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sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Focus - Focus X

- Thijs van Leer / Hammond, keyboards, flute, vocals
- Pierre van Der Linden / drums
- Bobby Jacobs / bass
- Menno Gootjes / guitars

1. Father Bachus (4:11)
2. Focus 10 (5:59)
3. Victoria (5:38)
4. Amok In Kindergarten (5:10)
5. All Hens On Deck (5:55)
6. Le Tango (5:37)
7. Hoeratio (5:48)
8. Talk Of The Clown (3:05)
9. Message Magic (4:00)
10. X Roads (5:49)

sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2013

Latte e Miele - Marco Polo Sogni E Viaggi (Rock Progressivo Italiano)

Um disco surpreendente como todos os álbuns do grupo, altamente recomendado!

- Marcello Dellacasa / guitars, vocals
- Oliviero Lacagnina / keyboards, piano
- Alfio Vitanza / drums, vocals
- Massimo Gori / bass, vocals

Guest musicians:
- Pino Nastasi
- Riccardo Vartolo
- Angelo Quarantotti 
- Andrea Landi

1. San Marco (1:30)
2. Carnival (3:16)
3. Il Sogno (3:14)
4. Via Si Va (3:33)
5. I Crociati (8:07)
6. Il Deserto Del Gobi (4:11)
7. Il Matrimonio Del Bimbi Nel Vento (3:10)
8. Pechino (4:52)
9. Kubilai Kan (3:32)
10. L'ultimo Unicorno (3:24)
11. La Battaglia Di Curzola (5:31)
12. La Prigione (4:22)
13. Sogno Incrociato (2:17)
14. Ritorno A San Marco (1:36)

quarta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2013

Crisálida - Same (2006) Neo-Prog Chile

Cinthia Santibanez Verdugo / voices
Cristian Alfredo Carrillo / guitars
Manuel Soto / keyboards
Rodrigo Garcia / bass
Rodrigo Sanchez Meneses / drums

01. Alas (3:43) 
02. A mi tierra no llegarás (4:47) 
03. En el nombre de... (5:06) 
04. Ameba (4:58) 
05. Hojas en invierno (5:22) 
06. Justicia made in Chile (5:04) 
07. Sinfonía "V" (3:18) 
08. Silencio (1:49) 
09. Despertar (5:04) 
10. Camino secreto (6:32) 
11. De sueño y libertad (6:57)

segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

Cary Grace - Perpetual Motion (Psychedelic/Space Rock) New LINK


- Cary Grace / vocals, synthesizers, guitars
- Andy Budge / bass
- JG / guitars, synthesizers
- Graham Clark / violins
- David Payne / drums

Disc 1
1. The Scarab (3:49)
2. Between the Pages I (1:45)
3. Cassiopeia, 1572 (13:11)
4. Between the Pages II (1:13)
5. Queen of Pentacles (extended version) (24:33)

Disc 2
6. Between the Pages III (1:00)
7. Dreamcatcher (4:18)
8. Between the Pages IV (1:30)
9. Helleborus (11:44)
10. Perpetual Motion (20:23)

quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

Renaissance Illusion - Through The Fire (2001)

Renaissance Illusion é a segunda encarnação da banda que deu origem ao Renaissance da Annie Haslam, na formação original a vocalista era Jane Relf, bom a história é longa e já foi contada diversas vezes inclusive aqui, então o que importa é que a moçada se juntou e fez um disco ótimo, enjoy!

- James McCarty / drums, percussion, vocals, piano, keyboards
- Jane Relf / vocals
- John Hawken / piano, keyboards
- Louis Cennamo / bass
- John Idan / acoustic guitars
- Ravi / percussion
- Dzal Martin / guitars
- Jackie Rawe / vocals
- Mandy Bell / vocals
- Emily Burridge / cello
- Gary Le Port / acoustic guitars
- Jonathan Digby / acoustic guitars, bass
- Danny Relf / keyboard programming
- Ron Korb / vocals, flute

1. One more turn of the wheel (6:49)
2. Good heart (4:51)
3. Glorious one (4:10)
4. Through the fire (5:05)
5. Blowing away (3:40)
6. Mystery of being (4:13)
7. Beat of the earth (4:14)
8. Beyond the day (4:12)
9. My old friend (3:47)
10. Through the fire (reprise) (1:23) 

terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013

The Divine Baze Orchestra - Once We Were Born... (2007)

THE DIVINE BAZE ORCHESTRA was founded by Oliver Eek (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Christian Eklöf (drums, percussion) in 2003 immediately followed by Alexander Frisborg (lead vocals, mellotron, rhythm guitar) and Tobias Petterson (bass).

In the beginning the band's sound was similar to many of the heavy, fuzzy bands of the late 60's and early 70's, but as time passed, they were more and more drawn towards the experimental, psychedelic and jazz-oriented bands of the same era.

