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sábado, 31 de janeiro de 2009

Sweet Smoke - From darkness to light (1973)(Psychedelic/Space Rock)(USA)

Jazz Rock Progressivo Psicodelico com pitadas de música indiana, pode parecer estranho, mas, estes elementos de forma harmoniosa criam um ambiente bem agradavel, e é isso que o álbum nos proporcionada, uma música extremamente agradavel. Na verdade a capa traduz com muita propriedade o som do disco.

1. Just an empty dream (4:20)
2. I'd rather burn than disappear (4:15)
3. Kundalini (13:25)
4. Believe me my friends (4:29)
5. Show me the way to the war (5:30)
6. Darkness to light (12:51)

Andrew Dershin - bass
Jeffrey Dershin - piano, percussion, vocals
Jay Dorfman - drums
Marvin Kaminowitz - guitar, vocals
Rochus Kühn - violin, cello
Michael Paris - sax, flute, vocals
Steve Rosenstein - guitar, vocals

Senha/Password: contramao

sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

António Pinho Vargas - As Folhas Novas Mudam de Cor (1987) (Jazz) (Portugal)

Vargas é um pianista e compositor português de jazz e música erudita. É também ensaísta e autor de livros sobre música. Excelente álbum, recomendo!

1. Tom Waits
2. Vilas Morenas
3. De Longe
4. O Tumulto
5. Da Floresta
6. Um Dia Claro
7. Jogos com Doze Sons
8. Obscura, Nebulosa

António Pinho Vargas - piano e sintetizadores
José Nogueira - saxofone alto e soprano
Pedro Barreiros - contrabaixo e baixo eléctrico
Mário Barreiros - bateria
Quico - sintetizadores
Rui Júnior - percussões
José Carlos Costa - oboé e corne inglês

Senha/Password: contramao


domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2009

Capricorn College - Orfeo 2000 (1972) (Italian Symphonic Prog)

Capricorn College is one of those borderline italian progressive rock bands from the seventies that tried to surface.

Led by composer Mario Barigazzi, the band only released two albums on the Kansas label, both containing a mix of early 70's italian melodic pop with clear progressive inspiration.
The first one, in particular, titled "Orfeo 2000", is generally regarded as the best of the two, especially for the instrumental parts, while the second, released as Barimar & Capricorn College, contains shorter songs. The band also released five singles.
The band split after the second LP, in 1974. http://www.progarchives.com/

1. Io Più Te (3:31)
2. Adamitico Sound (5:41)
3. Particolare Amore (4:25)
4. Flash Discorsivo (1:30)
5. Cenacolo '70 (5:02)
6. Orfeo 2000 (5:00)
7. Anatomia Di Una Notte (3:28)
8. Why (3:40)
9. Corri, Corri, Corri (3:40)
10. Sei Giorni Su Sei (3:57)

Nino Antonino / guitar, II flure, bongos, chant
Pino Ferro / II guitar, chant
Oreste ferro / bass, chant
Adamo Biello / drum, percussion, chant
Alifranchini Guerrino / flute, tenor sax
Mario Barigazzi (Barimar) / piano, organ, harpsichord, eminent 310, tumbe, arrengement and direction

sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Venegoni & Co - Mosaico (2000) (Jazz Rock/Fusion) (Italy) New link

The band was formed by Luigi "Gigi" Venegoni, ex guitarist of ARTI & MESTIERI. This was an "open" band whith twenty musicians to have collaborated with during the years. A stable nucleus of six musicians who recorded the band's two first LP's on Cramps.

More jazz-rock oriented than ARTI & MESTIERI, Venegoni & Co. ideally close the old italian calssic prog groups. They played in the famous live tribute to Demetrio Stratos of 1979. Their music is instrumental, obviously dominated by Venegoni's fluid and elegant guitar playing.

Though definitely less prog-inspired than the first two Arti & Mestieri albums, both Rumore Rosso and Sarabanda are usually considered an interesting listen for jazz-rock fans in general and for rock progressivo italiano lovers in particular.

