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quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

R-U Kaiser - Ocelos (2007) (Symphonic Prog) (Chile)

The embryonic period of R-U KAISER (a German visionary in the early Seventies) began in the early 2000s as a shared idea of drummer Oscar Arias and singer/keyboardist Pilar Núñez. Later on, Mario Pizarro "Morus" makes his entrante as the main keyboardsman, and so do bassist Lino Oré and guitarist Pablo Lizana. All this took place in Antofagasta. The idea of a symphonic rock ensemble was increasingly enhanced by the band with the incorporation of members on flute, violin, cello, classical guitar, etc. This particular enterprise was doomed to be inconsistent, but it helped the band to mature its vision as it moved to Santiago, in order to expand its dissemination opportunities. Their music reamined well rooted in the symphonic prog trend with its "constrained" instrumentation of guitar-bass-drums-2 keyboards. With the entrance of Bárbara Wilson as a second female singer (a contralto who complements Pilar's soprano range) and Pablo doubling on guitar and bass, R-U KAISER finally achieved the line-up set to record their debut concept-album "Ocelos", which has been released by Watcher Records in November 2007. The recording sessions were intermittent, starting in 2006 and finishing it in half 2007; meanwhile, the band had been introducing their "Ocelos" material to audiences in various concerts. The band attained a loyal following in the last two years.
- Highly recommended to lovers of symphonic prog, the music of R-U KAISER reveals influences from classic WAKEMAN, UK, GLASS HAMMER, and it also bears relative similarities to their compatriots of ENTRANCE and MATRAZ.

Cesar Inca Mendoza (PROGARCHIVE)

1. Dioscuros (09:12)
2. Letargia (06:41)
3. Semjases (08:47)
4. Ocelos (10:58)

- Oscar Arias Galvez / drums
- Morus / keyboards
- Pablo Lizana / guitar and bass
- Pilar Nuñez / vocals
- Bárbara Wilson / vocals


quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2009

Igra Staklenih Perli - same (1979) (Psychedelic/Space Rock) (Yugoslavia)

Igra Staklenih Perli, the ultimate ex-Yugoslavian space/psychedelic rock band, was formed in 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia, having been named after the famous novel by Hermann Hesse - "Das Glasperlenspiel" (The Glass Beads Game). The original line-up consisted of: Zoran Lakic (keyboards), Vojkan Rakic (guitar), Predrag Vukovic (percussions) and Drasko Nikodijevic (bass & vocals). In late 1977 Dragan Soc joined the band as drummer while they played live concerts at Belgrade clubs, preparing to start recording their first album, which they did in mid 1978. Upon its release the next year, the band gained reputation for elaborated visual stage effects and light show directed by their friend Goran Cvetic. Nikodijevic was replaced by rock journalist Slobodan Trbojevic on bass prior to recording the second album in late 1979. After its release in 1980 the guitarist Ivan Pajevic replaced Rakic and Nikodijevic was back on bass, but shortly the band ceased to exist. Nikodijevic and Rakic later formed post-punk/neo-psych White Rabbit Band but in late 1980s moved to USA where they continued under the name White Rabbit Cult. The remaining members together with German publisher Thomas Werner released at the beginning of 1990s three albums of ISP old live material and album outtakes for the German-based label Kalemegdan Disk.

Igra Staklenih Perli labelled their music style as "stream of consciousness music". Their both studio albums, the first eponymous "Igra Staklenih Perli" from 1979 and the second "Vrt Svetlosti" from 1980, are pretty similar in sound and resemble the style from early PINK FLOYD and HAWKWIND psychedelia, to German kraut-rock (notably CAN and TANGERINE DREAM), to HILLAGE-era GONG among many. Interesting music effort especially considering the fact it was the new wave boom period when they tried to pursue a quite different music philosophy.

Recommended listen to any devoted prog fan. Since all their albums were issued on vinyl format it might be difficult task to find them, but Kalemegdan Disk may be a good starting address.


1. Gusterov trg (4:26)
2. Solarni modus (4:09)
3. Putovanje u plavo (6:52)
4. Pecurka (7:05)
5. Majestetski kraj (5:18)

- Joshua N'Goma (Vojkan Rakic) / guitars
- Pedja Vukovic / drums, percussions
- Drakula (Drasko Nikodijevic) / bass, vocals
- Svaba the Kraut (Zoran Lakic) / keyboards, vocals

Igra Staklenih Perli

Link alternativo
Senha/Password: contramao

terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

DeBoCo - same (1997) (France)

Delaunay, Boffo e Coppin formam este projeto de um único álbum, nada original no nome, rsrs! Mas o som é bem interessante, recomendo!