After a few years of intense giging in the space of Sweden Daniel Karlsson (organ, mellotron) joined THE DIVINE BAZE ORCHESTRA and the band entered a new sound dimension. The completed line-up now could also explore symphonic sound landscapes with the power of the organ behind them and it took some time to rearrange the old material to be suited to the new instruments.

The member's jazz, blues and classical background is to recover within retro references to raw heavy rock bands like URIAH HEEP and BLACK SABBATH but also to classic prog acts like YES or KING CRIMSON. Based on this traditional flirts the band conjures a fresh, vital and also experimental style with improvisation elements.

The debut album 'Once we were born ...' was recorded in 2007 nearly under live circumstances because the instrumental parts were recorded at once together. Only vocals, mellotron and some solos were overdubbed. Officially released at the beginning of 2008 the music is dominated by heavy organ sounds, compelling guitar work and special unique vocals.

Bass player Tobias Petterson decided to leave the band after the album release and was soon replaced by Joel Berntson of the folk rock group GRYNINGSTID. (Progarchive)

- Oliver Eek / guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals (4)
- Tobias Petterson / bass, backing vocals
- Christian Eklöf / drums, percussion
- Daniel Karlsson / organ, mellotron
- Alexander Frisborg / lead vocals, tambourine, rhythm guitar (2,7)

1. Dance (5:48)
2. Choose Your Green (3:53)
3. Trota Di Mare (4:30)
4. Orange And Turquoise (6:05)
5. In Search (4:15)
6. Little Man (4:19)
7. The Person (6:05)
8. The Man From My Mother's Brother (6:21)
9. Closing The Circle (4:04)
10. Burned By The Sun (7:33)


segunda-feira, 19 de agosto de 2013

Begnagrad - Begnagrad (RIO/Avant-Prog • Yugoslaviag) 1982

Slovenian avant-garde band BEGNAGRAD was formed in Ljubljana (Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia) in 1975, with following members: Bratko Bibič-accordion, vocal; Bogo Pečnikar-clarinet; Igor Musevič-drums and Vlado Spindler-bass. They recorded early material in 1977 at a Novi Sad radio station, but that was not released before 1992. This formation played an unconventional blend of jazz, rock, swing and European folk traditions, particularly mixing the Alpine, Mediterranean and Balkan influences. This line-up disbanded in 1978, just to be re-formed in 1981 with new members: Nino de Gleria-bass; Ales Rendla-drums, violin and Boris Romih-guitar, with Bibič and Pečnikar as old members. They finally recorded their first and only album "Begnagrad" in 1982. The band was short-lived and ceased to exist in 1983. B. Bibič continued a solo career along with participation with several groups like THE MADLEYS and NIMAL.

Their only studio album "Begnagrad" was internationally re-issued with some bonus tracks and it remained a highly preached among the avant-garde/prog afficionados. BEGNAGRAD shared many artistic approach with RIO movement and their frequent live gigs across Western Europe in early 1980s led a prominent RIO leader Chris CUTLER to claim "they were so good that they were really their own best promotion. ...RIO had ceased to exist by then, otherwise I'm sure Begnagrad would have been invited to join." They were often compared with such RIO acts like SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA or STORMY SIX. (Progarchive)

- Bratko Bibič / accordion, melodica, Faninger Klavier, voice
- Bogo Pečnikar / clarinet, sogra, ocarina, whistling, voice
- Nino de Gleria / electric bass, double bass, mandolin, whistling, screaming
- Ales Rendla / drums, violin, conga
- Boris Romih / percussion, tiny instruments, guitar, whistling, voice, double bassuitar, whistling, voice, double bass

1. Pjan ska (3:11)
2. Romanticna (4:32)
3. Bo ze (Ce bo) (4:13)
4. Cosa Nostra (Waltz) (7:12)
5. Narodna - kmetska (5:54)
6. Coc 'n' Rolla (Ljubljana ponoci) (5:33)
7. Zvizgovska Urska (5:02)
8. Jo di di jo (0:27)*
9. Tazadnatanova (8:26)*
10. Zvizgovska Urska (4:47)*
11. Tazadnatanova (8:26)*

sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Robert Svilpa & Paraesthesia - A fine line between...(Neo-Prog.United States)


Robert Svilpa is a guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter from the U.S. In 2005, he joined with keyboardist and vocalist Paul Harrington and bassist Mark Parris - the latter two going under the band name Paraesthesia - to release his first album "The Sound of Thoughts". Svilpa has a wide variety of influences, including bands from the prog genre such as PINK FLOYD, KING CRIMSON, RUSH and GENESIS, as well as newer prog artists such as PORCUPINE TREE, DREAM THEATER, and SPOCK'S BEARD. He also has several influences outside of the prog realm, including alternative artists such as REM and MATTHEW SWEET and folk artists such as JAMES TAYLOR and CSNY. 