Two later studio albums on CD, Nocturne (as a trio with Marco Cimino from ERRATA CORRIGE) and Mosaico were more in a new-age style, while the recent live CD's Rumore Rosso Vivo and Live...somewhere in the seventies... feature registrazione lives from different line-ups in 1978 and 1979. The last one, in particular, has a very good sound's quality.

- Rumore rosso, studio album (1977)
- Sarabanda, studio album (1979)
- Nocturne, studio album (1989)
- Mosaico, studio album (2000)
- Rumore Rosso Vivo, live (2002)
- Live...Somewhere in the 70's, live (2004)

Disco muito bom, recomendo!
1. Fata Morgana (5:50)
2. Solleone (4:12)
3. Sagittario (4:17)
4. Bodega Bay (5:11)
5. Eucalypso (6:45)
6. Coconut (6:15)
7. Danza di Luna (5:32)
8. Coesione (5:48)
9. Bonaventura Moon (5:46)

Total Time: 49:43

- Luigi "Gigi" Venegoni / guitars, bass, programming
- Silvano Borgatta / keyboards,melodica
- Louis Atzori / drums
- Dario Arianti / voices (3 & 5)
- Daniela Cavalcavo / voices (3 & 5)
- Giovanni Vigliar / violin (7)
- Paolo Franchini / bass (8)
- Luigi Colarullo / drums (8)
- Marco Cimino / keyboards (9)
- Mario Paire / voice, programming (9)


After Crying - De Profundis (1996) (Symphonic Prog) (Hungary)

Banda Hungara, altamente recomendada! Todos os álbuns da banda são excelentes, este é um dos que não podem faltar em qualquer boa discoteca de progressivo.

Very important band from the rich Hungarian prog scene which makes a very complex and moody music. There is a huge variety in their music among their discography. Some albums are very dark, yet beautiful, with a calm atmosphere provided by cellos and violins among moody keyboards and guitars. Other albums hold a more consistent sound where you'll find ELP influences (mainly on the Hammond passages).

Really original ! "De Profundis" always offers a refined blend of classical and folk, but the singing and some light pop accents (use of drums) evoke FLAIRCK. This is classical chamber rock, delicate and peaceful. Definitely a must in any prog rock collection.

1. Bevezetes (3:39)
2. Modern Idök (7:36)
3. Az Üstökös (1:43)
4. Stalker (12:12)
5. Stonehenge (4:34)
6. Külvarosi Ej (3:34)
7. Manok Tanca (5:00)
8. Kifulladasig (5:18)
9. De Profundis (11:29)
a) Eras...
b) Non est via
c) "Jecisti me in profund..."
d) Ego sum via, veritas et via
10. Jonas Imaja (2:24)
11. Elveszett Varos (1:56)
12. Kisvasut (2:03)
13. Esküszegök (8:13)
14. 40 Masodperc (0:40)
15. A Vilag Vegen (3:41)

Total Time: 74:02

- Gabor Egervari / flute, voice
- Lazlo Gacs / drums, percussion
- Tamas Gorgenyi / lead vocals
- Peter Pejtesik / bass, cello, lead vocals, vocals
- Ferenc Torma / guitars, synthesizer, vocals
- Balazs Winkler / keyboards, trumpet



Postagens relacionadas

Carpe Diem - Cueille le Jour (1976) (Symphonic Prog) (France)

This French group was founded on the Riviera (Nice more precisely) as had SHYLOCK also. They both managed to make two albums both on the Musea catalogue nowadays. However they do sound different, CARPE DIEM sounding more diversified and also holds some singing, as well as some wind instruments (flute & saxes). One can say that they had that typical French symphonic prog sound of the second part of the 70's much like PULSAR, ATOLL and a bit less in the ANGE and MONA LISA mould.

Their two albums are highly regarded by progheads but do not ooze originality, always eyeing towards the British references. Still well worth the discovery, though.





Não lembro qual é a certa, memória de elefante morto a minha!!