2.Le Retour De Dark Fader
6.Zero Chrono
8.Allo Wind
9.Sole Clipping

Jean Pascal Boffo (guitar)
Gilles Coppin (keyboard)
Eric Delaunay (drums)

Filename: Contramaoprogrock-DeBoCo.rar
Size: 89.9 MB

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

Show Quaterna Réquiem

Um show do quaterna Réquiem é sempre uma dica importante de um bom programa, então coloque em sua agenda e não perca este show! Será no dia 29 de outubro, uma quinta-feira as 21 horas no Centro Cultural Suassuna, na Av. das Americas 2603, Barra da Tijuca no Rio de Janeiro, ingressos antecipados no local ou pelo site ingresso.com. telefone para informações (021) 24398002.

segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Pell Mell - Marburg (Germany, 1972) (Symphonic Prog)

Not to be confused with a 1980s American band of the same name, Pell Mell was a symphonic band from Marburg, Germany (Marburg is also the name of the debut album). The band was formed in 1971 by keyboard player Otto Pusch, bass player Jorg Gotzfried, Rudolf Schon on vocals, recorder, and guitar, drummer Mitch Kniesmeijer, and Thomas Schmitt on violin, guitar, and vocals.

The first album is characterized by a rough edge, especially in the vocals. Subsequent albums would smooth out the edges. However, there are aspects reminiscent of Hawkwind, HP Lovecraft, The Nice, and even ELP. Mellotron and classical themes are abundant. It also should be pleasing to fans Krautrock.

Over the next releases they would explore the realm of Mike Oldfield, and then settle into keyboard dominated symphonic. The old psychedelic sounds completely gone. Much of the music is considered some of the best German symphonic ever recorded.

The usual lineup changes occurred over time, and the band began to disintegrate after 1978's "Only a Star." Thomas Schmitt formed the '80s style rock band Skyrider, with former band mate Otto Pusch. They released one self-titled album, and then took back the name Pell Mell. This incarnation released "Moldau" in 1981. However, the old magic was gone, and that is where the Pell Mell story ends. H.T. Riekels (bhikkhu) - http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=1232

01. The Clown And The Queen (8:37)
02. Moldau (5:24)
03. Friend (7:04)
04. City Monster (8:42)
05. Alone (9:24)

- Jorg Gotzfried / bass, vocals
- Andy Kirnberger / guitar
- Bruno Kniesmeijer / percussion, drums
- Hans Otto Pusch / keyboards
- Thomas Schmitt / flute, violin, keyboards, vocals
- Rudolph Schon / percussion, vocals

02. Moldau

terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

Mugen - Sinfonia della luna (1984) (Symphonic Prog) (Japan)

1. Sinfonia della luna (8:20)
2. Magical wand (4:05)
3. Venezia (4:55)
4. Dance...romantic (5:25)
5. A parade of the wonderland (2:00)
6. Ballo della luna (10:30)
Bonus track on cd release:
7. Leonardo

- Masaya Furuta / drums, percussion
- Katsuhiko Hayashi / synthesizers, Mellotron, recorder, acoustic guitar
- Akira Kato / bass, bass pedals, acoustic & electric guitar
- Takashi Nakamura / lead vocals, synthesizers, acoustic guitar

- Takako Hayashi / vocals (7)
- Makoto Kaminishizono / electric guitar (2-6)
- Takako Morita / vocals (1-5), keyboards(6)
- Kunihiko Yamazaki / vocals (4), glockenspiel (5)

Infos ProgArchive


domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

Windy Corner - Lost Garden e The House at Windy Corner (1972/3) (Holanda)

Grupo Holandês de folk-rock psicodélico. O nome da banda vem do lugar em Amesterdão, onde tocaram ao vivo. "Lost Garden" foi gravado durante um período de 4 anos em meados dos anos 70 e só foi lançado em 1998. Altamente recomendado!!

Lost Garden:

01. Light and Darkness (10:00)
02. Falling Unknown (18:09)
03. a. Tell Me
b. Symphony of the Lost Garden (27:26)

The House at Windy Corner:

Song from the very north
Blinkered man
Staring face
Waiting to fall back asleep
The palace of twelfe phases
Sitting on a Throne
Wind is Blowing

Robby Morgen (1949-2007)
(guytar, vocals)
Robby passed away unexpectedly
November 2nd 2007 in Yogyakarta.

Wim Steevels
(bass guitar, vocals)

Wim Vree
(organ, guytar, vocals)

Cees van Weegberg