vinegar Joe, Procol Harum and Traffic, both Curt Cress and Frank Diez left the band. They were temporarily supplanted by Udo Lindenberg on drums and guitarist George Meier. After the tour they were replaced by ex-Jeronimo drummer Ringo Funk and Dieter Bornschlegel (guitar) from the band Traumtorte.

Atlantis' second album 'It's Getting Better' was even more influenced by the musical ideas of Rumpf and Kravetz. Explained Kravetz: "Inga determines the image of this band like Rod Stewart with The Faces. Her voice makes our image." The new material was showcased by Atlantis in France, at the Paris Olympia on October 1, 1973. After the concert they returned to England for another four week tour. During the trip Kravetz was replaced by ex-Family Tree member Rainer Schnelle. Kravetz went on to become a member of Randy Pie. Half a year onwards and the line-up changed again, reflecting the constant pressures that musicians endure on the road. Ex-Curly Curve guitarist Alex Conti and English keyboard player Adrian Askew made their debut on the 'Spicy funk album' (Music Express), titled 'Ooh Baby'. The newcomers wrote seven of the songs on the album which was described by Britain's Sounds magazine as 'Germany's best soul'. Three of the songs were composed by Inga Rumpf.

Atlantis seemed to be permanently on tour during 1975, so the band put together their best sessions, recorded at the Hamburg Fabrik between '73 and '75, for a double album called simply 'Live'. The quintet played on top form, revealing both spontaneity and great musical power. One German music magazine said the album "Already sounded like a world-wide hit". Out of 14 songs, 13 were composed by the band, topped off with an excellent version of B.B.King's classic 'Rock Me Baby'.

After the release of this album, Atlantis went on tour of the States, during the summer of 1975, working mostly as openers for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Back once more in Germany, Alex Conti left the group to continue his career with Lake. He was replaced by former guitarist Frank Diez and Rainer Marz became second guitarist.

Under the influence of their U.S. trip, Atlantis recorded the rockier LP 'Get On Board'. It seemed like the band were on the verge of a breakthrough. Sadly, both their highly professional album and subsequent tour failed to achieve commercial success. Consequently, Inga Rumpf and Karl-Heinz Schott announced their departure in January 1976. After the split, the album 'Top Of The Bill', containing previously unreleased studio recordings from December 1975 to March 1976, was released. The ex-members of Atlantis became top studio session musicians and Inga Rumpf launched her solo career. Atlantis was once again submerged in the ocean of blues, but it remains a legendary name in the annals of rock!

Christian Graf, Hamburg 1995
(Repertoire reissue, "Live" - IMS 7036-WP, 1995)

1-Get it Up
2-Big Brother
3-Rock'n Roll Preacher
4-Maybe It's Useless
5-Let's Get On The Road Again
6-Living At The End of Time
7-Words Of Love

Inga Rumpf (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion)
Jean-Jacques Kravetz (organ, keyboards, 1972-73)
Frank Diez (guitar, 1972-73, 1975-76)
Karl-Heinz Schott (bass)
Udo Lindenberg (drums, 1973)
George Meier (guitar, 1973)
Dieter Bornschlegel (guitar, 1973-74)
Ringo Funk (drums, 1973, 1975-76)
Rainer Schnelle (keyboards, 1973-74)
Adrian Askew (keyboards, 1974-76)
Alex Conti (guitar, 1974-76)
Rainer Marz (guitar, 1975-76)


quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008

Neil Young - Comes a Time (1978)

Neil Young, sabe aquele!!! rsrsrsrs........

Adoro este álbum

Altamente Recomendado!!!

All songs were written by Neil Young, except where noted. Crazy Horse appear on "Look Out For My Love" and "Lotta Love".