1. Couleurs (21:38)
2. Naissance (3:23)
3. Le Miracle de la Saint-Gaston (3:38)
4. Laure (2:44)
5. Tramontane (3:37)
6. Divertimento (3:56)
7. Rencontre (Except from Couleurs - English Version) (3:22)

Total Time: 42:18

- Christian Truchi / organ, string ensemble, keyboards and vocals
- Gilbert Abbenanti / guitar
- Alain Berge / bass
- Alain Faraut / drums
- Claude-Marius David / flute, sopransaxophon and percussion

domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009

Turid - 1971-73 - "Vittras Visor" "Bilder" (2 albums) (Sweden)

One of Sweden's best female singer/songwriters of the '70s. Turid became famous in the underground of Stockholm as a Swedish Buffy Saint Marie or a Lotte Lenya or a Joni Mitchell. Her voice has been described as "a thin thread of gold." She won a radio competition and was soon noticed outside the underground. She was chased by the bigger record companies but took a stand and chose Silence that just had started, and in 1971 her first record Vittras Visor hit the desks. She worked with the finest musicians around at the time, such as Kenny Håkansson (Kebnekajse), Björn Jason Lindh and Palle Danielsson. This record is half in English and half in Swedish. Silence released two more albums -- Bilder in 1973 and Tredje Dagen in 1975 before moving out to the countryside. Even if you don't understand her brilliant and poetic lyrics you can still enjoy this record and her beautiful voice and music.
Turid represents a certain flowery apex and fans of eccentric folk vocalists such as Linda Perhacs, Vashti Bunyan, Karen Dalton & Joanna Newsom ought to investigate. http://www.forcedexposure.com/artists/turid.html

Turid was a member of Kebnekaise between 1971 and 1974. Initially she sang in English and was very much inspired by Joni Mitchell, but by the time her first solo album, Vittras Visor, came out in 1971 she had switched to Swedish and found her own sound.
Her best song, Den Gamla Vanliga Historien, was released as a single in 1972 and later included on her magnum opus, the 1973 album Bilder, an album which also included her second-best song Tom I Bollen.
In 1977 she left progg label Silence and signed to the more commercial Metronome. Of course the proggers (see the link in the Pugh section above) turned their backs on her. Bastards.
Turid's trademark was her delicate, fluttering voice which is instantly recognizable. A current Scandinavian singer like Ane Brun has more than a little Turid flavor in her voice. http://monkeybastardsv20.blogspot.com/2008/12/brief-history-of-swedish-rock.html

Turid - 1971 - Vittras Visor
A1 Välkomme hus 2:42
A2 Bilder 1:46
A3 Jag vet en prins 3:46
A4 Tintomara 2:35
A5 Låt mig se dig 8:16
B1 Den gamla vanliga historien 2:45
B2 Och somaren kom 1:38
B3 Tom i bollen 4:00
B4 Längtansvisa 1:03
B5 Ödegårdar 6:40
B6 Vargen 4:05


Turid - 1973 - Bilder
A1 Song 4:32
A2 Nyckelbanepigevisa 1:22
A3 To the Children of Song My 5:24
A4 Going to Prison 3:00
A5 Vittras vaggvisa 3:53
B1 Chrystal Shade of Loneliness 2:45
B2 Problemvisa 1:37
B3 Sometimes I Think Age Is a Treasure 3:52
B4 Play Macabre 3:26
B5 Flowers 2:34
B6 Palles låt 1:50


domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009

Khan - Space Shanty (1972) (Canterbury Scene) (UK) NEW LINK

Space Shanty é o único álbum da banda inglesa Khan, lançado em 1972. O Khan tinha entre seus membros dois dos maiores expoentes da cena Canterbury: Steve Hillage e Dave Stewart - ambos já haviam trabalhado juntos no Uriel, banda que deu origem ao Egg.

A sonoridade de Space Shanty é tipíca das bandas de Canterbury, ou seja, várias influências de jazz, desde as composições até os metódos de improviso, aliadas à psicodelia. Como diferencial, o Khan traz uma proximidade maior com o space ock,criando um som vagamente similar ao que o Gong começaria a fazer quando recebesse Hillage entre seus membros. Link e comentários by Léo!

O álbum até hoje é um marco na história do rock progressivo, um disco essencial.