In 2009, Robert and band released his second album, this time under the name Robert Svilpa and Paraesthesia, called "A Fine Line Between...", a sequel to his first CD. Svilpa is currently working on recording cover versions of some of the songs which influenced him, from prog artists, alternative artists and others. Among these is a cover version of "Watcher of the Skies". He also plans an electronic CD with Paul Harrington, as well as a third CD completing the trilogy begun with "The Sound of Thoughts". (Progarchives)

Robert Svilpa / Guitars, keyboards, vocals
Paul Harrington / Keyboards, vocals
Mark Parris / Bass guitars 

With Special Guest Musicians:
Nick D'Virgilio / drums
Andy Edwards / drums
Zsolt Galantai / drums
Juris Vinters / electronic percussion
Alan Morse / additional lead guitars (7)

1. The First Piece In The Puzzle (5:00) 
2. Mirror Mirror (4:34)
3. Temple Of Lost Souls (16:55) 
4. Frantic (6:25)
5. In The Shadows... (6:55) 
6. The Only One (4:18) 
7. Mesmerize (9:52) 
8. Adagio In A Minor (5:23) 
9. As Time Goes By (Loop Thing) (5:15) 
10.Atonement (6:36)
11.Drawing The Short Straw (7:52)

quarta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2013

Janison Edge -The Services of Mary Goode (1999)

A canção "A Twist in the Tale of Earth History ' abre o disco com alguns teclados Spacey e uma guitarra soando um pouco semelhante ao Genesis. Guitarra e teclado assumem a criação de um excelente pano de fundo para o ótimo vocal de Sue (que remete a Annie Haslam e todo o seu poder vocal). Uma adorável abertura para um excelente álbum!


- Paul Brown / bass 

- Ian Salmon / guitar
- Sue Element / vocals
- Dave Wagstaffe / drums
- Mike Varty / keyboards 

1. A Twist in the Tale of Earth History (9:29)
2. "OLDMAN" (2:02)
3. Beneath the Boy (8:29)
4. The Services of Mary Goode (5:40)
5. The Birth of Mary Goode (9:34)
6. Mary Goode and the Dwarf of Dreams (4:09)
7. Joker (5:49)
8. Julie Lies (7:18)
9. The Day That I Fell (11:36)

Ouça Beneath the Boy aqui:

segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013

Crack The Sky - Safety In Numbers (1978) (Progressive Rock)



- John Palumbo / lead vocals (tracks 1 & 2)
- Gary Lee Chappel / lead vocals (tracks 3 - 8)
- Jim Griffiths / guitars, harmonies
- Rick Witkowski / guitar, harmonies
- Joe Macre / bass, harmonies
- Joey D'Amico / drums, harmonies

1. Nuclear Apathy (8:32)
2. Long Nights (3:59)
3. Flashlight (4:45)
4. Prelude To Safety In Numbers (1:15)
5. Lighten Up McGraw (5:08)
6. Give Myself To You (3:23)
7. A Night On The Town(With Snow White) (3:25)
8. Safety In Numbers (6:41)

sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

Kyrie Eleison - The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise (1976) (Prog Symphonico) (Austria) NEW LINK

KYRIE ELEISON was an Austrian symphonic rock band, founded 1974 by Gerald Krampl (keyboards) together with two school friends, Karl Novotny (drums) and Felix Rausch (guitar). The music is symphonic, progressive rock at its finest, with Mellotrons and keyboard leads, and moods ranging from quiet piano passages to walls of sound. They blended the symphonic mastery of GENESIS with the thematic aspects of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR.

Influenced by GENESIS during its "Nursery Cryme" era, KYRIE ELEISON recorded "Blind Window's Suite" in 1975, and "The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise" in 1976. The boxed-set "The Complete Recordings 1974-1978" will also include a third CD containing 70 min. of live acts from 1974, material mostly taken from "Blind Windows" and some from "The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise", with high sound quality. All in all, this boxed-set is a great and complete discography of this underground Austrian Progressive rock band, that more or less remained an underground group until now.


- Manfred Drapela / acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals
- Gerald Krampl / keyboards, synthesizers, Mellotron, backing vocals
- Norbert Morin / bass, bass pedals, acoustic guitar
- Karl Novotny / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Michael Schubert / lead vocals, percussion

1. Out Of Dimension (10:10)
2. The Fountain Beyond The Sunrise (14:20)
- a) Reign
- b) Voices
- c) The Last Reign
- d) Autumn Song
3. Forgotten Words (8:44)
4. Lenny (16:42)
bonus track on CD release:
5. Mounting The Eternal Spiral (11:12)