"Goin' Back" – 4:43
"Comes a Time" – 3:05
"Look Out for My Love" – 4:06
"Lotta Love" – 2:38
"Peace of Mind" – 4:11
"Human Highway" – 3:09
"Already One" – 4:53
"Field of Opportunity" – 3:08
"Motorcycle Mama" – 3:08
"Four Strong Winds" (Ian Tyson) – 4:07

Neil Young – guitar, harmonica, vocals, production
Frank Sampedro – guitar, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals
Tim Mulligan – saxophone
Nicolette Larson – harmony vocals
Ben Keith – steel guitar
Karl Himmel – drums
Tim Drummond – bass
Spooner Oldham – piano
Rufus Thibodeaux – fiddle
Joe Osborn – bass
Larrie Londin – drums
J. J. Cale – electric guitar
Farrel Morris – percussion
Rita Fey – autoharp
Grant Boatwright, John Christopher, Jerry Shook, Vic Jordan, Steve Gibson, Dale Sellers, Ray Edenton – acoustic guitars
Shelly Kurland, Stephanie Woolf, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, Gary Vanosdale, Carl Goroditzby, George Binkley, Steve Smith, Larry Harvin, Larry Lasson, Carol Walker, Rebecca Lynch, Virginia Ghristensen, Maryanna Harvin, George Kosmola, Martha Mccrory, Chuck Cochran – strings
Ben Keith – production (except on tracks 3, 4 and 8)
Tim Mulligan – production (except on track 7)
David Briggs – production (on tracks 3 and 4)
Tim Mulligan, Michael Laskow, David McKinley, Danny Hilly, Mike Porter, Denny Purcell, Rich "Hoss" Adler, Ernie Winfrey, Gabby Garcia, Paul Kaminsky – engineering
Elliot Roberts – direction
Tom Wilkes – art direction
Coley Coleman – photograph


Ian Lloyd and Stories - Traveling Underground (1973)

Ian Lloyd and Stories - Traveling Underground - 1973.

Stories was a short-lived art rock band based out of New York City in the early 1970s. The band consisted of keyboardist Michael Brown, bassist/vocalist Ian Lloyd, guitarist Steve Love, and drummer Bryan Madey, and had a Number 1 hit with a cover of Hot Chocolate's "Brother Louie."

Discografia da banda:
Stories (only Records) (1972)
About Us (Kama Sutra) (1973)
Traveling Underground (Kama Sutra) (1973)
Stories/About Us (Raven Records) (2007)

Brother Louie/Changes Have Begun (Kama Sutra Records KA 577) (1973)
Another Love (1974)
I Feel Like Making Love

Traveling Underground:
Bridges 5:00
Soft Rain 4:23
Hard When You're So Far Away 4:16
If It Feels Good, Do It 2:40
Mammy Blue 3:35
Stories Untold 3:50
I Can't Understand It 3:48
Earth Bound Freefall 7:53
Traveling Underground 4:22

Ian Lloyd (bass, vocals), Steve Love (guitar), Bryan Madey (drums), Kenny Aaronson (bass), Michael Brown (vocals, keyboards, 1972-73), Ken Bichel (keyboards, 1973-74)

Pra quem curte: The Beckies, Dust, Earl Slick, Landscape, The Left Banke, Montage


terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Shanti - Shanti (1971)

Banda Californiana formada por músicos de origem indiana, cujo diferencial está, justamente, em acrescentar instrumentos da música hindu à formação clássica do rock. Os caras tocam muito bem - alguns deles eram músicos de estúdio, segundo consta e o álbum é acima da média de boa parte das tentativas de mesclar rock com música oriental. A faixa de abertura, "We want to be free", por exemplo, manda muito bem na fusão, lembrando a sonoridade do Grateful Dead em alguns momentos. As duas instrumentais
"innocence" e "Shanti", também são surpreendendes. Se você gosta de cultura sessentista, principalmente da cultura hippie californiana, vai ser impossível não se deixar levar pelos sons viajantes da primeira. Sensacional.

Link para download: http://sharebee.com/43581474

domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

Frumpy - live (1972)

Mais banda Alemã, sensacional!!!

The four musicians who formed FRUMPY were all members of Irishman O' Brian-Docker's folkband The City Preachers, which he founded in Hamburg in 1965.

The City Preachers played an excellent blend of American and British folk music and had, sometimes, over a dozen people on stage. Discontent with singer Dagmar Krause, drummer Carsten Bohn left the City Preachers in November 1969 and took singer Inga Rumpf, French keyboarder Jean-Jacques Kravetz and guitarist Karl-Heinz Schott with him to form FRUMPY.