- Nick Greenwood / bass, vocals
- Steve Hillage / guitars, vocals
- Eric Peachy / drums
- Dave Stewart / organ, piano, skyceleste, marimbas

1. Space Shanty (8:59)
2. Stranded (6:35)
3. Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains (7:14)
4. Driving To Amsterdam (9:22)
5. Stargazers (5:32)
6. Hollow Stone (8:16)


Burning Red Ivanhoe - same (1970) (Prog Rock) (Denmark)

Muito bom este disco! Altamente recomendado!!!

Burning Red Ivanhoe

Across the Windowsill
Rotating Irons
Gong-Gong, the Elephant Song
Near the Sea
Secret Oyster Service

Karsten Vogel (saxophone, cello, organ)
Steen Claësson (vocals, guitar)
Kim Menzer (flute, violin, trombone, harmonica)
Ole Fick (guitars, vocals)
Jess Stæhr (bass)
Bo Thrige Andersen (drums)

The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters (1973) (Southern Rock) (USA)

Ótima banda, com excelentes álbuns, este é um dos meus preferidos!!! Altamente Recomendado!

Brothers and Sisters
Senha: contramao

Wasted Words (4:20)
Ramblin' Man (4:48)
Come and Go Blues (4:55)
Jelly Jelly (5:46)
Southbound (5:10)
Jessica (7:31)
Pony Boy (5:51)

Duane Allman (slide guitar, 1969-71)
Gregg Allman (vocals, organ)
Dickey Betts (guitar, 1969-2000)
Berry Oakley (bass, 1969-72)
Butch Trucks (drums)
"Jonny" Jai Jai Johanson (drums, 1969-80, 1989-present)
Chuck Leavell (keyboards, 1972-76, 1986)
Lamar Williams (bass, 1972-76)

Cornucopia - Full Horn (1973) (Germany) (Krautrock)

Uma orgia musical este álbum, bem legal! Imperdivel! Recomendo!!

Infos: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=1272

Full Horn

Senha: contramao

Day of a Daydreambeliever (19:27)
Morning Sun (3:04)
Spot on You, Kids (12:23)
And the Madness... (4:02)

Wolfgang Kause (vocals)
Wolfgang Bartl (bass, vocals)
Christoph Hardwig (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Wolfgang Gaudes (drums, percussion, 12-string guitar)
Kai Henrik Möller (guitar, vocals)
Harry Koch (effects, percussion, vocals)
Rudy Holzhauer (percussion)

Biglietto per L'Inferno - same (1974)

Clássico do prog Italiano, imperdivel!!! Link do João Luiz!

Biglietto Per Inferno

Ansia (4:12)
Confessione (6:30)
Una strana regina (6:12)
Il nevare (4:36)
L'amico suicida (14:23)

Claudio Canali (vocals, flute, flugelhorn)
Marco Mainetti (guitar)
Giuseppe "Baffo" Banfi (organ, Moog)
Giuseppe Cossa (piano, organ)
Fausto Branchini (bass)
Mauro Gnecchi (drums)

Budgie - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (1973)

Never Turn Your Back On A Friend

Track Listings

1 Breadfan (6:10)
2 Baby Please Don't Go (5:30)
3 You Know I'll Always Love You (2:15)
4 You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk (8:50)
5 In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand (6:29)
6 Riding My Nightmare (2:42)
7 Parents (10:25)

Total length - 42:21


- Tony Bourge / Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
- Ray Phillips / Drums
- Burke Shelley / Bass Guitar, Vocals

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domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2009

Julian Jay Savarin - Waiters on the dance (1971)

O grupo inglês Julian’s Treatment foi um projeto do escritor e tecladista Julian Jay Savarin. A idéia de Julian era musicar uma trilogia sobre ficção científica, escrita por ele próprio.

O primeiro álbum, chamado "A Time Before This", lançado em 1970 acabou não alcançando o resultado esperado. O disco, conceitual, composto de 12 faixas, descreve temas sobre a civilização perdida de Atlantida. O disco se destaca pelos vocais da australiana Cathy Pruden.

Em 1971 lança a segunda parte da trilogia, "Waiters on the Dance", apenas sob o nome de Julian Jay Savarin, que é baseado no livro "Lemmus: A Time Trilogy" do próprio Julian.

