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quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2016

Tony Scott & Jan Akkerman - Prism (1977)

Jan Akkerman Guitar (Electric)
Bruno Castellucci Drums
Wim Essed Bass
Cees Schrama Piano
Tony Scott Clarinet, Primary Artist, Vocals

Silmarillion 12:03   (21.93 M)  
The Offering 11:01   (20.13 M)  
Blues Blues And Then Some More Blues 11:09   (20.22 M)  
Under The Bo Tree 12:07   (22.03 M)

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Art Of Madness (2009) Neo-Prog/United States

With over 30 years experience in the music industry, the multi-instrumentalist known as THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE has garnered numerous awards including more than 20 ASCAP awards and many others. Having worked as a performer, composer, and arranger with many preeminent musicians worldwide, the artist has recently released five solo albums under the moniker of THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE.

In 2009, Musea Records released the debut album, "The Art of Madness". Nominated Best Debut Album at ProgAwards, the album reached top rankings on polls and charts worldwide. 2010 saw the release of "The Myth of Dying". Nominated Best Foreign Record and Best Production at ProgAwards, the album also reached top rankings on charts and polls around the globe coming in at No. 29 on the 2010 Global Progressive Rock Poll Top 100. In 2011 "The Dream of the Magic Jongleur" was released. A progressive rock album that combines symphonic prog and fusion styles. "The Dream of the Magic Jongleur" fuses a complex collection of songs with a beautiful collection of original artworks produced for the album. Nominated for Best Keyboard Performance (Album) and Best Keyboard Solo (The Riddle) by "The Proggies" awards, the album reached many critics' 2011 Top 10 lists including No. 1 (Alex Torres, Dutch Progressive Rock Page), No. 2 (Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility), No. 3 (Gert Hulshof, Dutch Progressive Rock Page), Top 10 Progressive News Germany, Editors' Choice (Wild Thing magazine, Greece), No. 9 (ProgLog Afterglow), the Top 100 Global Progressive Rock Poll, and additional polls worldwide. In 2013 the fourth release appeared from THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE, "The Tale of the Golden King". A 72-minute concept, THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE is joined on selected tracks by orchestra and vocalist Ann Caren. The album was included on over 20 Top and Best of 2013 polls and charts.

In 2015 comes the new release, "The Sunstone". The spellbinding 62-minute concept includes the return of vocalist Ann Caren and guest appearances from Michael Wilk of Steppenwolf and others.

The music of THE PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE combines progressive rock, symphonic rock, fusion, and classical styles. All five albums present complex concepts in gapless fashion. Each album is a musical journey through inventive terrains. The drama of each album unfolds in complex performances and compositions. While creating the effect of a large ensemble, the music is, in fact, performed entirely by the solo artist, "TPE". http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=5153

 1. Prologue - Ecstasy (5:40)
2. Panic (3:08)
3. Fantasy (4:26)
4. Dream (2:26)
5. Delusion (4:18)
6. Moon Mad (9:07)
7. Despair (7:23)
8. Apparition (4:01)
9. Breakdown (5:24)
10. Sedation (3:32)
11. Revelation - Epilogue (7:03)


sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2016

Alberto Rigoni - Something Different (2008) Heavy Prog/Italy

- Alberto Rigoni / bass
Guest Musicians
- Lorenzo Nizzolini / keyboards (tracks 1,3,6,7,10)
- Enrico Buttol / drums (tracks 3,5) , e-drums (tracks 4,5) , vocal drums (track 9)
- Marco Torchia / e-drums (track 1)
- Tommy Ermolli / guitar (tracks 1,3,7)
- Daniele Gottardo / guitar (track 9)
- Irene Ermolli / vocals (track 5)
- Daniele Kenny Conti / vocals (track 7)

1. The Factory (5:39)
2. Trying to Forget (2:37)
3. Glory of Life (4:08)
4. SMS (4:14)
5. BASSex (3:05)
6. One Moment Before (1:28)
7. Roller Coaster (4:27)
8. Desert Break (2:34)
9. Jammin' on Vocal Drums (2:55)
10. Sweet Tears (4:14)