In spring of 1970, FRUMPY started a successful tour of France. The same year, they went on a 50 concert tour with SPOOKY TOOTH, and played with YES, HUMBLE PIE and RENAISSANCE. In autumn of 1970, FRUMPY released the first album "All Will Be Changed" which contained only own material with the exception of a Richie Havens cover. The Following year guitarist Rainer Baumann joined FRUMPY and played on the bands second LP "Frumpy 2", which was rapped in a round plastic bag.

In Germany, the album was well received and proved that rock music from Germany could live up to international standard. Their music combines jazz, soul and eastern elements with the keyboards as the most important instrument.

FRUMPY topped the Musik Express poll as the most popular German rock group of the year and the newspaper FAZ assisted singer Inga Rumpf to be "the country's biggest individual talent", but a tour of England with MOTT THE HOOPLE failed to attract popularity in Britain.

Musical differences with keyboarder Kravetz caused him to leave FRUMPY, in spring 1972, to record a solo Lp with Inga Rumpf singing one song. But he returned for the recording sessions of FRUMPY's third LP "By The Way". But FRUMPY disbanded after a farewell concert on June 26, 1972. Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Karl-Heinz Schott formed ATLANTIS. The year 1990 saw a FRUMPY reunio and a new LP "Now!". (PA)

Breve todos os discos do Frumpy, Atlantis, I.D.Company e Inga Rumpf solo, aguardem...

Altamente recomendado!!

Live, released in 1973

Track Listings
1. Keep On Going (12:06)
2. Singing Songs (8:54)
3. Backwater Blues (4:56)
4. Duty (17:35)
5. To My Mother (11:34)
6. Release (22:00)
7. Take Care Of Illusion (8:54)
8. Duty (7:33)
9. Floating (12:14)

Total Time 106:18

Inga Rumpf / vocals, guitar
Jean-Jacques Kravetz / keyboards
Rainer Baumann / guitar
Karl-Heinz Schott / bass
Carsten Bohn / drums

Filename: Frumpy - 1972 - Frump Live (CD Bonus).part1.rar Size: 95.78 MB Parte 1

Filename: Frumpy - 1972 - Frump Live (CD Bonus).part2.rar Size: 49.24 MB Parte 2

Jeronimo - same (1971)

Jeronimo was founded in 1969 and in '69/'70 they had their first two hits "He Ya" and "Na Na Hey Hey". With these two chartbreakers, Jeronimo climbed to the number 1 position in almost all European countries.

In 1970 Jeronimo and "Steppenwolf" toured successfully through Germany and in the same year Jeronimo partook in the legendary "Progressive Pop Festival" in Cologne. Following that, Jeronimo shared the headlines with such groups as "Deep Purple" and "Golden Earring" at various European open-air festivals.

In 1970, Jeronimo, together with Creedence Clearwater, presented the album "Spirit Orgaszmus", which was a success throughout all of Europe.

After 30 years and millions of records sold worldwide, Jeronimo is still cult. In 1999/2000, their hits "Na Na Hey Hey" and “He Ya" were re-released on numerous hit-compilations.

The CD's "Cosmic Blues", "Time Ride" and "Best of" have been available in record stores since 1991.

After numerous negotiations with "the purple record-company" in Frankfurt, Ringo Funk successfully acquired the rights to all of Jeronimo's songs in November of 2000.

In the spring of 2002, 4 new CD's "Jeronimo", "Cosmic Blues", "Time Ride" and "Best of" will be released, which have been digitally mastered from the original recordings. There will be a bonus track on each of the CD's (partially with previously unreleased material). (ProgArchive)

Track Listings
1. Sunday's Child (4:25)
2. Shades (3:27)
3. Reminiscenses (1:01)
4. How I'd Love to Be Home (4:30)
5. End of Our Time (4:08)
6. Understanding (4:06)
7. Silence of the Night (3:36)
8. Hugudila (7:49)
9. You Know I Do (5:29)

Total Time: 38:31

Rainer Marz / guitar
Gunnar Schäfer / bass, vocals
Manfred "Ringo" Funk / drums, percussion, vocals
Michael Koch / guitar, vocals


Jeronimo - Cosmic Blues (1970)

Banda Alemã, engraçado isso, volta e meia estou postando bandas alemãs, parece ser este um dos meus paises preferidos musicalmente falando, e é mesmo, alias não só a Alemanha, mas a Europa de uma forma geral tem bandas especialissimas, o velho mundo ainda é minha parada obrigatória, sendo esta uma banda de hardrock, pois nem só de prog vive esta alma.