Mesmo com a qualidade citada, o disco novamente não conseguiu atingir as vendas esperadas. A trilogia nem mesmo seria acabada, pois Julian, mesmo sendo um bom letrista e instrumentista acabaria por tornar-se um escritor e novelista, dedicando seu tempo para editar obras sobre ficção científica, tendo sido melhor sucedido com a publicação de seus livros.

Ouvindo seus discos, principalmente este "Waiters on the Dance", percebe-se o grande e qualidade musical. E´fruto de seu tempo, e que tempo. Viva os anos 70! Agradeço a postagem ao João Luiz, mais um grande amigo do blog, thanks Luiz!!

Waiters on the dance

1. Child Of The Night 1 & 2 (8:36)
2. Stranger (2:21)
3. The Death Of Alda (5:29)
4. Dance Of The Golden Flamingoes (8:55)
5. Cycles (4:23)
6. Soldiers Of Time (2:59)

Lady Jo Meek - vocals
Julian Jay Savarin - story, arrangements, keyboards
John Dover - bass
Nigel "Zed" Jenkins - guitar
Roger Odell - drums

Narnia - aslan is not a tame lion (1974)

Este álbum me foi pedido por um visitante ha tempos! Enjoy!!

Aslan Is Not a Tame Lion

1. You'd Better Believe It
2. Muddy Ground
3. The Juggler
4. Agapé
5. To a Fountain
6. Miracle Of Birth
7. In the Forest
8. Boogie For Narnia
9. Living Water

Pauline Filby - Vocals
John Russell - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Recorder, Vocals
Tim Hatwell - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Peter Banks - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Kenneth "Ginger" Dixon - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Tantra - Holocausto (1979) (NEW LINK)

Banda portuguesa cujas canções progressivas são bem elaboradas e belamente construídas em língua portuguesa! Banda sinfônica onde as combinações musicais são complexas e inventivas e os sons, originais! Este é um dos marcos do Rock Progressivo português!!

- Manuel Cardoso (Frodo) - Gibson Les Paul & Gibson 330 semi-acoustic guitars, Gibson Humingbird acoustic guitar, Top Gear Tg Guitar Synthesizer & Frequency Counter, sitar (03), lead vocals
- Pedro Luís - Polymoog & Minimoog synthesizer, Steinway piano, clavinet D6, Fender Rhodes clavinet, mellotron (02a,04)
- Américo Luís - Fender Jazz bass
- Tó-Zé Almeida - drums, tubular bells, marimba, percussion, clarinet (02b)
- Tony Moura - electric guitar, lead vocals
- Pedro Mestre - choir (02a), keyboards (07)
- Nuno Rodrigues - producer

01. OM (Manuel Cardoso) - 8:46
02. Holocausto (Tó-Zé Almeida/Manuel Cardoso)/Último Raio Do Astro Rei (Tó-Zé Almeida) - 10:53
03. Zephyrus (Tantra) - 2:50
04. Talismã (Pedro Luís/Manuel Cardoso) - 8:43
05. Ara (Américo Luís/Manuel Cardoso) - 4:52
06. Pi (Pedro Mestre/Manuel Cardoso) - 7:29


sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

Birth Control - Same - 1970

Birth Control pra quem curte Birth Control, uma overdose (14 álbuns) da banda pelo meu amigo Ivan Mesquita! Valeu Ivan!!!
Do Krautrock Psicodélico ao Heavy ProgRock com elementos de Blues e Jazz. Banda formada nos fins dos anos '60, na alemanha.


01- No Drugs (4:01)
02- Recollection (6:24)
03- Deep Inside (4:40)
04- Foolish Action (4:32)
05- Sundown (10:02)
06- Change Of Mind (4:42)
07- Light My Fire (5:40)
08- No Drugs (4:07)Bonus Track
09- All I Want Is You (4:13)Bonus Track
10- October (3:43)Bonus Track
11- Freedom (4:01)Bonus Track

Birth Control - Operation (1971)


01- Stop Little Lady (7:16)
02- Just Before The Sun Will Rise (7:35)
03- The Work Is Done (5:56)
04- Flesh And Blood (3:27)
05- Pandemonium (6:34)
06- Lat Us Do It Now (11:09)

Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1972)

Hoodoo Man

01- Buy! (7:10)
02- Suicide (6:16)
03- Get Down To Your Fate (7:58)
04- Gamma Ray (8:25)
05- Hoodoo Man (8:25)
06- Klaustob (2:40)

Line Up
- Bruno Frenzel - Guitars, Vocals
- Bernd Koschmidder - Bass
- Wolfgang Neuser - Keyboards, Vibraphone
- Bernd Noske - Drums, Vocals

Birth Control - Birth Control Live (1974)

Birth Control Live

01- The Work Is Done (16:50)
020 Back From Hell (15:35)
03- Gamma Ray (20:33)
04- She's Got Nothing On You (5:35)
05- Long Tall Sally (10:50)

Birth Control - Birth Control Live - 1974

Birth Control Live

01- She's Got Nothing On You (5:04)
02- Mister Hero (6:42)
03- Grandjeanville (1:03)
04- No Shade Is Real (4:41)
05- M.P.C. (1:56)
06- Together Alone Tonight (10:28)
07- Back From Hell (8:08)

Birth Control - Plastic People (1975)

Plastic People

01- Plastic People (10:54)
02- Tiny Flashlights (7:33)
03- My Mind (6:49)
04- Rockin' Rollin' Roller (5:43)
05- Trial Trip (6:43)
06- This Song Is Just For You (7:28)

Line Up

- Peter Föller - Bass, Vocals, Vibes(3)
- Bruno Frenzel - Guitars
- Zeus B. Held - Keyboards, Tenor Sax(2-4), Trumpet(4)
- Bernd Noske - Drums, Percussion, f/x, Lead Vocals
+ Friedmann Leinert - Flute(6)
- Christoph Nopeney - Viola (3-6)
- Jochen Vom Grumkow - Cello(3-6)
- Ulla, Hanne & Brigitte - Chorus(6)
- Robby(Saxophone), Otto(Trombone) & Harry(Trumpet), Horns (6)

Birth Control - Backdoor Possibilities (1976)

Backdoor Possibilities

01- One First Of April (7:41)
02- Beedeepees (8:34)
03- Futile Prayer (5:55)
04- La Cigüena De Zaragoza (8:17)
05- Behind Grey Walls (6:53)
06- No Time To Die (6:10)

Line Up

- Peter Föller - Bass, Vocals
- Bruno Frenzel - Guitars, Vocals
- Zeus B. Held - Keyboards, Tenor Sax, Tubular Bells, Vocals
- Bernd Noske - Drums, Lead Vocals
- + Michael - Additional Percussion

Birth Control - Increase (1977)


01- Skate-board Sue (3:55)
02- Domino's Hammock (4:52)
03- Fight For You (4:35)
04- Until The Night (6:25)
05- Get Up! (4:35)
06- We All Thought We Knew You (7:50)
07- Seems My Bike's Riding Me (8:00)

Line Up

- Bruno Frenzel - Guitars
- Zeus B. Held - Keyboards, Saxophone
- Bernd Noske - Lead Vocals, Percussion
- Horst Stachelhaus - Bass
- Manfred Von Bohr - Drums

Birth Control - Titanic (1978)


01- The Last Survivor (4:30)
02- Miss Davina (4:33)
03- Seems Like It's Confusion (5:13)
04- How Can I Live? (6:52)
05- Titanic (5:16)
06- Love Light (4:41)
07- Don't Turn Back (5:21)
08- Saturday Special (5:28)

Birth Control - Count On Dracula (1980)

Count On Dracula

01- Count On Dracula (6:16)
02- The Rescue - Sometimes In The Future (6:37)
03- Sad Fan (6:27)
04- Pick On Me (6:25)
05- Caterpillar (5:07)
06- Limelight (3:52)
07- Witchhunters (4:05)

Birth Control - Deal Done At Night (1981)

Deal Done At Night

01- Burnt Gas (5:37)
02- He's In The Right (4:52)
03- Talk To You (4:44)
04- Deal Done At Night (4:20)
05- Don't Call Me Up (5:27)
06- Absolution (5:25)
07- Another Death (6:05)