Track Listings
01. News (3:01)
02. The Key (3:00)
03. Hands (2:40)
04. So Nice to Know (2:03)
05. Na Na Hey Hey (3:37)
06. Let the Sunshine In (1:57)
07. Highjack (2:58)
08. Number 5 (5:22)
09. No No No (3:53)
10. Never Goin' Back (2:37)
11. The Light Life Needs (2:14)
12. Heya (5:54)

Total Time: 39:16

Gunnar Schafer / vocals, bass guitar
Rainer Marz / guitars
Walter Ortel / keyboards, vocals
Ringo Funk / drums


Jose Chepito Areas - same (1974) New Link

Atendendo a inúmeros pedidos aqui está o novo link para o álbum homônimo do Jose Chepito Areas, percussionista timbaleiro de talento indiscutivel, fez parte da banda que acompanhava o mestre da guitarra Carlos Santana, em álbuns tão sensacionais como por exemplo o "Caravanserai"(álbum que adoro!!!).

Bem, voltando ao álbum do Jose Chepito Areas, este disco é altamente recomendado para os amantes de boa musica, principalmente para os que gostam do estilo rock swingado, vamos à bailar!

Track list:
Funky Folsom
Remember Me
Morning Star
Buscando La Gente
Cerro Negro
Guaguanco in Japan


Seven That Spells - My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Momma (2005)

OUÇAM ISSO!!! Muito bom! Recomendadissimo!!!

Formed in 2003. in Zagreb, Croatia as an international commune of psychedelic likeminds exploring the multifaceted cosmos of freak out music and naked women in high hopes of achieving Buddha’s blessing! The new old religion of feedback and super loud!!! Future - retro spasm!!!!

Band Members:
i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!!!!

People who played live/on albums
2003. - 2008.

Niko Potočnjak
Tvrtko Dujmović
Bruno Motik
Tomislav Kalousek
Stjepan Jureković
Hrvoje Nikšić
Lidija Dokuzović
Lovro Zlopaša
Makoto Kawabata
Tsuyama Atsushi
Higashi Hiroshi
Shimura Koji
Michael Ramey
Damir Šimunović
Vatroslav Miloš
Milan Bukejlović
Mario Peretić
Dunja Janković
Igor Potočnjak

Beta-lactam Ring Records

thought of the day:
Let's rock!!!!!!

Seven That Spells - My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Momma (2005)

Stjepan Jureković - drums
Tomislav Kalousek - bass
Niko Potočnjak - guitar
Hrvoje Nikšić - Synth

Recording Engineers: Hrvoje Nikšić, Sven Pavlović
Mix: Hrvoje Nikšić, Sven Pavlović
Master: Niko Potočnjak
Artwork: Niko Potočnjak


1. My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma
2. Space Cake Overload
3. Inhale Me / The Pink Garden Of Mistery
4. Bliss My Cosmic Peach
5. Merry Mary's Sweet Inferno
6. Black Liquorice / Tragic Boredom Of The Universe
7. Naked Harem Flashback

Link em duas partes:

Parte 1

Parte 2

sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008

Acid - same (1974)

Banda Austriaca, formada por Robert Ponger (organ, piano, clarinet), Herbert Novacek (bass, vocals), Rudi Staeger (drums, percussion).

Fazem um som bastante interessante, a primeira faixa do álbum é um clássico do J.J.Cale, acredito que quase todos gostem do disco. Um álbum bem bacana de se ouvir, sem grandes pretenções mas honesto. Me alegro sempre que ouço este disco. Gosto muito do álbum, recomendo!

Acid - same (1974)

01 - after midnight
02 - midnight queen
03 - tumbling like a rolling stone
04 - your sweet love
05 - six to seven
06 - hard rockin' band
07 - hey freddy
08 - on a sunny day
09 - blind man