Birth Control - Bäng! - 1983


01- Nuclear Reactor (5:31)
02- Get Ready To Run (4:06)
03- Take Alarm (5:31)
04- Greedy Eyes (4:54)
05- The Day Of Doom Is Coming (8:00)
06-Doom Boom (5:16)
07- The King Of An Island (6:20)

Line Up

- Bruno Frenzel - Guitars, Lead Vocals (3-6)
- Jürgen Goldschmidt - Bass, Backing Vocals
- Ulrich Klein - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
- Stefan Linke - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
- Bernd Noske - Lead Vocals, Percussion

Birth Control - Two Worlds (1995)

Two Worlds

01- Preacher Man
02- Two Worlds
03- Automatic World
04- The Sperminator's Lost Battle
05- Hoodoo-Man
06- Back From Hell
07- The Sperminator Strikes Back
08- Gamma Ray '95
09- Burnt Gas
10- The Work Is Done

Line Up

Peter Engelhardt - Guitar
Xaver Fischer - Keyboards
Rolf Klein - Guitar
Bernd Noske - Lead Vocal, Drums

Birth Control - Jungle Life (1996)

Jungle Life

01- Valley Of Darkness Part 1
02- I Send My Mind On Vacation
03- Desert Storm
04- A Chance To Learn
05- Jungle City
06- Call Me
07- Preacherman
08- Automatic World
09- Valley Of Darkness Part 2

quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2009

Os Mutantes - Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol (1974)

Clássico do Progressivo Brasileiro. Este é o sexto álbum do grupo que contava apenas com Sérgio Dias da formação original do grupo. Aqui, a banda já está totalmente no Rock Progressivo, com belos solos de guitarras, teclados viajantes, letras surreais e mais toda a virtuosidade e genialidade de Sérgio Dias! Link e comentários do Ivan Mesquita.

Altamente recomendado!

Tudo foi feito pelo sol

01- Deixe Entrar Um Pouco D'Água No Quintal (5:04)
02- Pitágoras (6:55)
03- Desanuviar (8:08)
04- Eu Só Penso Em Te Ajudar (4:55)
05- Cidadão Da Terra (5:51)
06- O Contrário Do Nada É Nada (2:55)
07- Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol (8:43)

Sérgio Dias - Violão, Sitar, Danelectro Sitar, Vento e Vocal
Túlio Mourão - Piano, Órgão Hammond, Mini Moog e Vocal
Antonio Pedro De Medeiros - Baixo e Vocal
Rui Motta - Bateria, Percussâo e Vocal

Octobre - Les Nouvelles Terres (1974) (Crossover Prog) Canadá

Uma das maiores bandas do Canadá (Francês). Recomendo!!

Les Nouvelles Terres

Senha: contramao

1. Les Nouvelles Terres (5:43)
2. Le Chant De Guerrier (4:30)
3. Quand La Nuit Se Réveille (3:00)
4. Ma Chanson (3:09)
5. Violence (5:44)
6. La Passe Du Grande Flambeau (5:05)
7. Il Est Déjà Tard
8. Voyage En Mer (4:48)
9. Génération (6:46)

- Pierre Flynn - keyboards, lead vocals
- Jean Dorais - guitars
- Mario Légaré - bass guitar
- Pierre Hébert - drums

Morning Dew - Same (1971)

Álbum lançado originamente em 1967, o som é muito bom, fase paz e amor do rock psicodelico, flores estavam no ar! As vezes tem peso, raras vezes!

Altamente recomendado!!

Morning Dew

Senha: contramao

01 Crusader's Smile
02 Upon Living
03 Young Man
04 Then Came the Light
05 Cherry Street
06 Gypsy
07 Something You Say
08 Country Boy Blue
09 Save Me
10 Epic:
a. The Mann
b. Death Is a Dream

Mal Robinson - guitar
Blair Honeyman - bass, vocals
Don Sligar - drums
Don Anderson - organ, keyboards
Dave Howell - organ, keyboards
Fredy Baumgart - guitar